Frequently Asked Questions

Let us answer the most common questions about Microblading.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi permanent tattoo. Ink is implemented in the epidermis in the form of hair strokes. These hair strokes mimic the look of an actual eyebrow hair and can make an eyebrow that looks sparse and patchy look complete.

What is Shading?

Shading can be used in addition to Microblading or on its own to create a dramatic eyebrow. And nano tattoo machine implements color in the skin using a tiny needle. This transparent layer of color can add density to eyebrows.

Should I get microblading and shading?

A microblading and shading combo can be very pleasing. When eyebrows are sparse the microblading hair strokes can give the brow shape thickness and density. Shading added can additionally enhance adding color and drama to brows. Shading can be particularly good for brow shape correction. When brows have been plucked down to toothpicks shading can add the color density necessary to bring them back to life.

What's the difference between Microblading and shading?

Microblading and shading as a combination can be done simultaneously. Microblading uses a hand tool and tiny blade to create hair strokes in the skin. Microblading alone looks natural, completing a brow by adding in hair strokes where no hair exists. Adding shading can be very pleasing as it adds a layer of color density over the top. This can create a filled in look, that makes the brows darker and richer in color. A lot of clients like this because it mimics makeup while still maintaining a natural outcome. Shading uses a nano machine to implement color shallow in the skin in the epidermis. This will last 1-2 years like microblading.

Can I make them lighter after my first treatment?

Unfortunately, this is much more difficult. That is why we take so much care in deciding the color with our client. During the measuring process, we will discuss color. We do not let our clients go darker than their indigenous color and we use precision in our application as depth can distort and deepen color.

Can I make them darker after my first treatment?

Yes, you can! Sometimes clients feel after the healing process is completed that they want to go darker on the second visit. This can be done.

Why do I have to wait 4-6 weeks before my second treatment?

The full healing process takes up to 4-6 weeks. The strokes may disappear and re-appear. We need to wait the full amount of time to ensure which hairs need the touch-up.

Can you make my eyebrows longer?

Yes! All this is part of the artistry of Microblading and will be discussed during measuring. If you are only missing some tail hairs or beginning hairs they can be added during the procedure.

Can you make my eyebrows thicker?

Yes! Sometimes the difference between a thin eyebrow and a thick eyebrow is only one millimeter. Microblading can make your eyebrows appear longer in length and thicker in the body.

What does shrinkage mean?

Shrinkage happens as Microblading is healing and over time. As the strokes that mimic the individual hairs heal, you may notice them becoming slightly shorter in length.

I don't have any brows, is Microblading right for me?

Yes! Microblading will be perfect for you! Finally, there is a solution for people suffering from hair loss or Alopecia. Microblading is the most natural looking eyebrow simulation available.

I'm a redhead how do you pick your color?

When choosing the color for blondes and redheads the natural eyebrow color must be followed. This is not absolute, as eyebrow color can be manipulated slightly to go darker but not so far that it’s an entire shade darker.

I'm a blonde how do you pick your color?

Blonde colors like all colors must follow the natural clients hair color. We can enhance the color slightly but we cannot go too far away from the natural eyebrow color. If you stray too far away from the natural eyebrow color brows can end up two-tone. Our experienced artists will guide ever client to a natural outcome.

How is Microblading different from a tattoo?

A tattoo pushes pigment deep to the dermis level. Microblading hair strokes remain shallow in the epidermis. Because it is shallow these layers of the epidermis are going to shed overtime making the micro blading slowly fade off. This takes a different amount of time depending on different variables like age, skin type and lifestyle.

Will it fade completely off?

The depth of the pigment deposit is what defines how long Microblading can be retained. A body tattoo pigment is deposited into the dermis, much more depth than Microblading and that depth cause it to be permanent. This is why it is important to find an experienced artist. If the artist goes too deep, the lines may have longer longevity or even become permanent. Using artists with a steady hand and a good understanding of pressure is imperative.

How long does microblading last?

There are many variables to consider when asking how long Microblading will last. People with oily skin are constantly lubricated and microblading tends to last less time on people with oily skin. People with dry skin tend to get more time from their Microblading experience because their skin is not lubricated constantly. Certain beauty products will speed up the loss of pigment like retinol salicylic acid and beauty products that have an acidic base. Do not put these products on your eyebrows after getting microbladed. Additionally age, ethnic background, and skin thickness will play a role in how long microblading will last. A rough estimate is 1 to 2 years.

How long does Microblading last on oily skin?

Microblading tends to last less time on people with oily skin. This is because oily skin is constantly lubricated. This can make skin shed at a faster rate, thus making microblading fade off at a much faster rate. Additionally, people with oily skin will often use products that will strip the skin. These products will speed up the loss of pigment. Do not put acidic products that strip the skin over microbladed eyebrows. The pigment loss may speed up to five times faster than a normal microblading pigment loss when using retinol or acidic acne products.

Why are the appointments so long?

