Brows tattoo Dallas

Brows tattoo Dallas

Brows tattoo. We all know someone who has one, but is the friend or foe? Short answer: friend. It is the artist that can become the foe.

There are many new brows tattoo procedures to choose from, but what’s the difference? Brows tattoo is also:


-Ombré and 3Dimensions Tattooing

-Linear Tattooing


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We all want to be sporting the perfect brows, so how do we make sure our artist choice reflects the best scenario?

Most people have heard of having their eyebrows tattooed, but now there are a lot of different styles available for us to choose from. Permanent makeup once thought to be for the more mature lady has had a recent re-emergence onto the market with Microblading. Microblading uses tiny blades to cut the skin in a hair-shaped strand.

These cuts or fake strands are filled with ink and create rows of faux eyebrow hair. This faux hair impersonates your natural eyebrow hair in a way that is very innovative.

It follows that natural flow of hair and re-instates the look of a complete eyebrow. Well, of course, it looks like it is restored, but it is a superficial tattoo mimicking eyebrow hairs. The combination of tattoo art faux hairs and real eyebrow hairs creates a brow look that is thicker and fuller than most people have ever thought their eyebrows could be.

But why are eyebrows so important? Eyebrow grooming dates back to 2000 BC. In Greek times single women darkened their eyebrows with incense.

Sporting a uni-brow was considered enticing and beautiful. The Egyptians wore make up for its spiritual powers, outlining the eyes, so the brows were equally as defined and featured.

In the Middle Ages around 1200CE Elizabethan times, eyebrows were razor thin, dyed red or either removed completely. This was a nod to Queen Elizabeth who changed eyebrow fashions with her razor-thin red minimalistic eyebrows. Razor thin brows were still a thing even by the 1920s.

Silent film stars took eyebrow trends to a whole new level. Curved darkened brows became stylish and were filled in with a brow pencil making move stars pioneers for an increased makeup movement.

Makeup wasn’t commonplace as yet, but with silent movies, a new look was exposed, increasing makeup’s popularity and revealing a classical look only obtainable to some by makeup application. With increased demand came a new market for products.

Products were becoming available more and more as women the world over realized the benefit and attraction of a made-up face. Even back then celebrity was having an impact on the way we dress, and how we look, a theme that was to grow in momentum for the following hundred years.

But celebrity style isn’t the only thing that drives us, the need to be sufficient, fast and easy in makeup application is making brow tattoos a popular purchase.

We spend hours each day defining our look, so the value of saving time on makeup application is becoming very appealing. If we added up how long we spent in the bathroom in our lifetime, how many years would that be? Three, five, ten years spent in front of the mirror? Getting some of the time back would be great, or even another twenty minutes of sleep each morning.

Brow tattoos and permanent makeup can give us back the gift of time allowing one to roll out bed and get off to work will little time spent on standing in front of our bathroom mirror.

Not only that, brow tattoos such as Microblading look much more realistic than your average brow pomade. A great Microblading treatment can revitalize an eyebrow and make it hard to tell that it isn’t real eyebrow hair. Microblading’s fine hair strokes are so realistic looking that it can be impossible to even tell one from the other.

They make brows more defined, more realistic and more natural that we can ever achieve ourselves by makeup. Well, whatever the reason brows tattoo is here to stay with thousands of women taking the plunge.

Microblading is the most realistic brows tattoo on the market today. It is a more refined tattoo art than linear eyebrow tattoos done with a tattoo gun. Microblading’s detail in mimicking an individual eyebrow hair makes it the most realistic brows tattoo on the market today.

Not only is it realistic, but it is also semi-permanent lasting one to three years, so it is less of a commitment. The ink is deposited high up in the epidermis level not the dermis level of the old permanent makeup of yesteryear. Tattoo guns deposit ink at the dermis level.

This ink is much more permanent as it is not in the layers of skin that regenerate. The Microblading ink deposits will fade off; meaning your skin over the course of some years will shed the ink. Deposits with a tattoo gun at the dermis level depth will not.

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