How & Why Educating Clients About Microblading Is Important

How & Why Educating Clients About Microblading Is Important

Educating clients about microblading

All of our treatments begin with educating clients about microblading. Great education means a great treatment. With this procedure, we must know the client’s expectations always, before the treatment commences.

Sometimes clients come to us with a lot of fear transferred. Clients Google worst-case scenarios of micro-blading and can get quite scared before arrival. This is usually not a good thing, as an artist, I now have to calm that fear before we even begin.

We do the educating clients about microblading successfully through a slideshow presentation that explains the whole treatment. This does wonder for the client’s comfort. They say knowledge is power and it certainly is.

Once the treatment is completely understood, the client is now finally at ease and we can discuss the more important things like shape, color, and style. The internet can be our best friend or worst enemy depending on how it’s used.

Every Internet search will expose great versions and not so great versions of every treatment type. We make these videos so our clients can understand the quality of our treatments.

Some clients are not comfortable with any change. It’s amazing sometimes that clients actually book an appointment and arrive because their fear level is so high and their anxiety is so high, due to misinformation. It is our goal through these videos to show what a real micro-blading treatment looks like. So after educating clients about microblading, they finally feel relaxed and excited!

Our client Alicia has fine eyebrows with very high arches.

Her supraorbital bone is right underneath where her eyebrow raises, this can make a very elegant looking eyebrow but can also be difficult for microblading.

The reason behind this is because the brow sits right on this edge of the bone which means that it’s not a flat surface to work on. Additionally, if that bone protrudes in the tail area of the eyebrow, it can end up slightly hidden around the corner.

In this case, educating clients about microblading situation is necessary. With this type of client, the artist needs to set them up and look at the brow sitting up where you can see all the different crevices and shadows only then will you see a true representation of what the brow is going to look like.

Alicia is used to seeing her eyebrows completely solid when penciled in. She likes her tails rather high and short. We discovered this through the initial consultation upon arrival. Sometimes it is necessary to draw several shapes on clients before resting on a final choice.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes, we always get to the end result of the client liking the shape. After we’ve agreed on the shape, it’s time to microblade. This client falls in the normal range of skin. Not thin or thick-skinned.

The client has informed us that she has combination skin. This is fairly normal to have a less oily brow area but more oily for the forehead and T-zone. It is good to know every possible outcome before commencing.

Alicia’s micro-blading results are thicker than her initial wish, she was educated prior to the treatment about how the brows shrink down in size. So now saying that her brows are thicker prior to her healed results, she fully understands what they are going to heal much smaller. This now puts her at ease. Thanks for educating clients about microblading first before we proceed!

Alicia’s brows are way more natural-looking now than when she would pencil them in. The defined tip of the pencil is not as fine as a micro-blading tool. Makeup can never achieve the natural result that micro-blading can.

Additionally, every time makeup is penciled in, it is different. Micro-blading eradicates symmetry issues when performed by an experienced artist. Symmetry seems to be the biggest issue for people when penciling in their brows. Our trained artists at browbeat advanced Microblading studio know how important it is for brows to appear symmetrical.

During the microblading process, we actually educate our clients on where their individual asymmetry is located. This process helps our clients understand how to maintain their brows if their brow hair grows outside of the shape.

Educating clients about microblading

This is a great way to help clients understand their own individual eyebrow shapes. To create more happiness and longevity for the future of their eyebrows.

RESULT: Microblading has defined her brows without making them look manufactured. She is still required to come back for a second treatment to make the small adjustments necessary to complete the brow after the healed result is apparent.

Another successful treatment by BrowBeat Studio about educating clients about microblading. Book an appointment today!

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