Dallas Semi Permanent Makeup

Dallas-Semi-permanent makeup

Semi-permanent make up is:
-Eyeliner tattoo
-Lipliner tattoo
-Scalp Micropigmentation

Dallas-Semi-permanent makeup

The women of today are changing. We want to have it all. We run companies, have fulfilling careers while still having a family and tending to our partners. Our lives have become so fast paced that we are always looking for a superior, more advantageous way to do things.

Semi-permanent makes up has made a significant comeback in the last five years with many new breakthrough treatments to make us look better, for longer.

Semi permanent makeup is our friend but make sure you take into account the following steps while deciding on your semi-permanent makeup studio. Here are the top three points to check off before booking.

Find an established expert in the field of semi permanent make- up.
Make sure this artist has works of all ages races and styles. The number of pictures and diversity will illustrate expertise that will put you at ease.

Make sure you research what their past customers are saying about them. In this day and age, the internet has review sites that cannot be edited by owners. These sites show real testimonies of customers along with times of reviews.

Call your chosen expert and speak with them on the phone. Tell them about the solution you are looking for and let them educate you. Education will put you at ease and give you confidence in your artist.

Ask for education about ink quality. Ink quality will directly affect the standard of your semi permanent make up.

Semi permanent makeup has made a comeback due to the revolutionary breakthrough technique of Microblading. Microblading is a semi permanent make up method for eyebrows. Microblading deposits pigment into the top layers of the epidermis.

These deposits mimic the look of an actual eyebrow hair and fill in gaps and voids in the brow line making the eyebrow look fuller, thicker, and much more refined. Eyebrows end up looking incredibly natural with this treatment, and it has caused quite a flurry in the semi permanent make up the world.

This new technique has made us rethink semi permanent make up for eyelids, lips and under eyes. All these treatments have had a refresh in the industry with new breakthrough applications, and a ton of new and exciting products developed and released into the market.

So how long does Semi permanent makeup last? There are several factors to take into account. Age, skin type and aftercare all play a role in how long any of your permanent make up treatments will last. Mature skin tends to hold pigment for longer thus making semi permanent make up last longer.

The reason for this is mature skin regenerates at a slower rate leaving the Semi permanent makeup results for longer. Oily skin can play a role in the length of time semi permanent make up lasts. Oily skin leaves skin lubricated twenty-four hours a day, and this can make semi permanent inks fade faster due to the constant lubrication.

People who bleed excessively sometimes have issues with the pigment taking and can need additional treatments. It’s is advisable to avoid taking any blood thinners before your procedure to minimize the possibility of over bleeding. Although some bleeding is necessary for the depth to be correct for the pigment to take at all, bleeding pushes out the pigment if it is excessive.

Refrain from all blood thinners such as Ibuprofen, Aspirin and all caffeine products before your appointment. Additionally, Vitamin E can cause bleeding, so stop for seven days before any semi permanent make- up treatments.

Results vary from client to client. Aftercare is a priority and will significantly affect your final results. As it is healing, the pigment will get darker for the first three to five days. Darkening of pigment is usual and required as the ink is going to lighten dramatically upon completion of healing.

This pigment will then flake and become 30-50% lighter. It is necessary for your semi permanent make up to feel uncomfortably dark for it to be the desired color after the healing process has gone through its steps. It is essential to have a touch up in as little as four weeks or as long as eight weeks.

Clients who are more mature need a longer healing time in between their initial appointment and touch up.

Permanent makeup gives lasting makeup results in just two treatments. Not only will you have your face on at all times, semi-permanent make up can give you the gift of time.

Semi permanent makeup can give you the sleek look you desire while also giving you back your mornings!

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