Dallas Semi-permanent makeup eyebrows

Semi-permanent makeup eyebrows

Semi-permanent makeup eyebrows have become extremely popular in the USA. Semi-permanent makeup for eyebrows such as Microblading been taking over all other eyebrow treatments such as:

-Eyebrow Tinting

-Eyebrow Shaping

Eyebrow Threading

-Eyebrow waxing

So what’s the reason that Semi-permanent makeup eyebrows are becoming so popular?

Answer: It addresses all eyebrow needs in one great treatment. Therefore making other therapies such as Eyebrow Tinting, Eyebrow Shaping and Eyebrow Threading redundant. Semi-permanent makeup eyebrows treatments are all the rage.

You can’t type the word eyebrows on the internet without being hit by a bombardment of eyebrow images. It’s a little overwhelming for those of us who don’t know much about makeup application, not to mention semi-permanent makeup for eyebrows.

So how do we choose? Here are some helpful pointers in your quest to find a Semi-permanent makeup eyebrows expert.

Firstly, you have to know there are several types of  Semi-permanent makeup eyebrows available. Most people have heard of eyebrow tattooing and immediately think of block-line color application with a tattoo gun.

Semi-permanent makeup has been around since the 1930s. Back then eyebrows were shaved off and drawn or tattooed back on. Thin eyebrows were ideal at the time and considered fashionable.

Although the skill in the procedure has progressed, the premise is still the same. Draw on an eyebrow shape, then color in the space inside it. This method is called a Linear Tattoo. Meaning each eyebrow is one line.

The thickness of that line is for the client to decide. Results with Linear Tattoo application vary from person to person and can last over ten years, so it is a long commitment.

Block-Line Tattooing or Linear Tattooing looks much more natural for people who have existing eyebrow hair. But Semi-permanent makeup eyebrows application has progressed to the point of tattooing individual eyebrow hair.

This treatment is called Microblading. Most people have heard of Microblading by now. Microblading has blown linear tattooing out of the water. Microblading is also a semi-permanent makeup for eyebrows, however, the ink is deposited in a unique and different way. Microblading uses a minuscule blade to deposit a specially designed ink into the upper surface layers of the skin.

By surface, we mean that Microblading deposits ink much higher up in the skin layers of the epidermis. It is this depth that is different from pigment deposits of the Linear Tattoo application. A Linear Tattoo gun goes much deeper into the surface of the skin depositing ink into the dermis level. It is this depth that makes this procedure much more permanent and can last up to a decade or more.

Microblading creates tiny hair strokes by cutting the skin superficially and filling that cut (aka stroke) with ink. This stroke mimics actual eyebrow hair, and the results are astonishing. It is the void next to the stroke that assists in creating the three-dimensional feel when it is, in fact, two-dimensional.

This process is repeated over and over creating hair strokes in the formation and flow of an eyebrow, filling in the void and creating overall thickness and symmetry for each eyebrow. Now the unobtainable is obtainable with Microblading. With Microblading, thicker, fuller and longer eyebrows are available to all. The result lasts for 1-3 years depending on age, skin type, pigment retention, and aftercare routine.

Microblading has a lot of aliases. It is known as a multitude of names including Microstroking, 3d Microblading, 3D Embroidery and Feather Touch Tattooing. Don’t be confused by all the jargon; these all mean the same thing. It is the artist training that makes the quality of one eyebrow stand out over another so make sure to take time in speaking with an expert in the field of semi-permanent eyebrow makeup.

Research your desired expert and read about them in the media. An expert will have plenty of customer reviews to peruse so potential clients can learn about their past client experiences. Additionally, view their work on their social media pages or their website.

Experts in the field of semi-permanent makeup such as Microblading will have a portfolio for you to view freely and will be happy to converse with you over the phone. Finally, there is an additional add-on to Microblading called Ombre.

Ombré brows are often requested as an addition to Microblading further glamorizing a look. Ombre uses a tiny needle to create many dots over Microblading that gradually fade in from lightness to darkness getting more intense and closer together.

Ombré brows give added definition to a brow adding in color while still looking more natural than makeup. Used synonymously with Microblading, Ombré eyebrows are dramatic, full and bold.

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