Five Major Things You Should Know Before Microblading

Five Major Things You Should Know Before Microblading

Thicker, fuller brows are IN. Everywhere you look these days everyone has perfect looking brows. Microblading is your friend when performed correctly. 

Here are five major things you should know before going to hair stroke heaven.

  1. Identify with the kind of skin type that you possess. 

There are some hurdles when it comes to microblading that at times can make one person’s outcome different from another. 

  • Thick skin can be more difficult and affect the quality of the work. Clients with thick skin should have a discussion with their chosen artist about their desired outcome. Thick skin is not the only hurdle in between you and that perfect set of the brow, oily skin can also affect the outcome, which leads us to…
  • People with oily skin can have reduced retention in healing. Oily skin people have their skin constantly lubricated. This can cause the microblading to disappear faster than someone with dry skin. 
  • Dry skin and thin skin usually harbors the best result. But just because a client has thick or oily skin, it doesn’t mean that they can’t get microblading. It just means that the artist must be experienced. It is also important to manage expectations so all parties are aware of the possible limitations. 
  • All blood thinners must be avoided too as excessive bleeding can affect the treatment. Too much bleeding and the blood pushed out from the pigment makes the stroke unable to be filled with ink. It’s these ink-filled strokes that mimic the eyebrows hair so no ink, no fuller brows.

2. Ask your artist to educate you on the quality of that is going to be used on you. 

Ink quality will affect the outcome of the treatment 1-2 years from the day that you get it. If the ink quality is poor, you may end up with a blue, purple or red iron oxide brow

These colors are the final product of chap inks fading out and will need a color correction at some point in the future. Have your artist explain to you the stability of the ink, how they fade and what’s in them. 

A great artist will be able to tell you clearly and easily all about the ink line that they use. 

Remember: information and knowledge is power, so don’t be afraid to ask a bunch of questions. It’s your treatment and your face.

3.Shape rules all. 

If you don’t get to see and approve the shape then don’t go ahead with the treatment. 

Some artist overbooks their clients, which will result to rushing you in and out the door. A great artist will take a lot of time with you explaining about the proposed shape and then mapping it out and adjusting it to your liking. 

If you’re not a part of the communication, then there’s something wrong. It’s not your artist wearing these brows, it’s you. You want to feel that the person who works on you is patient, fair, and skilled. He/She should of course be available to answer any questions you have: great or small.

“You can always go darker and thicker but you can’t go lighter and thinner.”

Let’s think about the above statement. Microblading lasts YEARS, and inks can look very different from person to person. 

Each person is not identical – so skin tone, skin thickness, and healing can play a role on how the colors will look. Each color when healed is being viewed through the skin. Skin color is different from person to person, so you must find an experienced artist that can talk color theory and explain to the possibility to make an informed selection.

  1. The Second Treatment. 

Yes, you need it. It’s like buying a Prius instead of a Ferrari. A Prius is economical but it does not have the “wow factor” of a Ferrari. It’s less expensive.

After the first treatment, your brows will look good. However, tiny adjustments after healing will take it to the “Ferrari” level. 

Once the strokes heals crisp and clear, your artist can work on healed work making the brows look fuller and denser. 

Why go on only half the journey and be satisfied with an incomplete work, right?

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