Is Microblading Permanent? Here’s Answer How Long It Lasts?


Is Microblading Permanent-Here’s Complete Answer To How Long It Lasts


The answer is NO, and here’s how long it lasts.

Is Microblading Permanent


Before we jump into why it isn’t permanent, it’s important for you to know what is microblading and how it is done.

Basically, microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique where individual hairs are drawn into the skin with a needle. The pigment is matched to your hair color and coloring, and your ideal shape is essentially tattooed on, with lifelike hairs are drawn into your actual brows to fill them out.

Microblading and Eyebrow Tattooing are two different kinds of brow enhancement technique. Many men and women see the results that others get after microblading and their initial impulse is to get it done which isn’t necessarily a problem, but I think you should take pause for a few minutes and think about it.

The pigment is applied with a specific tool that has a row of several fine needles to create thin hair like marks in the skin. Your artist will choose needles and the blade type according to the technique and the skin type.

The pigment is bladed just below the epidermis and the most shallow part of the dermis, making extremely fine natural looking hair strokes. A very natural result is achieved, as the hairs are bladed into the skin according to the natural hair growth direction. A touch up is included 4-6 weeks after your initial treatment.

Microblading should be differentiated from traditional tattooing which is microblading Permanent. A traditional tattoo is different from microblading Permanent because a traditional tattoo goes deeper into the skin and into an area known as the dermis.

Microblading does not go that deep and enters into a place in the skin known as the dermal-epidermal junction.

Microblading Is Semi-Permanent

Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo. Even though the results typically last between one to three years, the procedure is still classified as a tattoo since the pigment is being implanted into the skin.

Microblading only enters up to the dermal-epidermal junction and because of that, your body will eventually “push” out the pigment over time. The dermal-epidermal junction is the acellular zone that is between the dermis and the epidermis.

The color will fade out over time and you will want to have the color touched up. The amount of time that it takes to fade will depend upon the client’s skin, health, lifestyle and how well the tattoo is maintained.

Microblading results are intended to be semi-permanent in order to achieve the most natural looking eyebrow enhancement as possible and to avoid the implanted pigment from transforming into an unwanted color over time like permanent cosmetic tattoos do.

How Long Does Microblading Last?

Since microblading pigments are not embedded into the skin as deep as traditional eyebrow tattoos, the area will naturally fade over time. Microblading typically lasts 1-3 years, based on skin type (normal, oily, dry) and age (youthful/mature).

Is Microblading Permanent

Skincare routine will affect the lasting effect of the pigment: patients who tan, uses products with AHA or Glycolic Acid with fade faster as your skin will resurface faster. Each individual’s color retention within the skin will vary.

To maintain the brows looking fresh, a touch up is suggested every 12-18 months. Clients can let the microblade area fade over time, but please note a slight shadow may remain.

One of the benefits of not going as deep as a tattoo is the fact that it WILL eventually fade over time. Which can be helpful if you decide you don’t want to continue with the brows after 1-2 years or decide you want to change colors.

Another reason it’s beneficial for your brows to fade is as we age gravity plays a roll in our skin, so we don’t want brows on our face that fit us in our 20’s but in our 60’s is too low. We can keep changing the shape as your face and style changes.

How To Ensure Lasting Microblading Result

Here’s the most important question. How to ensure lasting microblading results? What you see below is a list of instructions that you need to follow. That is if you want your brows to last for a longer time!

For the next 10 days after the procedure, you need to keep the brows as dry as possible. No water is allowed around the brow area, as this can result in the ink being washed out of the skin.

We also suggest avoiding any hot holidays, which will cause you to over-sweat and push the ink out of the skin, as well as activities such as the gym or saunas.

By following these simple rules you can dramatically increase the longevity of your results. If you don’t follow these rules then you will still have results, but they may fade sooner than you anticipate.

  • Don’t neglect aftercare instructions.
  • During the recovery process, avoid sunlight.
  • A proper touch up after the completion of six weeks is important. Especially if you desire long-term effects!
  • During healing, don’t use makeup over the brows.
  • Waxing every 2 months after the procedure is essential to maintaining the shape of the brow.
  • Keep your diet healthy and water consumption up to the mark during recovery. Such a practice keeps your skin well-hydrated.

Once you incorporate these rules, you’re doing everything in your power to encourage longevity.

Failing to do so doesn’t mean you won’t get optimal results. It just means that your microblading Permanent might fade sooner than expected. Instead of lasting for 1-3 years, it might start to fade in less than 6-9 months.

What Factors Will Reduce The Length Of Your Results?

By following the recommendations above and by controlling the factors listed in this section you can make your results last for as long as possible.

  • Nutritional Status
  • Skin Hydration
  • Discipline of following aftercare instructions
  • Smoking
  • Age of your skin
  • Oily skin
  • Excessive sun damage
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Medical conditions (diabetes, high blood pressure)
  • Stress Level

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