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The beginning point of where the eyebrows start as in how they look, how far apart they are, and how much hair is present is going to play a role in the ending point. It is obvious to say that a  better beginning point produces a faster ending point. More women don’t have great eyebrows rather than do.

Diverse fashion changes are affecting the quality and density of women’s eyebrows across the world.

Plucking, shaping, and waxing treatments have reduced the amount of eyebrow hair that many women have. Moreover, there are other outward forces like genetics that will play a role in how complete or incomplete the beginning eyebrow is.

Browbeat eyebrow artists’ job is to give the clients the dream eyebrows no matter what the starting point. This can be a big job when severe eyebrows walk in the door.

Brows that start far apart like our client here Fallon can be quite tricky. We have to make sure the brows look natural, especially considering she is so young. She has zero hair coverage in the front area; this is not an easy feat and takes quite a lot of skill because her natural brows start about a centimeter away from where we’re beginning.

That means there is a tuft of hair in this area and then nothing but a void of skin. This is a tough microblading situation and must be performed carefully.

Firstly it can be scary for clients to bring in brows so much past what they used to seeing, so much discussion needs to happen before the microblading treatment commences about this subject.

Secondly, clients must understand that this beginning point needs to be balanced with the golden ratio. When brows start super far apart, they are not balanced with the width of where the whites of the eyes begin.

Microblading can give clients back this balance, so somebody who has far apart brows like our client here Fallon, is going to have a very transformative experience. Light blondes like to pencil their brows in darker than their natural hair; this can be tricky because you can’t have the hair that she has to be evident with the darker microblading.

We asked Fallon about her desired outcome and educated her before this treatment commenced. It is OK to go a little bit darker than the natural hair color but not so dark that there is too much of a difference between the natural hair and the microblading.

An ashy blonde is used here on Fallon, she has natural ashy undertones in her hair color, and when she arrived her makeup style emulated this color choice, so we understand that going in. Her fair skin tone is likely to bleed more so we already know before we begin.

Fallon wasn’t so bad in the end, medium bleeding, but we are going to reinforce it with some additional ink baths.

Blonde skin tones with these light colors can show a lot more red undertones. This is just her skin and the light color used. The red trauma is more apparent on these skin colors, and when light inks are used. Upon the healing, this redness disappears as these light colors initially look a lot darker when they are fresh and recently done than when they healed.

We have explained this to our client before the treatment. Education is essential on any skin tone and color, but fair-skinned people more so, mainly because these brows initially can be looking a lot darker than what they requested as a healed result.

This information needs to be so clearly communicated to each client. When this is explained, the client is less afraid because the emotional journey can be a little bit more traumatic for somebody who thinks their eyebrows are going to be dark.

They are clearly explained that the healed result is going to be what they requested. This communication is critical in all microblading treatments when the client is communicated with correctly they are comfortable and can actually enjoy the treatment.

There are numerous obstacles to address in Fallon’s brows, and all have been explained to her. The treatment was very successful, addressing the distance of her eyebrows and correcting her shape. You can see it all came together beautifully.

The brows look subtle and natural – like her dream eyebrows! We built the underneath bottom line with hair strokes and then we’re going back, and we’re backfilling it a little bit to push in more ink. She has gone from far apart, brows with high arches to brows that are balanced.

This brow has been utterly transformative for her face and enhances her beauty. Another excellent treatment by BrowBeat!

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