how long does microblading really last


How long does Microblading really last?

Microblading has been an enormous movement over the past few years. But how long does microblading really last? Why is microblading having such a great deal of success? What’s so good about it that the microblading movement is taking America by storm?

The answer is simple. It is eradicating the need for eyebrow tinting, eyebrow waxing, and eyebrow threading and giving women around the globe the eyebrows they have always wanted.

There is only so much one can achieve by taking away. At some point, the removal of eyebrow hairs was going to result in the loss of shape. Eyebrow threading, eyebrow waxing, and eyebrow plucking are all a removal technique.

With all this taking away it was only a matter of time before we were left with nothing. Microblading is restoring women’s eyebrows across the globe. These days our eyebrows have seen more action than a James Bond film. We tweeze, we wax, and we tint. Read on to find out how long does microblading really last!

Then we slather anything on them to bring them back, castor oil, coconut oil, and tea tree oil are but a few recommended for added brow growth. Brows have become bipolar all around America.

One moment they are wafer-thin, emulating grace Kelley or Twiggy and the next moment we expect to be Cara Delevingne, or for those of you over forty Brooke Shields. Can our brows take this constant flip-flopping from one extreme to the next? I think not.

At some point about twenty years down the track they are goners. As of now most women over thirty have been plucking for 15 years or more. Our once plush and illustrious gardens of eyebrows are now down to sad weed like toothpicks. Here’s the answer to how long does microblading really last?

With all that said, how long does microblading really last?

How long does microblading really last? Brows have made a massive comeback, and they are bigger than ever. The bold power brow is in, hairy is back, (well at least on your eyebrows), and tons of new brow solutions are out on the market.

But throw all the makeup away! Microblading is all that you need. Microblading uses a small blade to cut the skin in a hair-like cut that is filled with ink.

This process is repeated over and over making a line of beautiful new faux eyebrow strands. You literally cannot tell one hair from another, magically filling in voids and gaps giving you a whole new eyebrow line to boast about.

The result is semi-permanent microblading lasting one to three years depending on how you take care of it. Microblading is sitting in the top layers of skin so the amount of sun exposure, rejuvenating treatments, and products will significantly affect the length of time to answer how long does microblading last.

Microblading pigments will last years where tattoo ink may only stay for six or seven months. And that’s just half the problem. Inferior and cheaply made inks can leave behind hues of red, purple or blue as these inks can have high levels of heavy metals. Microblading art is deposited in the skin high up in the epidermis. That’s how long does microblading  last.

These top layers of skin re-generate over the course of a few years causing your microblading to literally just fade off. Excellent Microblading experience will have these strokes fade off gradually and will not look weird or extreme with odd ink color changes.

Have you ever seen people with blue eyebrows? Ask your artist about base colors and get educated. Inks specially made for microblading should only be used to avoid weird colored shadows being left behind.

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Some pointers on making your microblading last and getting the most out of your treatments are to avoid excessive sun exposure like a tanning bed (cover your face) and avoid putting Retinol, Retin-A or fruit acids onto your brow area during daily use. These products increase cell regeneration which in turn will make your new faux hairs fade off at a more increased rate.

So what else will affect your microblading experience? Some are natural, but much of it is up to you. The hinging factor that is going to affect you the most is who you choose to perform this procedure. Choose your microblading artist wisely, because the products they use on you will significantly impact the experience you have post-treatment.

Microblading ink is formulated to stay in the skin longer and is much thicker than regular body tattoo ink. Additionally, it is formulated to resist migration. Migration means that poor and inferior inks can move around under the skin. Body tattoo inks are formulated differently and do not last when deposited high up on the surface.

Now you’re armed with the facts. These facts will help ensure that you get a stellar microblading experience.

Go to an expert in the field of microblading, not someone that does it as an added on service. Your eyebrows are special, and they need a specialist to assist in their most amazing evolution possible.

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