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Get the education here before you make the commitment!

Everyone is talking about the power of Microblading

and there are so many questions that people need to be answered before committing to the procedure. We will discuss topics to do with Microblading on our blog and help answer some of those niggling unanswered questions.

We believe Microblading education is very important before you go ahead and pick your artist. With education, you feel confident, and with confidence, you can make the right decision over the future of your own eyebrow evolution.

Visit our Microblading blog to get the lowdown. We will cover such subject matter as skin types, color choices, proper aftercare and how to get the best from your Microblading procedure. Let’s cut through the hype and get the REAL answers.

Do you have old PMU or old or bad microblading?

Come to BrowBeat eyebrow infirmary where your brows are given new life! We can fix many bad brow situations, including the following:

  • Green, blue, light grey, orange or red old permanent makeup. (This is case by case)
  • Light microblading that has asymmetry or incorrect shape. (This is case by case.)

The darker and thicker brows get the harder and more unlikely correction becomes.

We will do our best to accommodate you in your brow time of need!


665 W Lyndon B Johnson Fwy Ste 216, Irving, TX 75063, USA


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