Cosmetic tattoo eyebrows near me in Dallas

Cosmetic tattoo eyebrows near me in Dallas

People are starting to get interested in a cosmetic tattoo for their eyebrows. But how should you go about deciding on an artist for cosmetic tattooing for your eyebrows near you?

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a cosmetic tattoo for eyebrows is also known as: Cosmetic tattoo eyebrows 

Cosmetic tattooing is all the rage and has recently had an explosion in America with the emergence of a cosmetic tattoo for your eyebrows called Microblading. Makeup has made quite the journey since the 1900s.

Once worn by ladies of the night and considered a sin, makeup has steadily evolved over the past 100 years to be acceptable, and many people believe that when it comes to make up the more, the merrier. Once outlawed in Kansas in 1915 for women under the age of forty-four, makeup has slowly gathered momentum growing in style, drama, and popularity.

Style icons such as Michael Jackson and Liza Minelli have taken makeup over the top and back, stretching the limits from absurd to acceptable.

Then, just as we become accustomed to what had once thought to be laughable, trends change again bringing makeup back to the minimalist, the understated and deemphasized. Natural style icons such as Kate Moss brought minimalistic views of makeup and eyebrows back into fashion.

Eyebrows have gone from thin to thick and back again, taking our browline to the limit of what it can handle, thus leaving many of us like Princess Gappy, full of holes and voids. Microblading is waving its magic wand over our eyebrows in a way we had never thought possible.

Microblading has made such a breakthrough because it addresses all eyebrow procedures and puts it all into one great treatment. Because eyebrow trends have been flip-flopping between thick and thin over the past three decades, there has become a need to fill in lost hairs that never came back.

Microblading has a great appeal to women (and men) of all ages, giving them back the eyebrows they once had or enhancing them further to the eyebrows of their dreams.

Microblading is a cosmetic tattoo for eyebrows that creates tiny tattoo strokes or ‘hairs’ that mimic actual eyebrow hair. The way it simulates hair is unique. A small blade cuts the skin and is then filled with ink. These ink deposits are tattooed using a row of minuscule needles that act as a blade.

Ink is deposited into the epidermis, the top layers of the skin on the eyebrow. It is this deposit depth that makes the ink fade over time lasting 1-3 years. This artistic tattoo craft of reduced depth and well-formed, well-ordered tattoo lines makes Microblading less of risk being semi-permanent rather than the permanent makeup of the past such as linear block line tattooing. This process is repeated over and over in the line of an eyebrow.

These cuts mirror the look of hair in a complete eyebrow formation following the flow of the way real eyebrow hair grows. The results are staggering, filling in eyebrows giving the look of a full and complete brow, no holes just full and plush looking brows.

Cosmetic tattoo eyebrows near me in Dallas

Microblading has several aliases and is also known as 3D Eyebrow Tattooing, Feather Strokes, and Hairline Cosmetic Tattooing.

So much jargon is surrounding the industry and has amplified confusion to many potential clients. Microblading artists are popping up all over America. So how do you go about choosing a cosmetic tattoo eyebrow artist near you? Here are a few pointers in your quest for the perfect brows.

Firstly, find an artist near you online. A well-established studio will have a professional website with plenty of content and information about what they do. Make sure your artist works out of a studio or commercial business, not their home. It is illegal to tattoo out of a personal residence, and that will mean that they do not operate with a state registered tattoo license.

Secondly, view their pictures and their work. Make sure you like their work and their work follows the look of a natural eyebrow. A well-established artist will have plenty of pictures of their portfolio advertised on their website, Instagram or Facebook. You should be able to view people of all ages and races, not just people who already have great brows or only photographs of models. You want to see a variety of brow situations; this shows that they are versatile and not just using stock images.

Thirdly, read all of their reviews. This is the most important one. See what their clients are saying about them.  Client reviews can be the most helpful in finding a reputable artist as you can read real peoples experience with the artist. This is a good indication of how happy their clients are with their work.

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