Microblading Eyebrows VS Tattooed Eyebrows

Microblading Eyebrows VS Tattooed Eyebrows

Microblading vs tattooed eyebrows

Microblading vs tattooed eyebrows

Why is Microblading vs. tattooed eyebrows a no contest game? Answer: Because Microblading brings all eyebrow needs into one great treatment eradicating the need for anything else.
Microblading kills other eyebrow treatments such as:

-Eyebrow Waxing
-Eyebrow Threading
-Eyebrow Tinting
-Linear Eyebrow Tattooing

Tattooed eyebrows have been developing lately. Once upon a time, tattooed eyebrows meant only one thing. That thing went in three steps, outline your eyebrows in the style you want to achieve, then with a tattoo gun, color-in the space inside the outlined shape that has just been drawn on. After that, you had to wait until a significant chunky scab fell off. This block colored-in tattoo would then reveal a filled in look that mimics makeup application, not real hair strands.

Microblading has made tattooing with a tattoo gun now outdated. It is still a tattoo, but the depth of the pigment is much more superficial. The whole process of permanent make up has gone several steps further and evolved dramatically. We are not just filling in the eyebrows in a linear form, (linear meaning: one block-line for each eyebrow with varying thickness) we have taken it to a much more elegant level, mimicking an eyebrow’s individual strand. It is clever really, and it’s hard to believe that up until now no one had ever developed this breakthrough procedure.

Microblading migrated from Serbia and has created a lot of interest in the United States. Someone finally said: “Is this the only way we can do this? One line for each eyebrow? I think not”. And the art of Microblading was born. Traditional tattoo guns are a thing of the past, Microblading uses only tiny blades or Nano machines. This new development has improved the process drastically with many new breakthrough products, solutions and artist being flooded onto the American market. The art itself has been refined, changed and evolved into a place where faux eyebrow hairs can mimic eyebrow hairs in a way that is hard to tell the difference between the two.

Are all Microblading artist training the same? Well. No. All artist training is not the same and experience, and expertise will vary from businesses to business. Experts in the field of Microblading will have an online portfolio for you to view featuring their Microbladed eyebrows before and after pictures, they will be able to educate you over the phone, and they will have a bedside manner that will put you at ease. No education, no bueno. Anyone who is too busy to answer the phone, respond to your email or call you back should be overlooked. Look for websites that share information and have good reviews. Client review platforms like Yelp and Google are a great way to read about customer experiences. As a rule, good client experiences will mean you probably have a good artist on your hands.

So why else is Microblading vs. eyebrow tattoo a non compete? Linear eyebrow tattoos are much more of a commitment to the client and can last five to ten years depending on the application. The reason for this is because the ink is deposited into the dermis level. This deposit is much deeper than Microblading, making it much more permanent, lasting much longer. Microblading lasts one to three years depending on your cell and skin regeneration. Microblading ink is deposited higher up in the skin layer into the epidermis, not dermis. It is this exact fact of why Microblading will eventually fade off, as it is in the layers of skin that are going to regenerate. Not only that, linear eyebrow tattooing can look block-like and fake. Microblading can mimic beginning eyebrow hairs in a way that tattooing cannot. Microblading can gradually make beginning hairs thicker and grow in length as the eyebrow moves from beginning to end. It is this process that makes them much more real. A block-line cannot graduate like an individual hair can, therefore, making it somewhat unappealing and unreal looking. Harsh lines with no voids to create depth can hurt the ability of an eyebrow tattoo to look real and can age a face. Thicker, fuller brows tend to make a face more appealing and youthful and can refine a look, that being said anything that is faux, will need maintenance. Don’t go overboard; it is always best to stick near a natural eyebrow line. Microblading restores brows to a natural state looking real, three dimensional and full using the voids between hairs to give depth and realness. Who would have thought that something so simple could have such an impact on our looks?

So there is little comparison in Microblading vs. tattoo eyebrows. Would you rather look harsh and fake or would you rather an actual eyebrow hair-line tattoo stroke like Microblading?

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