Semi-permanent makeup eyeliner

Semi-permanent makeup eyeliner

Semi-permanent eyeliner

Semi-permanent eyeliner has been used in America since the 1930s to highlight the eyes of women. It is a favorite product coming in many colors, styles, and brands. Now we can get it permanently tattooed on our faces.

Semi-permanent makeup eyeliner is one of many permanent cosmetic treatments available along with:

  • -Semi-Permanent Lipliner Tattoo
  • -Microblading
  • -Scalp Micropigmentation

Semi-permanent eyeliner Egyptian civilizations were using eyeliner as early as 10 000 BC. The Egyptians believed that eyeliner could ward off evil spirits and researchers have speculated that the Egyptians believed that lead mixed in with their eyeliner was thought to protect from specific eye problems and scars. Egyptians were misguided as we now know that lead can cause all kinds of issues in the body including seizures, constipation, intellectual disabilities, and miscarriages. But, it looks like Egyptian women understood the allure and feminine advantage gained by the application of eyeliner. The Egyptian’s eyeliner was made of grepond and kohl. Grepond’s origin was malachite which is derived from a copper pigment, and kohl is obtained from grey ore.

But the Egyptians weren’t the only ones using eyeliner for beautification throughout the centuries. Kohl has widely been used in the Middle East, South East Asia, Eastern Europe, and India. Many Indian women believed that kohl put onto their infant’s eyes could ward off evil spirits and could, in fact, strengthen the child’s eyes. Kohl has been worn in India by women children and even men for centuries.

In the US such beliefs have never been a part of our culture, the eradication of evil spirits or medical benefits of eyeliner. The use of makeup including eyeliner was a mark of sex and sin and in 1915 Kansas it was outlawed. Back then it was charged with a misdemeanor for women under the age of forty-four to wear makeup at all. However, the luster and femininity of hugging the upper or lower lash with a dark line have appealed to women of all ages since the 30’s. Back then products weren’t widely available, certainly not in stores, and each eyeliner pigment was handmade for the client by order.

Semi-permanent eyeliner is precisely that, eyeliner that is tattooed on so it does not smudge, fade, or wash off. It is appealing to many because it means that eyeliner can be perfect during sleep, showering and a day at the beach. No more raccoon eyes from failure to wash eyeliner off before going to bed. A tattoo machine is used to outline the outer lash line or inner lash line. This semi-permanent line can be any thickness desired and comes in serval color choices ranging from medium brown to deep black. Additionally, it’s available in multiple styles having it somewhat raised on the end in a kind of cats-eyes or applied in a more conservative way subtly hugging the inner or outer lash line. So how do we know what to choose? This is personal from client to client. Most of us have been doing our makeup a certain way for a long time, so this decision isn’t too difficult.

Some people are scared of having a needle that closes to our eye but is willing to endure it to receive the final results. Quality inks must be used during this treatment because the process is so near to the eye, it is also near a water source. Semi-permanent eyeliner can migrate, so the ink quality needs to be of the highest standard. Migration means that it can travel under the skin. Make sure that your artist is using ink that is formulated especially for eyeliner tattooing. Eyeliner tattoo ink is thicker than standard body tattoo ink and when mixed with water does not blend and turn into watercolor. Instead, it stays in a blob at the bottom of the glass. This resistance to combining with water means the eyeliner ink will not travel under the skin after application. Our skin is our largest organ; our eyeliner should resist migration staying crisp clear and detailed.  A highly regarded semi-permanent makeup professional will understand migration and will be most happy to educate you when being questioned. Additionally, the inks need to have base colors that don’t have heavy blue undertones. Semi-permanent eyeliner to should stay black or brown. They should only turn ashy as they fade and should not show strange colors like blue, green or purple.

Permanent eyeliner is applied after a topical numbing agent is used. This puts most people at ease. It is a relatively quick procedure taking less than an hour to complete. Wake up every day with your eyeliner on. Swim, bathe and sweat comfortably without worrying about your face running down your cheek. Be set free from the limitations of conventional makeup.

So is it worth it? We give it the thumbs up!

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