How Long Can Microblading Last by Browbeat Studio

How Long Can Microblading Last

How Long Can Microblading Last

Because microblading looks so natural it is attracting people of all age groups. Our clients range from 18 to 86. Many people with already great eyebrows are considering micro-blading. We receive many questions from different people a day, but the most frequent is, “How Long Can Microblading Last?”

Before answering that, let’s discover first. So even beauties as young as 18 with great eyebrows still want to get microblading. Why is this? People with already great eyebrows shouldn’t need microblading, right?

The answer is that in today’s society: our desire for perfection is growing. This desire drives us to create the most symmetrical eyebrow and face structure possible. There are so many options available to us now as consumers. If perfection is the desired result, perfection can be acquired.

How Long Can Microblading Last by Browbeat Studio

Our client here is under 20 years old. As you can see, she has beautiful eyebrows with evenly placed hair, so this is going to have a fantastic outcome because the beginning point will navigate the ending point.
Clients like her will often ask if they need two treatments. It is always part of our education at Browbeat to provide the client with the right training. After the first treatment, the brows will shrink down by 20% to 30%. Even though when we map them out, we will make them slightly bigger, and the client usually desires some form of adjustment after healing.

During healing, some strokes may heal off or disappear. The reason for this is that sometimes bleeding and lymph production will push the ink out, making the skin unable to retain the ink during healing,
this is all normal for a microblading treatment, these adjustments can be made on the second treatment. A second treatment will still take 2-3 hours because we will always measure and map them so that we can see any discrepancies. How long does microblading last sometimes heavily depend on the client?

Depending on what the client wants for the treatment will dictate how we move forward with the procedure. Ella wants to have very natural looking eyebrows, and she doesn’t want them any darker after healing. If you look at her every day make up style, it reflects a very natural look.

Ella’s light makeup style helps us understand that we need to do a natural, not too close together and not too dark treatment on this client. We have filled out a client assessment stating these facts, and Angela has signed it.

How Long Can Microblading Last by Browbeat Studio

In discussing the treatment, Angela has told us she desires more square looking fronts, she also asked us how long can microblading last (told you, we receive this question a lot!).

We never do the hairs all the same size but break up the hairs because that’s what natural hairs look like they are not all just the same length as you see here in this treatment footage. Her natural shape is a soft arch, which seems to be the most popular shape as it is pleasing on everyone.

Notice how we defined the tales a little bit more (see video below). The fronts are softer with the strokes on the tails becoming more defined. I then define the lower line, the lower line of the brow is always extremely important. So we keep asking How Long Can Microblading Last

This refined line is what most people are after and the tops cannot be too solid, we need them to remain soft so they still look natural. We have achieved this here in this treatment.

To answer Ella’s question we told her: Microblading is a procedure categorized under permanent makeup, but unlike traditional cosmetic tattooing, it is less invasive and is considered semi-permanent. Microblading lasts 1-3 years, depending on skin type and skincare routine.

The client gets to look at the Brows at the end of the final decision. They can check over the entire treatment to make sure it is to their liking. All of our clients get a voice at Browbeat Studio.

All these tiny details make up the perfect brow and the happiness of each client. One stroke can make or break the client’s happiness. One stroke can make or break a client’s eyebrows.

Thanks for reading How Long Can Microblading Last by Browbeat Studio!

At Browbeat Studio, we have learned this and will go over all the brow variables from the beginning to the end, so the client walks out 100% satisfied with each and every treatment.

You have a voice at Browbeat.

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