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About BrowBeat Studio Advanced Microblading In Dallas

Tenielle Powers

Tenielle Powers

Microblading Expert and Mentor

Tenielle is the owner and founder of BrowBeat Advanced Microblading Training and Certification. Tenielle was a bad microblading story herself having an extremely second rate experience with a local artist in Dallas.


But, she turned a negative into a positive, deciding to create BrowBeat and correct all the problems that she had encountered, through education assessment and tailoring, to every single client that walked through her door.

And the rest is history, as they say, BrowBeat Advanced Microblading Training and certification is now the leader in DFW for superior microblading education.

Sandy Billings

Sandy Billings


Sandy joins BrowBeat with 20+ years experience in the beauty industry. Being an entrepreneur herself, Sandy owned and operated her own nail salon and has a wealth of experience working in med spas and cosmetic plastic surgery. Now, she has chosen to expand her artistic career in microblading.


Having being trained and mentored by Tenielle, Sandy expects nothing other than perfection from herself. Sandy pays close attention to details and strives for perfection. She is passionate about her work and receives great satisfaction in helping others feel good and look their best.

Rebecca Harris

Rebecca Harris

Browologist and Trainer

Rebecca’s background is in skin care and she is a trained esthetician. Although skin was her forte originally, she has been able to merge the knowledge of skin with the world of microblading. She became interested in microblading; when she kept seeing so many clients on her table, speak of horrifying microblading experiences. She thought to herself, “I’m going to learn how to do this, and I’m going to fix all the problems that I’m seeing”. And that’s exactly what she did.


Rebecca’s poise and elegance in handling her clients are unsurpassed. She gets skin and all of its tendencies. It is this extended knowledge, which grew her microblading experience exponentially. Detail is her middle name and because of this, she is very good at explaining the finer points of microblading to her students.

BrowBeat Studio Dallas Advanced Microblading Experts

Our goal is to create the eyebrow that is perfect for you, one that is a work of art! As masters of that art, Browbeat Studio will help you shape your dream eyebrow using the cutting-edge Eye Embroidery or Microblading Technique. If you desire fuller eyebrows or want them better defined, you can trust us to get the job done.

With microblading, you can display your custom natural-looking eyebrow for an extended period of time – no more waking up every day to apply make-up. What this allows you is more freedom, enhanced confidence and greatly reduced cost spent on eyebrow makeup kits.

Our Commitment to Excellence

We at Browbeat Studio go to great lengths to ensure that you get the very best value for your money. You are guaranteed a five star treatment from the moment that you walk into our studio till the moment that you depart.

Our processes have been carefully thought through and designed to ensure your total satisfaction. Our well-trained experienced therapists understand the art of beauty and will delight you with warmth, skill and first-class service.

Our commitment is to give you such an awesome experience, that you will leave our studio feeling on top of the world. We believe that your results will speak for us and that your experience will be our best advertisement.

Be assured that we will constantly invest in equipment, processes and personnel to maintain our position at the top of our industry.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Browbeat Studio is to help our customers achieve the look that they desire, using the most modern and effective techniques available in a warm and friendly atmosphere.


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