What is Microblading 2021? Here Are 15 Surprising Things For Magnificent Eyebrows!

What is Microblading 2021? Here Are 15 Surprising Things For Magnificent Eyebrows!

You probably heard of eyebrow tattooing or semi-permanent tattoos, especially today that fleek brows are trending, so many ladies are going nuts about it. This method is called microblading.

However, if you just learned about this technique, the first question to pop out is, What is Microblading 2021?

Hmm..Though microblading is gaining popularity today, we can’t expect that everybody knows about this semi-permanent eyebrow embroidery. And to help you understand more about it, we prepared some exciting things you need to know about microblading.

What is Microblading 2021?

Microblading is a modern way to make your eyebrows perfect, like having the “I woke up like this” look every day or washing your face, but your brows are still pretty. 

What is Microblading 2021? Microblading Is a procedure wherein a microblading expert uses a small handheld tool to make tiny cuts on your eyebrow’s skin. Microblading is semi-permanent tattooing of your thin brows and making them natural-looking and bushy. Thus, transforming your wild eyebrows into tamed ones.

How Come Many Ladies are Crazy About Microblading?

What is Microblading 2021‘s overall benefit? There are many reasons why ladies want to do microblading. Some of the reasons are:

  • Age factor – as years pass by, people get old, and their eyebrows are becoming sparse.
  • Skin conditions –   because of some skin conditions that cause loss of hair (like alopecia), ladies with this concern do microblading to have bushy eyebrows.
  • Fashion trend – microblading has its momentum today, hence making most ladies dream of perfect brows.

Whatever reasons you have in doing the procedure, take your time before deciding and don’t rush. You have to keep in mind that though microblading is a semi-permanent technique in making your eyebrows fleek, you don’t want to be disappointed and regretful for two to three years before your brows can be restored.

What is Microblading 2021 Procedure?

Microblading procedure is the step-by-step process of the semi-permanent tattoo. A technician uses a small tool with several microneedles to draw on your eyebrows, creating hair-like strokes with pigment that suits your skin tone, mimicking the hair of your eyebrows. 

What is microblading 2021 series of procedures you should know? To give you an idea of the process, here’s a quick step-by-step treatment.

  • First is the consultation with a microblading artist. You and the technician will discuss your skin type, the pigment color suited to your skin, or the pattern you want for your eyebrows. 
  • The next step is to outline your brows to avoid a mismatch.
  • After drawing the temporary pattern, the next step is the selection of the pigment. 
  • When the suitable ink is picked, then the cutting and insertion of the pigment start on one of your brows. The next brows will be tattooed after perfecting the other one. 
  • The last stage of the procedure is the aftercare rules. Your microblading expert advises you of the things you need to follow in taking care of your eyebrows for a rewarding result. 

Why is it called semi-permanent tattooing? 

Microblading is also called a semi-permanent tattoo because the pigment used is temporary (it will last only for a few years), unlike permanent tattoos that last forever. The longevity of the semi-permanent tattoo is shorter than the permanent tattoo. You need to go back to your microblading artist after some time for a touch-up to maintain the fullness of your eyebrows. 

What is Microblading 2021: Variations

Microblading became known to the beauty industry a few years back. And as the years go by, it evolves rapidly, therefore creating different variations of microblading such as:

  • Microfeathering – is similar to microblading, with a lighter touch focused on adding just a little to the brows’ existing shape.
  • Ombré or Microshadingimitates the look of brow makeup with a more obviously filled-in look instead of hair-like strokes.
  • Micro-Powder Combo – A micro-powder combo uses both microblading and shading. 
  • Ombré ShadingMicro-ombré combines both microblading and deep shading.
  • Reverse Ombréfor a more natural-looking brow, microblading and reverse ombré can be merged. Microblading natural hair strokes at the front and bottom, then a gradual and fuller shading pigment until the final point of the tail.

Preparation is Crucial

What is microblading 2021 preparation? Getting ready before doing your microblading procedure is vital; therefore, a consultation with your microblading artist is the first and foremost thing to do. Your microblading expert will inform you of the dos and don’ts before your microblading process. The dos and don’ts that you should follow before your microblading procedure are:

24 hours prior to the microblading procedure.

  • Don’t take medicines like Niacin, Aspirin, Advil/Ibuprofen, or  Vitamin E.
  • Stay away from power shakes, power greens, Fish Oil, and “Hair, Skin, Nail” supplements.
  • Don’t work out
  • Don’t drink alcohol or coffee (even decaf coffee and tea have caffeine).

One week before the procedure

  • No suntanning
  • Don’t do brow waxing or tinting. 
  • Stop tweezing, threading, or plucking your eyebrows.

*Important Reminder: You will be more sensitive during your menstrual cycle. And the day before your microblading appointment, try to relax and don’t overthink.

Does it Hurt?

When you hear the word microblading, you’ll probably ask, What is Microblading 2021? Especially if it’s your first time listening to it. Furthermore, when someone explains that it’s about cutting your skin to make your eyebrows gorgeous. Your brain freezes with the phrase “cut your skin,” ask again, does it hurt?

The truth is, it’s not that painful. Why? Because a microblading technician will apply a topical numbing cream on your skin before the procedure so you won’t feel any pain during the process unless you have a low tolerance of pain. The numbing cream will help you ease your discomforts and feel relaxed before the microblading artist starts cutting your skin.

