Permanent eyeliner healing time

Permanent eyeliner healing time

Permanent eyeliner sounds like a dream. You can wipe your face, sneeze, have allergies, go swimming all with your eyeliner, not ending up on your cheek. But how do we get through the healing time of such a delicate area?
Permanent makeup application has become very popular amongst women over the past five years. Permanent makeup is also known as:

-Durable lip liner
-Ombre Eyebrow Tattooing
-Three-dimensional Eyebrow Tattooing

People have been wearing eyeliner since 3000 BC in cultures all around the world. The Egyptians believed that eyeliner would protect them from the harsh sun and that lead-based eyeliner had medicinal properties in the protection from disease. In India, men, women, and children wear kohl around their eyes and on their faces for fashion purposes and religion. Still, they also believe that wearing kohl will ward off unwanted spirits and energy.

In American culture, eyeliner was once considered sinful, and prostitutes and women of sin only wore it. Around the 1930s, makeup became more acceptable, and women of high societies could have it made for them uniquely. It came at a high price, and because of that, it became a sign of wealth and stature. Even George Washington wore lipstick and a powdered wig; it back then it was regarded as an indication of social standing.

The 1960s brought thick eyeliner to the forefront. Women started wearing eyeliner with curved ends designed to illuminate the eye giving an eye a full open illustrious look. The 1970s brought even more changes, with eyeliner moving towards the punk generation where eyeliner represented misfit life.

This phase often signified youths with black liner on tops and bottom. Punk eyeliner meant rebellion, depression, or contempt with modern social ideas. In the ’80s, eyeliner became a free for all with strong music movements fueling fashion and makeup for both men and women. Men could wear eyeliner freely with both New Wave and The Romantic phase becoming extremely popular. Rocks tars such as David Bowie, Mick Jagger, and Stephen Tyler all wore eyeliner as part of their mystery, and sexuality.

Whatever the case, eyeliner is here to stay, we all have our eyeliner style, and most of us feel like we can’t live without it. Eyeliner can be drawn in a multitude of ways close to the eye, winged or in the waterline, each way expressing how we are feeling day to day.

Permanent eyeliner healing time

So who wouldn’t want to feel glamorous twenty-four hours a day, perfect eyeliner all day and night long? It sounds like a dream. Modern permanent makeup application allows us to have just that, ideal eyeliner morning, noon, and night.
When finding an expert for permanent eyeliner in your area, make sure you see their portfolio of work. They must be an established studio and not work out of a personal residence. It is illegal to tattoo out of a private home, and people without a licensed and should be reported to your local state authorities.

An expert will always be happy to offer you some education before your treatment commences. Getting questions answered will help put your fears at ease, allowing you to get familiar with your permanent makeup technician.
Numbing cream is applied 30 minutes before your treatment. This numbing agent will take the edge of the pain and put you at ease during your permanent makeup application. Make sure you discuss your preferred eyeliner style with your technician.

A client assessment form should be filled out during this process so you can make sure you both understand each other. This document solidifies the style that you are discussing putting all details about the shape and length onto a form to be signed by both parties. There are many details to consider. Is your eyeliner on the inner or outer lash-line? How thick is it going to be? What color will it raise on the ends in the form of cats’ eyes? All these questions should be addressed and documented before moving forward.

It’s the buzzing of the equipment that is the scariest to people, but the pain is minimal, and it ends quickly. Once the eyeliner is completed, it will look great; however, you still need to go through the healing process. Eyeliner will be a bit swollen on day one and two, but most people find it manageable and barely noticeable. By day three, the worst of it is over with eye color reducing by about 30 percent to the final look around the five-day mark. The skin on your eyes heals exceptionally quickly, so it is a fast process.

Permanent eyeliner healing time

Now you have perfect eyeliner every hour of the day! You can finally wipe your eye without having to run away to fix the smear you have just created. Woohoo!


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