There are many different eyebrow shapes that people are attracted to, and that can be from their ethnic background or fashion trends influencing them.

Asian’s eyebrow shapes are a little bit different from the Western and European shape as Asian brow trends are flatter. Asians living in America will often want a more arched and Western shape.

Fashion and styles can influence what people desire, so where people live in the world will affect the shape that people are attracted to choosing.

Somebody like Kimberly who already has quite a lot of existing brows can pretty much have any shape that she desires. Her eyebrows could be manipulated to reflect a flatter brow or a more arched brow, depending on her desired outcome.
Kimberly decided that she wants more of a soft arch and she has a reasonably thick brow beginning point. The width of the natural brow determines the brow thickness. It is ok to go a little thicker, but it’s not ok to overpluck the beginning on the eyebrows.

We must make sure the client has the lowest maintenance brows possible, and a brow created different from the natural hair growth can make the client unhappy down the track as the natural brow grows out — the best and most natural-looking microblading is done close to customer’s natural brow shape.

Kimberly has a decent brow starting point, which means she will have a natural outcome.  We always want to guide the client to a natural-looking brow.

One of the hurdles for Kimberly is that she has thick skin. She told us that she has already had a microblading treatment that did not take. That means that the last artist that work on her before coming to BrowBeat was inexperienced. Thicker skin needs more pressure to penetrate the skin and be deep enough to heal like a hair stroke.

Kimberly is lucky in this situation because her skin was not damaged from the previous microblading experience. Sometimes inexperienced artists can damage the surface of the skin.  Damaged skin can cause skin thickening and make it difficult for a new treatment to be laid down precisely and accurately. Remember,  the starting point always navigates the ending point.

Luckily we’re in good shape for this treatment. Microblading brings order and refinement to the lower brow line. The bottom line creates an excellent platform for makeup contouring and eyeshadow, which is so popular nowadays.

Kimberly wants somewhere in between a natural brow and a more glamorous brow. We have written down all of her information in the client assessment, so we already know this as we commence the treatment. Her words were ‘fake natural’. Natural like eyebrows but refined like makeup.

This means that we’re going to add more definition the lower brow line than to the top brow line. She doesn’t want square fronts but wants to the brow fronts to be nice and soft and natural. She desires her tails to be more refined, and that is what we have done here in this treatment.

By educating and understanding a client first, it is much easier to come to an outcome that makes the client happy.

As you can see on the video, Kimberly is ecstatic with her final result. Kimberly also understands that these brows are going to lighten up over the next 7-11 days when the skin seals.

Microblading is not a one size fits all situation. We explain all these variables to every client before commencing the treatment, and inform them about the different eyebrow shapes they can choose from.

When a client is informed correctly, they are relaxed; when they are comfortable, clients are more likely to communicate better about what they want, which always leads to a better outcome.

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