People have different pain tolerance. Others may not feel any pain, while some individuals may feel the pain even if it’s not really that painful. The annoying sound of scratching will give you discomfort during the procedure, but you will adjust as you go on.

Aftercare is Key to a Rewarding Result

Aftercare is the next step after the microblading procedure. But, what is microblading 2021’s aftercare procedure? Your microblading technician will instruct you on some rules that you must strictly follow. Some of the aftercare rules you must do:

  • Avoid your newly bladed brows from getting wet, which means; no exercising, swimming, going to the spa, and other activities that will get your eyebrows wet. 
  • Don’t wash your face for one week.
  • Don’t wear makeup for the first two weeks, but use wet wipes to clean your face or remove your makeup if you have to.
  • Use vaseline or any moisturizer your microblading artist advises you to use if your eyebrows are itchy.
  • Don’t scratch your eyebrows or pick the scabs.

Failure to follow these aftercare rules will lead to a disappointing result.

What is Microblading 2021: Longevity

What is microblading 2021’s lifespan? You might ask since it’s a semi-permanent tattoo. Microblading lasts from two to three years (2-3), depending on your lifestyle. A touch-up is necessary after six (6) months or one (1) year for maintenance. 

Benefits of Microblading

What is microblading 2021’s overall benefit for you? You’ll be surprised to know how many they are. When you do microblading, you will experience the following advantages (at least most of them if not all): 

  • You can say goodbye to your thin, sparse, or dull eyebrows and say hello to gorgeous brows.
  • You will enjoy the “I woke up like this” look every morning when you get up.
  • You can throw away your brow pencils, gels, tints, or whatever you use in drawing your eyebrows because you won’t need them anymore.
  • No more tiring and troublesome hours in perfecting your eyebrows.
  • Most of all, you will save money from buying brow essentials. 

These are only a few of the microblading benefits. I’ll give you the chance to discover other edges of undergoing the semi-permanent eyebrow embroidery.

Microblading Versus Microfeathering

While microblading made its way into the beauty industry about having bushy and natural-looking, another technique in perfecting the eyebrows is microfeathering. What is the difference between Microblading and microfeathering? Both methods are the same in the procedure. However, the purpose of microfeathering is to fill out the sparse brows, unlike microblading, wherein a microblading expert fills up the entire brow area. 

What is Microblading 2021: Expectations During the Procedure

Are there expectations during the microblading session? Of course, there are! Again, the first and foremost expectation is the pain you will experience when the microblading expert starts cutting your skin. Is it really that painful? I’m not going to lie and say that it’s not painful at all. Though pain is relative and every person is different in feeling the pain, the sensation rate is not excruciating. Plus, there’s the numbing cream a technician would apply before the procedure to help reduce the pain. 

One more thing to expect is the disturbing scratch sound when the technician cuts your skin and implants the pigment in it. But don’t worry because you will get used to the annoying sound after a few minutes. 

On the flip hand, the pain, annoying scratch sound, and a three-hour procedure are nothing compared to the more extended benefit of having fabulous brows. 

Every Lady has Unique Eyebrows and Brow designs

Though microblading is a trend, it doesn’t mean that one eyebrow design is suited to all ladies. So what is microblading 2021’s general fashion rule? Every individual’s face is unique. Even though a pattern looks pretty to a lady, it doesn’t guarantee that it suits you too. That’s why a consultation with a microblading expert beforehand plays an important role.

Not All Microblading Artists are Skilful

What is microblading 2021 artist’s role in the eyebrow embroidery procedure? The microblading expert will do the treatment on your eyebrows. But, be cautious because not all microblading experts are qualified and have the skill (though they claim that they are certified microblading experts) to enhance your eyebrows. You have to do your homework and search for a reputable and well-established studio to do your microblading procedure to avoid a horrifying experience in microblading, especially if it is your first time doing it. 

What is Microblading 2021: Tips in Choosing the Best Microblading Studio

When you make up your mind to transform your thin eyebrows into fluffier brows, it is understood that you get excited. Therefore, finding the best studio for your microblading procedure is necessary not to feel unhappy and think that you wasted your time and money for nothing.  

Before doing the eyebrow embroidery process, you have to take into consideration the following factors.

  • Check if the studio is a credible one and its technicians are certified, microblading artists and have experience in this field. 
  • The studio is clean, well ventilated, follows sanitation protocols, and has a friendly environment for its clients.
  • Don’t be deceived by the low price a studio or a microblading expert offers. Remember, perfect brows don’t come cheap.
  • Check for the studio’s portfolio to see the before and after results of the microblading procedure. 
  • Go to the studio’s webpage or social media platforms to check their reviews.
  • The staff in the studio should be well-informed and know everything about the services they offer. They should be able to answer all your queries. 

This will serve as your guide in choosing the right studio and technician to improve your eyebrows. If a studio has all these tips, it means you’re in good hands. 

After reading this article, I hope that you are now informed about everything about microblading. So the next time this topic is being discussed, you won’t be asking, What is Microblading 2021? Instead, you can answer the question What is Microblading 2021 and share your knowledge about it. 

Suppose you want to transform your eyebrows and help boost your self-esteem, you know what to do. And when you will be looking for a well-established studio for your makeover, BrowBeat Studio has the experience and outstanding performance to do your eyebrow transformation.

We hope that your query “What is Microblading 2021?” has clarifications on this article. Stay posted on our next blog. Have a nice day!

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