Microblading Side Effects

microblading side effects

Microblading Side Effects You Should Know About

There are several ways that microblading helps your daily life, not just removal of a routine of putting eyebrows every day. Microblading enables you to boost your confidence that your eyebrows will not quickly wear out even after doing some specific tasks. However, like every good thing available these days, there are microblading side effects that you should know.

What are the microblading side effects

When you hear the term “side effects,” you usually think of having an inadequate body response from a medicine. Microblading side effects do not only include body reactions but also getting bad results. It is because 

#1 Microblading Side Effects – Scar Tissue in the Brows 

One of the side effects of microblading is the build-up of scar tissue in the brows; it is one of the microblading side effects when the artist applied way too much pressure when providing the microblading treatment. The scar tissue forms from cutting too deep in the skin.

At times, artists that work too deep and too close together are creating bad brows. Additionally, inexperienced artists are prone to damage the eyebrows. In many cases, the scar tissue is irreversible – this is a side effect.

#2 Microblading Side Effects – Use of Bad Inks

Artists are not the only cause of having bad brows just by lack of skills, and bad brows also manifest by using cheap and nasty inks. These inks can have a variety of harmful elements hidden inside. Cheap and nasty inks have contents made of mercury, nickel, iron oxide, and other various questionable ingredients.

The truth is, many artists out there either don’t understand the ink’s composition nor do they care to learn. These harmful inks cause more problems aside from just scar tissues, which are microblading side effects that you don’t want to have.

#3 Microblading Side Effects – Multi-Colored Brows

It is interesting to have brows that consist of different colors. However, unintended multi-colored brows is a microblading side effect. It is because some of the microblading inks fade out of the skin color by color, creating a microblading side effect of a multi-colored brow.

For instance, from the iron oxide in ink, your brown colored brow might end up becoming orange, red, yellow-orange, or pink. If the ink consists of a three-color composition, one of those colors will most likely fade out earlier than the other two. Usually, heavy metals are present on these inks, lasting in the skin up to a decade or more. And this essentially is one of the most significant microblading side effects.

It’s crucial to understand inks before getting microblading treatments. Good quality microblading inks use organic micro pigment bases that are not three color blend. It will not create the microblading side effect of having brows with unnatural color. Should your brows be left untreated even after the initial treatment, good quality microblading inks will fade out of the skin thoroughly, taking 3 to 5 years to complete. Ask your artist about the inks that they use for microblading.

To find out more about inks and our microblading website, please visit https://www.browbeatstudio.com/faq-microblading/

#4 Microblading Side Effects – Emotional Turmoil

Lastly, and probably most important to be aware of, are microblading side effects causing emotional turmoil. Brows that are poorly, deeply, and incorrectly treated can create an emotional weight of a miserable experience that can be very difficult for a client. You will never want to experience any of those.

Botched microblading (semi-permanent makeup) can create a long-lasting negative impression. It is one of the common microblading side effects that can be caused by getting microblading from an inexperienced artist and by using harmful inks. Like any plans that have long term effects, it is a wise decision to trust microblading to experts and professional artists.

Choosing your Microblading Artist

When undergoing beauty treatments, there are lots of things to consider. Microblading is one of those fantastic new techniques with amazing results, but you can only get amazing looks when a professional artist appropriately does it!

Not all artists that you pick are going to have an amazing skill set. It is incredibly easy to begin a microblading store studio because there isn’t much red tape to get through before opening one. So, expect that there are many artists out there performing treatments the wrong way.

The first thing you need to know is the 70-30% rule. The truth is, only 30% of artists out there are going to be great while. Luckily, there are platforms available online, so you can view your artists and their works, and also have an idea about the customer experience they provide. 

Consider these qualities when choosing a microblading artist: they should have a broad scope of work, and make consistent results. Having a full scope of work means that your artist has a diverse range of customers with no significant microblading side effects. View their previous work and see if they already served customers with any age and ethnic background. Being consistent means that your artist should be able to do any style, color, thickness, and density to their diverse customers without having microblading side effects. With considerable variety, you are confident to know that your microblading artist has a good experience of handling any brow situation, including your own.


Microblading isn’t like purchasing a pair of shoes. Since shoes can be thrown away and come off, we can decide not to wear a pair of shoes at any moment. However, we still carefully pick when buying our shoes no matter how big or small our budget is, so microblading takes more serious consideration. Do you want to risk your face by purchasing a cheap treatment?

Please avoid having a deal-making mentality when choosing your microblading artist. The best artists know the quality of their work and will charge accordingly. That is why you need microblading artists who can answer all of your questions about pain management and the entire microblading process.

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