Microblading Eyebrows Before And After

Microblading eyebrows before and after

Who would have thought that something so simple and so obvious could make such an impact on people’s lives? Our eyebrows are defining our face. They can make us look happy, or angry, make us look cheap or expensive; make us look older or younger. Microblading is taking over the eyebrow business. Microblading replaces: Microblading eyebrows before and after

-Eyebrow Tinting

-Eyebrow Waxing

-Eyebrow Threading

-Eyebrow Linear Tattoos

-Permanent Eyebrow

-Numbing Cream

Microblading is a cosmetic tattoo mimicking real eyebrow hair. This fake hair strand is superficial and is deposited high up in the skin. It is short-term, lasting one to three years and is unlike permanent makeup of the past placing ink into the epidermis, not dermis. This ink is referred to as a ‘stroke’ and impersonates each eyebrow strand. These fake strands or strokes are tattooed with a minuscule blade in small rows filling in brows allowing them to be thicker, fuller and more shapely.

They say that eyebrows are the window frames to the eyes. This is a truthful statement as it is difficult not to notice eyebrows right away when conversing with someone. People with strange brows catch your attention immediately. Brows can make you famous like Brooke Shields or infamous like Frida Kahlo. Eyebrows have a significant impact on the face. Eyebrows can make you look wealthy or poor, cheap or refined and can affect the actual race you look like. Eyebrows reflect who you are by the upkeep you spend on them, so, therefore, they are indicating your personality, crazy brows crazy woman, and they go hand in hand according to many.

So how can we stop those crazy brows happening to us? The answer: Stop plucking, tweezing and waxing and let some of them actually have the chance to come on back.

Microblading is a semi-permanent treatment so it can give you long-lasting results to your holy eyebrows but it also depends on your skin. Because Microblading will actually cover some area you have once been plucking it will give your brows a break. This break will allow hair that you think doesn’t belong, to belong again now that you have improved shape and thickness. It’s that age-old problem when you are plucking. You take one strand, and then you realize that you need to pluck the one next to it to be perfectly aligned, so you take that one too. After you tweeze it you realize you have created another hole and this continues until you end up with huge gaping holes. Oh no! You have gone too far and all of a sudden you’re left with an upside down smiley. But are upside down smileys really that bad?

Drew Barrymore sported a really nice pair back in the 90s, and at one point they were cool. But eyebrow shapes have evolved. Sleek, bold brows are in and with everyone upping their eyebrows game around us shouldn’t we too? Microblading allows us to have equality for the first time in our brow game bringing our nineties brow back to the 21st century. 20th-century brows are gone!

Should we be wary of putting a tattoo on our face? Yes, be cautious. Not all Microblading artists are equal. When picking your expert, you must be aware of many things. You want to go to an artist that is established, has the expertise and is experienced in all races and styles. Microblading eyebrows before and after pictures are an artist’s portfolio to attract clients. But what are you looking for when you consider these images? Here is a list to consider.

-Do they look real?

-Has the artist matched the color correctly?

-Do they flow like the original eyebrow hair?

-Do they show the whole clients face?

Images that show the whole of the clients face allows you to see how an eyebrow suits them. It is tough to tell if an eyebrow suits a client if you cannot see their whole face. Microblading eyebrows before and after pictures are an artist’s portfolio and visually describes the diversity of an artist’s work. Look out for Microblading before and after picture postings that do not have a logo from the artist. Pictures can be commonly stolen to represent inferior artists in an effort to fool potential clients of their experience.

Past customer reviews can give insight into the level of expertise of your chosen Microblading expert. Yelp and Google do not allow owner editing and offer the potential client access to reading about what their customers are saying about them. No Yelp or Google profile? Then you should probably skip it. Read about your chosen expert on several platforms, the more information that is positive, the better your artist will be.

Now you are armed with the knowledge about your Microblading eyebrows before and after pictures.

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