Microblading Color Correction

Microblading Color Correction

Getting a semi-permanent makeup treatment can be a life-changing experience. However, not all procedures go as planned. And if you’re not happy with your microblading results, you are likely to regret your decision to get the treatment in the first place. That’s exactly why microblading color correction exists! If you’ve been mulling over the idea of getting this treatment, here are nine reasons that might just give you the nudge you need to book an appointment:

Reason #1: You Had A Poor Microblading Experience

If you’re not happy with your microblading results, it might be because you had a poor experience with your technician. Whether they didn’t use the right color or didn’t do a good job of shaping your eyebrows—the end result might not be exactly what you expected. And since the results of the treatment are meant to last for over a year, you’ll likely have to live with them for a very long time. Thus, getting microblading color correction might be the best solution if you don’t want to put up with a botched job that shows evidently in your face.

Reason #2: You Didn’t Follow The Aftercare Instructions

One of the most important factors in getting good microblading results is following the aftercare instructions. If you didn’t take care of your eyebrows properly after the procedure, there’s a good chance that they’ll start to fade early or look patchy. You may also experience some inflammation and redness which can be difficult to cover up with makeup.

Reason #3: Unnatural-looking Results

If your eyebrows look too unnatural or fake, you might need microblading color correction. This is often the case when the technician goes too heavy on the ink, or when they use the wrong color for your skin tone.

The Color Doesn’t Suit Your Skin Tone

This usually happens when there’s a lack of communication between the client and technician. There may be microblading artists that simply let their clients choose their own color, without taking into account their skin tone. As a result, the client might have to go through a microblading color correction session after days of regret.

The Shade Is Too Dark or Too Light

Okay, let’s say your eyebrow color actually matches your skin tone. However, when you stare at the mirror, it still looks a bit off. Well, that’s probably because the shade of your microblading is either too dark or too light, making your eyebrows look fake or unnatural. If this is the case for you, then a microblading color correction treatment is definitely in order.

Reason #4: The Color Fades Too Fast

One of the main reasons why people go for microblading color correction is because the original color fades too fast. This might be due to a number of different factors such as not following the aftercare instructions, having oily skin, or swimming in chlorinated water. If your eyebrows fade quickly and you don’t have time for another appointment, then a color correction treatment can help to restore the pigment and make your eyebrows look fuller and more natural.

Reason #5: The Pigment Bleeds

This is a common problem among people who have recently undergone a microblading treatment. If the pigment bleeds and spreads, it can make your eyebrows look messy and uneven. This is often caused by factors such as swimming, exercising, and sweating.

Reason #6: You Experience Uneven Pigmentation

Apart from the color fading too fast, you might also experience uneven pigmentation. This means that some parts of your eyebrows will be darker or lighter than others, making them look very unnatural. And while this can be easily fixed with eyebrow pencils or powders, it’s still a hassle to have to constantly cover up your eyebrows.

Reason #7: Your Eyebrow Colors Are Starting To Change Drastically

Are your eyebrows turning green, orange, or blue? This is a clear indication that you need to go for a microblading color correction treatment. As your eyebrow colors start to change, it can be difficult to mask the discoloration with makeup. So, if you don’t want to deal with weird-looking eyebrows, then make an appointment with a microblading artist and get them fixed up.

Reason #8: The Tattoo Gets Infected

This is definitely the worst-case scenario. If your eyebrow tattoo gets infected, it can cause a lot of damage and might even require surgery. So, if you’re experiencing any pain, inflammation, or redness around your eyebrows, make sure to see a doctor immediately.

Once the infection has completely healed, you’ll probably need to go for a microblading color correction treatment. This will help to get rid of the ugly marks or uneven pigmentation caused by the infection and give you back your beautiful eyebrows.

Reason #9: You Simply Don’t Like The Color Anymore

While microblading touch-up sessions can fix this issue, darker and thicker eyebrows may need a whole microblading color correction procedure. This is because the technician will have to lighten the pigment or completely remove it and start fresh with a new color. Thus, a simple touch-up may not be enough if the color is too drastically different from your natural skin tone or your new preferred one.

Some Things About Microblading Color Correction

Found your cause? There is no shame in admitting that you need a microblading color correction and taking the necessary steps to fix it. But before you do, make sure that you understand a few things about the process.

What Is It Exactly?

First of all, microblading color correction is not a simple touch-up; it’s a full treatment that may require multiple sessions, depending on your issue. Secondly, the technician may need to completely remove the old pigment and start fresh with a new color. This means that the entire process may take a bit longer and maybe more expensive than your usual microblading sessions.

How Does It Work?

It really depends on the issue that you’re experiencing. Sometimes, the technician will just lighten the pigment or remove it altogether. In other cases, they may need to start from scratch and create a new eyebrow shape for you. So, make sure to be clear about the issue that you’re experiencing and what you want to be done about it.

Is It Painful?

Similar to microblading, the color correction treatment involves the use of a needle. So, there is bound to be some pain and discomfort involved. However, the technician will do their best to make sure that you’re as comfortable as possible. Plus, every procedure begins with the artist applying a numbing cream to the area to make sure you don’t feel a thing.

What Are The Risks?

As with any type of procedure, there are always risks involved. However, the risks are minimal and usually only occur if the tattoo gets infected. So, as long as you take care of the area and keep it clean, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price of microblading color correction treatment varies depending on the issue that you’re experiencing, as well as your chosen studio. However, most treatments here in Dallas, Texas cost at least $500 to a thousand bucks.

Reclaim Your Gorgeous Eyebrows With Microblading Color Correction!

Got discolored, patchy, or uneven eyebrows? No need to worry! With the help of a microblading color correction treatment, you can reclaim your gorgeous eyebrows and achieve the look you always wanted.

And if you’re looking for an artist you can trust with your eyebrows, look no further than the team at BrowBeat Studio! We offer microblading color correction services to clients from all over the Dallas area, and we’re confident that we can help you achieve the look you desire.

Book your appointment today and let us help you achieve the perfect brows!

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