Many people who wants microblading have already had past permanent makeup and semi-permanent makeup treatments. This can affect the outcome of a new microblading treatment. All clients that wants permanent makeup cover up must have an assessment before booking and commencing the treatment.

This process is to ensure client happiness. If the brows are too dark from previous experience, the new microbladed brows will not look clear and precise as they would on virgin skin.


Having eyebrow tattoo earlier can reduce the likelihood of a happy outcome as the eyebrows can become more dense and solid. We must try and avoid this by making sure the brow is faded enough before commencing new work.

Unfortunately, many clients do not want to wait until there is enough fade out. BrowBeat will not work on any brows unless the outcome is ensured to be a good one. If the eyebrows are too dark, time must pass until the semi-permanent makeup has faded enough for it to be worked over for correction.

Many clients will go to another studio for permanent makeup cover up, but any studio that works over scenarios like this does not have the accurate client result in mind, only that of making a profit. When old PMU brows are faded enough, like our client Dorothy, we can do the permanent makeup cover up and can reach a full and excellent result.

Dorothy had had past permanent makeup. This permanent makeup was performed more than ten years ago and has faded out to a very light brown. Brown is a natural color to work over, considering her real brows are already light brown.

Often, a past permanent makeup will fade down to a primary color, like red or blue and will need additional shading. Dorothy’s situation is good because her brows are still brown.

The shape is also very correctable. So Dorothy is going to have a realistic result. All of this is explained to Dorothy before commencing the treatment.

There is always a limitation when there is past permanent makeup or microblading present. We are limited by prior shape. We cannot go too far away from what’s been done previously as the old work can only be adjusted. This is the limiting factor here and is explained to every client with old faded PMU or microblading.

All brows coming to BrowBeat for a treatment that came from other places are classified as a revision or correction. Moving into the treatment, we realized that Dorothy is much more of a bleeder. People with fair skin tones like Dorothy often bleeds more so we are already aware of this going in. Notice how we pause more, leaving extra time for the bleeding to cease.

After the bleeding stops and the first pass is completed, a color bath is put on to reinforce the ink inside each stroke. This is good for people who are excessive bleeders like Dorothy.

Microblading is a twofold system, the tool is dipped in ink, and each stroke is made leaving behind ink into the line, but then after a color bath is put on top to reinforce that pigment taking into the skin. Every time a client bleeds the pigment is pushed out and wiped away. We must be conscientious of people who are bleeders.

Everyone wants to have high retention in their result. By slowing down this process, making sure that each stroke is backfilled and then reinforce with an ink bath, it is much more likely for the ink to heal into the skin.The clients are advised to avoid all blood thinners before treatment. This includes alcohol Ibuprofen, Aspirin, and vitamin E. Many people are going to bleed excessively anyway regardless of not taking any blood thinners. These treatments tend to take more time.

At BrowBeat, we leave a three-hour window for every single appointment. High-quality brows take time, precision, and accuracy. Come to the experts BrowBeat advanced microblading specialist. Book an appointment today and receive the brows of your dreams.

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