How To Fix Microblading Brows

How To Fix Microblading Brows

Is it possible to fix microblading brows? In some cases, yes, and some no. But there is some important information you need to consider before you begin and not many companies are ever going to tell you this.

Once you get any kind of semi-permanent brows, your brows will never be considered virgin again. 

It is important to go into any semi-permanent makeup procedure with your eyes wide open, and that’s not always the case. There’s so much hype around this treatment that’s it’s important to take the veil off and see it clearly. 

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook creates hype. The hype that has plenty of buzzwords like feather strokes, blade and shade 6D. Umm. Yeah. The last one is laughable. 

A flat surface is 2dimensional, a raised surface such as hair has a 3rd dimension, so what would 6D be. Utter crap and fictional. There’s no such thing as 6D. But this terminology is being used to attract potential clients. 

The truth about microblading is, the healed result is all that matters. When you leave the studio, things look fresh. The ink is merely sitting on the surface of the skin so everything is vibrant, beautiful, and clear. 

But this is not the real result. 

The real results happen from 1-4 weeks. The skin will seal over the ink, so now your pretty microblading strokes are being viewed through the quality of your skin.

So, guess what? If you have less than perfect skin, that will play a role in your outcome. If you have thick uneven skin, your results may not be as good as someone who has more vibrant skin.

All that being said, with you understanding a little more about microblading, it can be fixed. 

If your first artist used inferior ink and you now have blue, red, or purple brows, you will most certainly need a color correction. 

If your strokes are fat and dark and merging with each other, you shouldn’t let anyone work on it. What you really need is a saline reverse tattoo to life some of the old ink out. And just like microblading, you need to find a company that specializes in it. 

Here’s something that people don’t understand, you can’t make dark and thick brows done by a microblading artist lighter and thinner. 

What’s done is done, my friend, you should have done more research. 

The darker and thicker a poorly sculpted brow is done, the more unlikely it is to be able to correct. Remember, it is the void of skin next to each stroke that creates 3D depth. If your previous artist worked too close and you don’t have that void, then basically your shit out of luck. 

You will have to wait until your brows fade more to correct them. And this can take years, sometimes 5-7 years. 

Bottom line, you can undo a dark thick microbladed brow by adding more microblading! Let’s have some logic here.

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