Appointments are three hours. At BrowBeat we feel that the initial discussions are imperative. All of our appointments start with a pre-numb to reduce client discomfort, and a 30 minute education where clients can ask our experienced artists questions about the upcoming treatment. After brow education comes brown mapping. The client is part of this entire experience, and will have a chance to look over the mapped shape and adjust it until the desired shape has been except it. When the microblading hair strokes are completed shading can be added if the client desires shading. After the treatment is finished the client can look over their brows to make sure they feel 100% satisfied.

Does it hurt?

Client comfort is important. To keep the clients comfortable we use lidocaine numbing cream prior to the treatment commencing. This is left on for 30 minutes while each client is educated on the upcoming treatment. Most clients say they are completely comfortable with discomfort ranging from a zero to a three. After the microblading shape has been agreed to the artist does the first microblading outline and then uses a second number after the microblading strokes have open the skin. Because the skin is open the second numb is extremely effective bringing client discomfort levels down to a zero. We have a lot of success with this routine! Clients often rave about how they really don’t feel anything.

What ink do you use?

BrowBeat only uses the best quality products during treatment. The quality of ink is extremely important to the microblading outcome. Our pigments are not a three primary color blend of red yellow blue, instead they are made from a brown organic substance from the earth. This makes the colors a lot more stable.

How long does it take to heal?

Most brows seal within seven days. What seals mean is that the skin closes over the top of the microblading strokes. In the days following the treatment the brows will become darker for up to five days. This is a mirage as the when the brows seal they will lighten up by anywhere between 20% and 50%. Most of the changes will happen during the time when the brow seal but they can still be healing up to four weeks.

Will I look crazy when it's healing?

There is a certain amount of trauma during the microblading process however most clients experience the brows still looking good throughout the experience. The brows will just be darker than normal for the client. Most people are completely OK with this process because they have been educated on what happens throughout these changes.

Can I go to work the next day?

Yes you can go to work the next day. Some clients experience the microblading post treatment feeling like a mild sunburn, some clients feel nothing. Most people go straight back to work with no issue.

Can I go to work the same day?

Yes you can go back to work the same day. Most clients experience Microblading as comparable to a mild sunburn, and there are many clients that feel almost nothing. It is quite normal for clients to go straight back to work.

Why do I need two treatments?

Microblading is a two treatment process. A lot will be decided on the first treatment. Thickness, color density, shading or no shading will all be decided on this first treatment. As the client heals there will be some pigment loss. Additionally, the brows will shrink and soften in healing up to 20 to 30%. When the client comes back for the second treatment, all of these issues will be addressed and completed. The second treatment is extremely necessary as some clients will have more pigment loss than others due to their own personal variables like skin type, lifestyle, and ethnic backgrounds.

My friend only got one treatment?

The second treatment is completely up to the client. Although it is necessary, clients have no obligation to come back to BrowBeat as we charge per treatment. The second treatment takes the brows from good to great.

I have an only tattoo can you cover it?

In many cases old tattoos an old Microblading can be corrected. However, we must see photographs of the brows prior to any online booking. This is to make sure that the brows can be covered and that the desired outcome for the client can be reached. Please do not book an appointment online if you have existing tattoo or existing Microblading. Instead, send 4 pictures of your eyebrows now to 214 432 3077 We will then contact you to speak about the desired result.

I had Microblading before but it didn't stay?

Microblading is a delicate work of art in the skin. It’s kind of like Goldilocks, it has to be just right. Too deep and the microblading will not look realistic. It can turn gray and not mimic a natural eyebrow hair. Too shallow and it can just heal off. So, it has to be just right. This just right depth is slightly different on every skin tone. This is why microblading must be performed by an experienced artist. Although microblading to some looks easy, it is quite a complicated art. There are many variables in making decisions of if the microblading strokes are deep enough in the skin. To discuss your microblading treatment please call 214 432 3077.

I don't like my old Microblading shape can you help me?

Microblading and semi permanent makeup can be tricky. There are many artists that do not perform this service correctly, or with the right products. These artists are popping up all over the DFW area. In many cases bad microblading can be corrected. We must see photographs of this old work to help the client understand what has happened, and how to correct it. Please send your 4 photographs of different angles of your eyebrows to 214 432 3077

I am prone to keloid scars...

If you are prone to keloid scars you are not a candidate for Microblading. 

I am sunburned...

If you are sunburned in the brow area, you cannot receive a microblading treatment until it heals.

I have psoriasis...

If you have had a psoriasis flare up please call us so we can move your appointment. We cannot microblade until psoriasis has cleared.

I am diabetic...

Diabetics can be microbladed upon. In some cases diabetics can have a slower healing experience, or experience more pigment loss. However, we have performed many treatments on diabetics with a great deal of success.

How long between the first and the second treatment?

Second treatments are booked 5 to 8 weeks after the first treatment. This gives the client time to get used to the new microbladed brows. Additionally it gives enough times for the brows to heal appropriately before performing the second treatment.


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