Dallas Entrepreneur, Tenielle Powers, Launches Browbeat Studio Dallas Advanced Microblading Experts In Irving, Texas

Dallas Entrepreneur, Tenielle Powers, Launches BrowBeat Studio Dallas Advanced Microblading Experts in Irving, Texas

Irving, Texas – January 10, 2017 – Dallas entrepreneur, Tenielle Powers, is launching another new business in Dallas. But the founder and owner of Dallas Food Truck Pros won’t be coming for your stomach this time. In fact, her latest enterprise doesn’t involve delicious gourmet food at all – but rather eyes. Eyebrows that is. Semi-permanent eyebrows that are skillfully positioned with mathematical precision according to the face, nose, and eyes.

Introducing BrowBeat Studio in Irving, Texas, a salon for creating and restoring beautiful eyebrows that enhance the face and last for years.

The therapists at BrowBeat Studio use microblading, a technique whereby a tiny blade deposits ink slightly below the skin, creating crisp, natural hair-like strokes, for the utmost precision in the eyebrow area. Clients can expect five-star treatment from the moment they walk into BrowBeat Studio as the trained therapists advise them on achieving the perfect eyebrows according to their coloring, face shape, and features.

“Microblading is ideal for people suffering from alopecia, hair loss, or any other condition affecting their eyebrows, or for cosmetic purposes,” says Powers. “Imagine having faultless eyebrows from the moment you wake up in the morning, when you step out of the shower, or before you even apply any makeup! Well, when you make an appointment at BrowBeat Studio, that’s exactly what you can expect to have.”

The experienced therapists at BrowBeat Studio agree with Powers, pointing out that eyebrows can make quite a statement. Creating a higher arch or facial symmetry can make a huge difference to the face and just one strand of hair can make or break the perfect eyebrow.

The process of microblading is similar to applying a tattoo, but the pigment is applied higher in the epidermis so there are fewer layers of skin to see through. This achieves a superior aesthetic for the eyebrow area and the result can last for years, depending on an individual’s rate of cell regeneration.

Powers is already well-known in the Dallas area thanks to her highly successful gourmet food-truck collective in downtown Browder Street Plaza. Customers can play outdoor games and enjoy music and special events while sampling food from the Dallas Food Truck Pros, which includes such popular culinary delights as Very Individual Pizza, Mr. Snowie snow cones, donuts, and sushi.

The Crazy Fish Gourmet Sushi food truck incorporates wild fish and free-range meat in their organic menu, serving delicious sushi that succeeds in removing the stereotypes associated with this traditional Japanese rice dish. The Crazy Fish chefs serve their sushi with an interesting twist, lots of color, and their own specialty sauces for dipping.

Find out more about BrowBeat Studio here: https://www.browbeatstudio.com

About Tenielle Powers

Tenielle Powers was born in Sydney, Australia, and raised in Adelaide and Surfers Paradise. Soon after launching Crazy Fish Gourmet Sushi, a mobile sushi food truck, in Dallas in 2012, Powers founded Dallas Food Truck Pros. The five food trucks operate in Browder Street Plaza serving popular culinary delights including Very Individual Pizza, Mr. Snowie snow cones, donuts, and sushi.


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