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Great eyebrows start with good placement and correct symmetry

Great eyebrows start with good placement and correct symmetry

Microblading Measuring & Symmetry For the best eyebrow shape, we start by measuring. This is the key to seeing imperfections with symmetry. We use the golden ratio to work out the length of a brow, and we find how high it should go using the brow bone. The length of your eye determines the width between the two brows. After finding all these starting and finishing points, we discuss this with the client to determine their desired thickness and talk with them about the aspired shape.

Eyebrow shapes can be different from client to client. Additionally, eyebrow culture around the world can vary, so good communication with the client is necessary. We will help guide the client to determine a pleasing decision. Eyebrows are personal, and trends can change, so we recommend picking a shape and thickness that is timeless and enhances the look of the individual.

Measuring can be the most lengthy part of the treatment, and it is the most important. Sometimes it is not clear how asymmetric a client’s brows are. By measuring it is easy to find these afflictions and correct them.


We start by using the Golden Ratio to determine the beginning and ending points of the eyebrow by carefully measuring this in relation to the brow bone and top of the eyelid. Your bone structure will set some natural boundaries but all of this will be discussed during the initial consultation.

Do you have old PMU or old or bad microblading?

Come to BrowBeat eyebrow infirmary where your brows are given new life! We can fix many bad brow situations, including the following:

  • Green, blue, light grey, orange or red old permanent makeup. (This is case by case)
  • Light microblading that has asymmetry or incorrect shape. (This is case by case.)

The darker and thicker brows get the harder and more unlikely correction becomes.

We will do our best to accommodate you in your brow time of need!


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