Microblading artist cut my skin

Microblading artist cut my skin

Microblading artist cut my skin

Microblading is tattoo art. A tattoo artist uses a tiny blade to cut the skin underneath the eyebrow strands in the shape of an actual eyebrow hair.  This faux hair is then filled with ink by either dipping the blade in ink or doing what is referred to as a color bath. This process is done over and over until the eyebrow has rows of tiny ink filled eyebrow hairs that fill in and mimic the shape of your eyebrow.

Microblading differs significantly from permanent makeup of the past. Microblading ink is deposited into the superficial layers of the skin in the epidermis, not the dermis level. It is this very fact that makes microblading last only one to three years not ten to fifteen years. It is essential to choose your microblading artist wisely as there is much skill needed in how these cuts are made.

Microblading artist must be selected carefully to avoid these things from happening:

-My microblading artist used the wrong color

-My microblading artist cut my face

-My microblading artist scarred me

-My microblading artist ruined my eyebrows

Microblading is a unique tattoo art that has evolved the permanent makeup world. The question is, is it safe? The answer is yes if it is done correctly.

Permanent makeup has a great deal of appeal for a gal on the go. You can keep your look 24 /7, save money on the bevy of products mounting in your bathroom and get thicker, fuller brows than you have ever imagined. But what are the risks of this treatment?

Microblading artists are popping up on every corner. Spas and nail salons are adding microblading to their ever-growing list of services. Are these the right places to go to get microblading done? Our trusted corner nail shop? Maybe not. You need to go to an expert in the field on microblading.

Should I choose the Groupon for $99? What’s the difference? Why do some people cost $99 and some cost $500? The quick answer: The client is buying the skill of the artist. One should assume that the less you pay, the less skill you’re buying.

A comprehensive microblading treatment should take about 3 hours as it is a process. If you are in and out in 45 minutes something is wrong. Firstly an artist should educate the client on the process. This education will include showing pictures of a client healing, including images of what not to do. Visual photos of this will inhibit the client from being too relaxed with following aftercare instructions.

Additionally, the client needs to get a full education about the quality of a microblading ink over a regular body tattoo ink. Using correct ink is one of the most important parts of making sure microblading sits in the skin correctly.

Poor ink will not look good over time and can turn funny colors, can migrate or can become fuzzy under the skin. Businesses that do not use ink formulated explicitly for microblading may be advertising cheaper prices and are using this inferior ink because it is a fraction of the cost of ink formulated for microblading.

Do you want your eyebrows to end up red, purple or blue? This is a real issue in permanent makeup and can happen over time if inks that are formulated for body tattooing are used for microblading. Ink is deposited high up in the epidermis with microblading. Body tattoos inks are deposited much lower in the skin at the dermis level.

Body tattoo inks will fade fast in the high layers of the skin. As they fade out the light colors will fade first such as yellow leaving behind reds and blues often resulting in purple, red, blue or grey eyebrows. Body tattoo ink is not thick like microblading ink. It is not made to resist migration like ink specially formulated for the use of microblading. Additionally, fading can happen extremely fast in as low as six months leaving behind nickel, or iron oxides reds in the skin. This will result in red hues or even purple hues. Microblading ink has a base color of black whereas body tattoo inks often have blue as a base color.

So you get what you pay for. If the price is low, way cheaper than the industry standard, then it is likely that the artist is going cheap on the products being put into your face. A scary thought. The quality on the back end of your microblading is what a client should be considering when choosing an artist.

Do you want you microblading to look great until it fades off? Or would you prefer to have the cheap and nasty version which could turn a funny color, migrate under the skin and only last six months when it could last over two years if done correctly? In the end, it is all relative; you may as well find an expert, get educated and feel at ease.

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