We get a variety of clients here at BrowBeat as everybody wants beautiful eyebrows, one of the most common is microblading thick skin. The microblading technique is spreading far and wide across the world and the reason it’s so popular because it looks so natural. Microblading is the most natural semi-permanent makeup technique for creating realistic eyebrows.

Every client is different; eyebrows are like snowflakes. Each eyebrow situation is different person-to-person, so we have to address each person as a unique individual. Each person is fiercely educated before the treatment commences.

This education is imperative and puts the client at ease firstly before beginning any treatment. We must transfer confidence about what it is that we are about to do.

Alicia has a unique situation she has thick skin, and with thick skin, we have to apply more pressure because we have more layers of skin to work through. An experienced artist will know this just by looking at the skin of the client as you can identify thicker skin with varying differences from normal skin.

So with microblading thick skin, we already know that we need to put a little bit more pressure on this client to have the pigment take and for her to have a great result.

We start by mapping out the shape and discussing that with her. Her natural brows are thicker, so it is okay for us to map out a thicker shape. Bold brows are all the rage right now anyway. So after we map out the shape and get going, you can see that we do beautiful delicate hair strokes.

Precision is vital, and as our artist are highly trained, you can see the accuracy we use on every client. Precise brows don’t create much trauma. The more trauma, the redder the eyebrows will look in healing.

We do not put the strokes too close together in the brows fronts because if they’re too close together in healing the strokes can merge. Microblading looks three-dimensional because of the distance between each stroke; that distance creates the illusion of depth. We want the brows to look defined and refined, but we don’t want them to look manufactured.

This is a delicate balance, as you want to make them look neat and beautiful for the client, but you also want to make sure that they have a natural flow of what real eyebrow hair does.  We will often show our clients the eyebrows along the way this helps them be at ease when they see how bright and crisp their hair strokes are.

It’s always essential to converse with our clients we do this along the way as it creates confidence, and it makes a client happy that they always know what’s going on.

Alicia here needs a little bit more work to get the ink into her skin due to bleeding and lymph aside from microblading thick skin. Lymph is the clear liquid that oozes out of the skin when trauma has happened. This is the beginning of the scab formation. In the aftercare, it is necessary to wash away the beginning of the scab as it starts to form.

This way a crust can never develop. The brows are kept moist throughout the next seven days, and this will have the best results. Alicia’s treatment took a little bit longer than some treatments because of the hurdles, but we got her there in the end, and she’s now a pleased client.

A beautiful result can be diminished if the client is not educated in the aftercare process. Alicia is given a pack that explains the full aftercare routine. Microblading can be undone if these instructions aren’t followed to a tee.

It’s crucial to have all these discussions with the client, so they understand that what they do after the treatment is going to play a role in the outcome. Our clients get the best results because we have the most astringent aftercare process. This process is going to ensure a great, healed result.

Microblading has two treatments. The second treatment is to make any adjustments necessary as  It is normal in healing to lose a few strokes. Those tiny details are addressed in the second treatment and will take the brows from good to great.

Microblading is the most natural-looking semi-permanent makeup treatment available and can last one to three years. How long it lasts will be individual from person to person. How thick somebody’s skin is how much sun they are exposed too, and their age will also play a role in how long microblading will remain on each skin.

The best way to take care of microblading is not to do any rejuvenating treatments, heavy scrubbing, or excessive sun exposure over the microbladed area, and this will ensure an excellent maximum long-lasting result.

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