Dallas Microblading

also known as 3D Eyebrow Embroidery is a breakthrough new treatment taking America by storm.

Microblading Dallas

Microblading has a lot of aliases’:

  • Feather Touch

  • 3D Permanent Eyebrows

  • Eyebrow Embroidery

  • 3d Eyebrow Tattooing

Ultimately they all mean the same thing, universally known as Microblading Dallas.

There’s a great deal of mystery still surrounding the art of Microblading. Let’s quiet down the chatter, overcome the jargon and get down to the nuts and bolts of one of the breakthrough treatments of this decade.

So, what is Microblading exactly? For those of you who are still in the dark, Microblading is a hot new procedure that adds hair to your eyebrows making them fuller, thicker and permanent. Or, should I say semi-permanent… but even semi-permanent sounds permanent at the end of the day. 1-3 years is the expected term of the average Microblading experience.

Microblading starts by drawing on the eyebrow portion of the face, the desired shape in the form of an outline. The human face has a lot of asymmetric floors. If you are suffering from an eyebrow that has lost hair at the front, on the top, on the tails, underneath or any of the above,

Best Microblading Dallas

Provides a dramatic correction. The drawing on or shape revision, outlines the desired eyebrow that the client wishes. The artist must measure certain parts of the brow finding the natural boundaries of the client’s face using their nose, the corners of their eyes and their eye whites using the Golden Ratio. But what is the Golden Ratio? The Golden Ratio is a mathematical ratio that is the most pleasing for beauty when looked at by the human eye. It is found in nature and is reflected all over the human body; our arm’s length and our fingers to our handsets, etc. etc.

Not only using the Golden Ratio to improve shape, but the artist also discusses the client’s desires. Just because the natural boundary exists doesn’t mean that the eyebrow needs to be drawn precisely to that. The client and the artist discuss all these parts, the starting point, the ending point, the thickness the fullness while filling out a client assessment. This form helps the artist and client communicate better and solidifies these decisions.

The artist uses his/her knowledge to guide the client into making a decision that will make her own personal beauty shine.

So, the shape is on, what happens next? The Microblading begins. The artist dips the Microblading Dallas blade in ink and starts making a stroke pattern that mimics hair. Slowly cutting lines into the skin that mirror and actual eyebrow hair. These delicate hairs are essentially a tattoo on the surface, but this tattoo is not an average Eyebrow tattoo.

Microblading tattoo pigments are placed into the skin differently than a body tattoo. The skin, in the top layers of the epidermis over time, will regenerate. This is where the Microblading pigment is deposited. Microblading lasts 1-3 year depending on age, skin type and color. Light colors can fade out in the skin quicker as our bodies lose the pigments faster than darker deeper colors.

This stroke pattern is the part that takes on the artistic flair. It is the depth the pigment is deposited that makes it semi-permanent Makeup , not the ink. So just a bit more pressure on the blade can make it go to the dermis level making your Microblading Dallas last a great deal longer, so clients beware. When choosing your artist make sure they are established and you can see their work.

Your artist will do three passes and after each pass will put on a color bath, essentially bathing your entire eyebrow area with ink in the hopes of the strokes ‘grabbing’ the ink, so they take the pigment. Color baths are done after each pass until the eyebrows are complete.

Aftercare isn’t tricky, but can affect the pigment absorption if it isn’t followed precisely. The client must wash their face gently morning noon and night applying a special brow ointment to seal and cover the Microblading. Too much balm can inhibit the pigment absorption, not enough can make it dry out too much. Your eyebrows need to be like Goldilocks, just right. Listen to your Microblading Dallas artist to show you proper aftercare and amounts of ointment.

So now what happens with Microblading dallas?

For seven days, your brows are going to do some weird things. They will be getting darker after a few days, shocking most people. This is normal. Around day five, they will start to get lighter and flake a little.

The flakes look like dandruff or dry skin. This is perfect; they should never chunk or come off in large, colored scabs. Around this time, they will become lighter, losing 30-50 percent of their initial color. Not only that, they will shrink down in size somewhat. This is called shrinkage. After color-loss and shrinkage over the first 1-4 weeks, your brows will settle into how they will stay. It is normal to lose a percentage of strokes as not all strokes take on the first treatment.

This is why a second visit is required. This second visit is the touch-up, redefining the brow and reviewing any lost strokes and shrinkage. And voila! You are finished; you have the most fabulous brows of your life! Well, for 1-3 years anyway or until you get a refresh. Book with Microblading  Near you in Dallas, Texas. Call BrowBeat on 214 432 3077 or visit browbeatstudio.com to book your Microblading appointment.

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