Have you ever considered a medical career? Read this first!

A career in the medical field is exciting, fast paced and rewarding! It is a great fit for those who have great attention to detail, a knack for order and cleanliness, and love helping people! It will earn you great respect and can earn some great money. But, what you may not expect or anticipate is just how much it will cost! In time, In money, In stress. Nursing school takes approximately 3-4 years and become a physician’s assistant or doctor takes much, much more. With the average cost of public nursing school around $40,000 a year and medical school only going up from there, you can easily acquire hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt before you even come close to earning a penny! Now, I’m not saying we don’t need doctors or nurses, that would be crazy, of course we do! If that is truly your passion then you should definitely go into the medical profession. However, if all you care about is being able to help people, do something that’s new and different everyday and have a rewarding and lucrative career, then there may be an easier way to do that! Would you like to know more? Well keep reading!

Microblading takes less time and money and you will make more!
A career in microblading can be just the answer! Microblading is the process of deposit pigment via a small handheld tool in the upper layers of the skin, creating the illusion of individual eyebrow “hairs”. It is an exciting and growing field, takes only about six months to learn and helps those suffering from alopecia, chemo-therapy related hair loss and many other issues and conditions gain back confidence and look and feel like their best selves!

Besides saving a ton of time and money, you’ll also likely make more money than you would with a medical career! With the average treatment ranging from $500-$800 and most artists taking 3-4 clients a day, you can easily make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year! Yes, that’s right, a year! Now, isn’t that better than costing you hundreds of thousands a year! And that’s all while working less hours! Another bonus, you get to choose when, where and how you work! Complete freedom for your schedule! Never answer to a boss or shift manager! Contrast that with working as a nurse or doctor, where you can expect grueling 12 hour shifts and on call hours, complete unpredictability!

So, what are the steps to get started? Getting started is easy! As mentioned, training, certification and licensing only takes around six months and the cost for training is minimal. In fact, most of our students recoup their entire training cost within their first few treatments! So what should you look for in a training program? The main thing is to make sure they cover more than just procedural instruction, meaning they also educate you thoroughly on the healing process, health regulations, sanitation and hygiene, color theory, ink quality and so on and so forth. A comprehensive program should cover more than just how to do the actual treatment, it should have extensive study spent learning theory as well. BrowBeat Microblading Training and Certification is DFW’s premiere training academy.

Can anyone do it? Absolutely! Anyone can learn to microblade. Microblading is a skill learned through repetitive and consistent practice. As long as you are motivated and you put in the work, you can learn to be a microblading technician! People who will especially thrive in this profession are those who are detail oriented, goal oriented and ambitious! If you start now, you could be starting a six figure career in just six months! Sign up for our training course and start a new career and a new life! No college degree or debt needed.

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