Alopecia is a big problem for many women around America and the world. Alopecia means hair loss. For some people, it’s genetics, for some people its lifestyle.

Many things can affect the speed at which we lose hair. Age too can play a role in hair loss and additionally chemicals or prescription drugs.

Whatever the reason, microblading can aid in giving people with hair loss a fuller looking brow. Microblading for alopecia is so amazing that it makes people with fine hair look like they’ve got a lot more hair.

It is the 3-D hair strokes that mimic an eyebrow hair. These 3d hair strokes are tiny cuts in the skin filled with ink. Put next to or behind eyebrow hair these can enhance and complete an otherwise incomplete eyebrow.

For alopecia sufferers, microblading is a godsend as it looks much more real than traditional permanent tattoos. Over the years as fashion changes, it is also adjustable. Microblading for alopecia is changing lives and Breanne our client today is going to experience that firsthand.

We are lucky to have such clients such as Breanne. As she is a great person to showcase how much microblading can change peoples situation altogether.  Breanne suffers from complete alopecia, so she has no eyebrow hairs or any hair on her head or body; this is an incredibly unique situation.

However, she is like every client is; she wants to feel complete. She still desires the same outcome as any other woman: a great low maintenance brow.  That’s why people come to BrowBeat because they want precise and amazing eyebrows. It’s our job to give these to her.

When there is no eyebrow hair present, you can see every single stroke. People come to BrowBeat because our brows are precise, meaning that the clarity of each stroke definition is the best it possibly can be.

Skin tone will also play a role in the precision of the strokes, but Breanne has the best possible situation, she has regular to thin skin and normal to dry skin. This is perfect for microblading for alopecia.

With somebody who has no eyebrow hair we can almost choose any color, so how do we decide what color to choose? Well, of course, we discuss this with every client. Every client has the way that they’re used to seeing themselves.

Does that mean we’re going to do it exactly as that client draws them? No, it doesn’t, but it helps us understand what the client is used to seeing every day, and this is very important.

People say they like dark eyebrows; it might just be dark to them; it doesn’t mean it’s dark in color. We have to be a super sleuth here at BrowBeat to get down to the nuts and bolts of what people mean. When a blonde says dark, they don’t mean dark; it just means dark to them.

It’s essential to understand this when working with the client. It helps to see the client’s every day make up style as it will help you know what the word dark means to them.

Breanne uses a color that is a little bit warmer when she does her eyebrows, so this is what she likes. We understand that now going in when we’re deciding on the color choice.

Firstly we start by mapping out the shape. Now with somebody with no eyebrows, this could be a little bit more tricky. Firstly we start by measuring the whites of Breanne’s eyes, using the golden ratio. The golden ratio will give us the beginning point.

The distance between the whites of her eyes is also the distance between the arch. The gap between the eyebrows is the distance between the arch and the tail. Many markings on the face help us decide where to end and begin.

Fashion styles play a significant role in how eyebrows look and what people want, so those discussions need to take place before we start. Brianne wants a soft arch, which seems to be the most popular shape. She doesn’t want her brows to look too heavy because she doesn’t wear much makeup, she wants to have eyebrows in the most natural-looking 3-D way.

We do not work too close together on somebody like Breanne. If the strokes are too close together brows can appear manufactured and look solid; we don’t want this because there is no camouflage, everything must be exact.

People with brows are easier to do because brow hair and microblading together are what makes brows look fuller, but we don’t have any hair in this situation, so caution must be used. We slowly build the brow, making sure each stroke is precise and then going in and putting a color bath over the brow area. This is done to reinforce each stroke.

We make sure we are accurate, and that we don’t put any stroke out of place. We do not rush this process, precision is critical, and as you can see here, Breanne’s brows look beautiful and natural. These kinds of eyebrows can be gratifying for an artist as well as for a client as they transform people’s lives.

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