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Is it the same as Eyebrow Tinting or Microblading?

Eyebrow Tinting or Microblading

Eyebrow Extensions friend or foe? Is this new treatment just an extension of the eyebrow rage that has hit our culture recently, or does it have some value?

Eyebrow stuff is HUGE. There are several industries focused purely on just that, grooming eyebrows. These Eyebrow Extensions treatments are:

  • Microblading
  • Eyebrow Tinting
  • Eyebrow Threading

 Eyebrow Extensions. Yes, they are ALL different eyebrow grooming techniques.

Eyebrow Extensions is an interesting concept and is now a fast-developing treatment. It is suitable for those who may be gun-shy to Microblading and looking for a short-lasting inexpensive eyebrow treatment for an event or special occasion.

With eyelash extensions becoming all the rage, another ‘extension’ service has popped up recently. Eyebrow Extensions. Yes, it is precisely how it sounds and essentially mimics the lash process by gluing teeny tiny hairs to your eyebrows.

It is essential to find an eyebrow technician that you feel comfortable with as they are going to be in your personal space during the treatment.

The artist first helps the client define their eyebrows and starts by discussing the shape. This is achieved by drawing on the desired shape and then taking away hair that falls out of the desired shape by plucking or waxing.

The brow artist follows the natural line of your eyebrows slowly picking up a tiny eyebrow hair and gluing it to the skin or the pre-existing eyebrow hairs. This service can take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour and a half depending on how many hairs you require and if the synthetic eyebrow strands are being glued to the skin or the already existing eyebrow hairs.

The price for this service varies depending on how many hairs you would like and the desired thickness of your dream eyebrows. The average price differs due to time spent. A 30-minute application ranges from $50-75 and longer applications ranges from $100-$150.

Hairs that are stuck to the skin tend to last up to 7 days while hairs attached to existing eyebrow hairs tend to have a much longer life of up to 14 days.

So what’s the difference between Eyebrow Extensions and Microblading?

Today’s Microblading mimics eyebrow hair in the form of a superficial cut in the epidermis of the skin. This cut is a tattoo and referred to as a Microblading ‘stroke’. What makes it different from traditional permanent makeup is where it is inserted into the skin. Traditional permanent makeup is tattooed at a deeper depth going near the dermis level and therefore lasting a great deal longer than Microblading.

However, the ‘strokes’ look clearer as they are higher up in the skin (epidermis level) having less skin to see the strokes though. It is this facet that causes it to be semi-permanent. These top layers of skin re-generate over the length of several years, thus making the treatment semi-permanent versus the permanence of traditional permanent make up.

These cuts or strokes, as they are named, mimic the look of a piece of eyebrow hair. Strokes are placed in the formation of how real eyebrow hair would flow from beginning to end with a natural spine and upper and lower hairs. This can fill in gaps where over-plucking or hair loss has occurred, creating a natural looking full eyebrow.

The Process

This process is a two-step treatment, with the initial appointment followed by the touch up two months later. Microblading lasts a lot longer than an eyebrow extension, lasting from 1-3 years.

The best Microblading is a long-term solution to eyebrow loss and shape correction. It is best suited for people who have decided on the eyebrow shape they desire and are comfortable with sticking to a decision.

Microblading is not for the indecisive. Once this semi-permanent makeup procedure is done, it’s rather hard to reverse. The right artist will be comprehensive with your eyebrow discussions, filling in a client assessment form and making sure client and artist discussions are understood. Make sure that an artist will be doing the measuring.

Measuring is the most important part as an outline is needed for the artist before they move forward to Microblade. If an artist is not going to measure before moving forward with the treatment, then run away! Working without this process may mean that you end up with eyebrows higher or longer that one another. Working out the boundaries, thickness, and fullness is going to define how your brows will look, so don’t miss out on any of these steps.

Best Eyebrow extensions

So, which one is the service that is right for you? Want short-term gratification? Then an Eyebrow Extensions treatment is a way to go. For a long-term solution, Microblading is an excellent choice as it will solve long-term hair loss issues. It is good for people who are sure about wanting a long-lasting result.

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