10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Eyebrow Shading

10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Eyebrow Shading

Having second thoughts about microblading? Maybe Eyebrow Shading is more your style! In fact, one in three clients is a candidate for Browbeat Studio’s microshading procedure.

Known throughout the industry by many names, such as shadow effect or ombré brows, Eyebrow Shading uses pin-dot pigment application to create a gradient shaded look. The results are similar to those you would achieve with makeup, with a flawless customized finish that lasts for months on end!

Eyebrow Shading heals beautifully. Pigment never turns blue/gray or ashy. Instead, it fades naturally over time. Here are the 10 Reasons to Consider Eyebrow Shading:

You have oily skin/enlarged pores: Microblading involves the application of hyper-realistic, hair-like strokes under the skin. This is ideal for many clients, but for some, it may not be so suitable.

Clients with extremely oily skin or large pores may find that results from microblading aren’t right for them. This is because, once they heal, results from microblading tend to look blurry and pale on those with oily skin or enlarged pores. Pigment fades much more quickly on these clients.

You have sensitive skin: Worried microblading may hurt or cause irritation? Discomfort is minimal, thanks to Eye Design’s gentle techniques and proper care. (We also use topical anesthetics, i.e., numbing creams, before and throughout the procedure to ensure all clients are comfortable.) Because Eyebrow Shading involves smaller incisions than microblading, it is the ideal brow treatment for those with extreme skin sensitivities.

You have tough skin or a mild skin condition: As long as you do not have any eczema, rosacea or acne directly on your brow area, Eyebrow Shading is a completely safe brow solution for you!

You have medium or full natural brow hair with gaps: Even those with a lot of natural eyebrow hair can benefit from Eye Design’s Eyebrow Shading. If you are one of these clients, and you often use pencils, powders or pomades to darken and define your brows or fill in gaps, try Eyebrow Shading!

The microshading technique accomplishes everything you do with makeup, but lasts approximately one year and always looks flawless! You will wake up every day feeling beautiful and save time during your morning routine.

You love a bold makeup look: For clients who normally wear a face of full-coverage makeup, our talented techs can give them a high-impact brow to match. Don’t worry about your brows being too bold–the Eye Design team is trained to create flattering, customized shape to suit any style.

You love soft, subtle shading: Not a fan of bold brows? Eyebrow Shading is an extremely versatile technique, so if intensity isn’t your thing, try a more natural look.

This is the perfect option for those who prefer to go makeup-free and those who love “no makeup” makeup. Many of our blonde and fair-skinned clients love it as well!

Soft and subtle shading is also a great technique for clients who are unsure what kind of look they want, because they can always choose to go bolder at the touch-up.

You want stylish ombré brows: In addition to classic brows, Eye Design’s technicians are experts in advanced pigment application methods. If you are totally into the ombré look, which is faded in the beginning of each brow, then becomes darker towards the tails, our talented team can give you just that!

You want to ditch your brow pencil, powder or pomade: Whether you prefer strong brows, subtle shading or a best-of-both-worlds ombré, there’s no doubt you use a traditional makeup product (or two!) to create the look for yourself every single morning. Makeup smudges, wears off and has to be reapplied. Eyebrow Shading, however, fades naturally over time and looks flawless all day long for months on end!

You want fast results: Eyebrow Shading is a quick process. You will be in and out of our studio in approximately two hours and healed in just three days! That means you are free to return to your normal routine 72 hours after leaving your appointment. (Please note that healing continues under the skin for 4 to 6 weeks, which is when the touch-up is typically scheduled.)

You want beautiful, low-maintenance brows: Eyebrow Shading results in a stunning semi-permanent brow look for clients of all skin tones and skin types. On average, clients require a touch-up every 12 to 15 months. Those who prefer a more intense brow, or those with extremely oily skin, may prefer to come in for their touch-ups more often.

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