Microblading Aftercare: How to Get the Best Results

Microblading is a popular trending procedure that helps to enhance the appearance of your eyebrows. It is performed by a skilled technician who carefully fills in your eyebrows with a specific tool. Microblading aftercare is similar to tattoo care but may involve little more caution.

You should be aware of microblading aftercare and maintenance if you’re thinking of getting it done. Here are a few aftercare tips to achieve the optimum results from your microblading procedure:

Washing Care
Avoid getting your brows wet after the process for the next ten days. Refrain from swimming, and apply ointment before every shower. Prevent having your face straight under the shower head.

Apply only an adequate amount of aftercare ointment to moisten your brows and reapply on a regular basis when eyebrows appear dry, or brow-skin seems taught. Avoid excess application because it will impact the healing process.

Sweat Control
Salt in your sweat will extract the pigment, so you should avoid going out in the sun, working out or getting involved in activities that cause profuse sweating until after ten days of the procedure.

Sleeping Position
Avoid lying down on your face for the next ten days following the procedure and sleep on your back! In this way, you will prevent yourself from rubbing your brows on pillows to avoid scabs from coming off and cause patchy brow healing.

Makeup and Cleansers
Avoid facial cleansers and makeup over your brows until all scabbing gets removed. Washcloths or face wipes are recommended to remove facial makeup and to cleanse your face.

Remember that aftercare is perhaps the single most crucial component of the whole microblading procedure so make sure you follow the guidelines to the letter for getting the best results.


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