Thin Vs. Thick Eyebrows

Thin Vs. Thick Eyebrows

Influenced by the celebrities and models we admire, beauty trends change all the time. And of course, one of the hottest topics regarding these trends in women’s looks is the debate on thin vs. thick eyebrows.

While both had their time in the spotlight, thick eyebrows have become more popular, while thin brows seemingly make a comeback. And in case this whole thin vs. thick eyebrow drama is still confusing you, fret not! In this article, we’ll make sure you’re up to speed with all the important thin vs. thick eyebrows facts and help you identify your best eyebrow shape, too!

The Whole Thin Vs. Thick Eyebrows Debate

Let’s take a walk back in time and find out where thin vs. thick eyebrows first started, shall we?

The Thin Eyebrows Trend

So thin brows became a trend in Hollywood and high fashion circles throughout the 1970s and came back in the 90s to early 2000s. Back then, thin eyebrows were considered elegant–they also accentuated eyes by making them appear larger and more expressive. The point of having such eyebrows was to make a face more symmetrical, and they were often thinned out and kept in place using a heavy-duty eyebrow gel or pencil.

The Thick Bushy Brows

About 20-30 years later, thin eyebrows were replaced by thick, bushy ones. The thin eyebrows were then considered to make a face look older and harsher. The thick, natural-looking ones, on the other hand, were considered to make a face more youthful and were made more famous by celebs and models such as Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins.

Because of the rise of Y2K and 90’s style trends on TikTok and Instagram, however, more and more people are starting to find thin eyebrows flattering again. Thus, choosing between the two now becomes much more difficult!

Are Thin Eyebrows For You?

If thin eyebrows are your thing, you’ll want to pay extra close attention. And while thin brows best suit women with smaller eyes and more delicate facial features, these brows are also perfect for people with oval and round face shapes.

To get the most out of thin eyebrows, however, you’re going to have to keep them in tip-top shape. You won’t be surprised to hear thin eyebrows are more challenging to maintain than thick ones, so you’ll want to make sure thin brows are perfectly groomed with thinning scissors and a quality eyebrow wax.

Who Are Thick Eyebrows For?

Whether you’re playing with thin vs. thick eyebrows or not, one thing is for sure: thick brows work great on almost everyone! They make thin faces look fuller and more harmonious. They’re also great for women with rounder face shapes.

Moreover, thick eyebrows are perfect for women (and men) with more prominent facial features such as solid jaws and fuller cheekbones. Thicker brows are also easier to maintain than thin ones, so if you’re unsure what shape is the best for your face, go with thicker brows!



Of course, since eyebrows are a big deal, you have to make sure that your chosen shape accentuates your good features and downplays your weaker ones! Thus, apart from choosing between thin vs. thick eyebrows, you have to pick the perfect shape for your face, which is the most challenging part!\

Thin Vs. Thick Eyebrows: The 10 Eyebrow Shapes

It’s all in the subtleties. While many eyebrow shapes may have similarities, their intricate differences make them unique and suitable for specific face shapes rather than others.

Thus, to make things easier for you, here are the ten most popular ones you can choose from!


Like peaked eyebrows, hard-arched brows are known for their defined, high arch that gives them a sharp, intense appearance. If you have thin, angular features and prefer to keep your brows not too thick as well, this shape is perfect for you!

Soft Angled

Now, if thin, high arches aren’t your thing, soft angled brows would be perfect for you. These eyebrows have a low-to-medium arch that’s still defined but not too thin or sharp, so they give a more relaxed and natural look.


Who said you couldn’t have both a relaxed and elegant look with thick eyebrows? Tapered brows with a thin, gently angled arch and thick inner part can help you give out neat yet gorgeous vibes. Yes, I’m talking about Kim Kardashian’s kind of vibes!


Most people with this eyebrow shape were naturally born with high brow ends that help them look more confident and assertive. And similar to the typical thin eyebrows, they’re also great for people with thin, angular features because they give an illusion of more prominent cheekbones.


If thin eyebrows are too thin for you and thick ones too “in-your-face,” then s-shaped brows are your best bet. These eyebrows have a thin, gently curved tail with a thick head and body that help them look more natural and feminine.

Queen’s Eyebrows

One of the most popular styles of thin brows, this shape is best suited for thin to medium faces with thin, angular features. They’re thin and tapered with a high arch and a lovely thin tail that give the brows a very sharp and femme appeal.


If you’re into K-pop and K-dramas and you want to achieve your bias’ our fave celeb’s look, you won’t go wrong with straight eyebrows. This eyebrow shape is prevalent amongst women and young girls in East Asia because it’s not too thin nor thick, and its square shape that’s great for small faces and rounder jawlines. These eyebrows are also immaculate and easy to maintain, so they’re perfect for women who prefer thin vs. thick eyebrows. Still, they don’t want to risk over-plucking what they naturally have.


As seen on famous celebs like Drew Barrymore and Beyoncé, round eyebrows are perhaps the most straightforward and most natural-looking shape because they follow the eye’s natural curves. They’re thin and nicely curved, with a medium arch that makes your eyes look bigger and more open. They also give that sweet, kind vibe perfect for people with thin, rounded faces.


Undoubtedly the least famous shape, short eyebrows, can either be thick or thin and straight with a low to medium arch that makes them look more natural and less polished. They make the eyes look more comprehensive and youthful while giving a laid-back yet elegant aura.


Like s-shaped thin eyebrows but thicker, long-tailed brows sweep outwards and downwards on the outer edges, elongating the face and giving an edgier vibe. They also have a thin head and thick tail with a medium or high arch perfect for thin and long faces.

Thin Vs. Thick Eyebrows: A Few More Things To Consider

Found the eyebrow shape that suits your face? Awesome! However, you should know that apart from thin vs. thick eyebrows (and the shape), there are other factors to consider before you make changes to your precious eyebrows!

Your Makeup Routine

Are you the type of person who leaves the house with barely any makeup? Then thick eyebrows would be perfect for you as they already make your face pop and give it that lovely, fresh look. However, these can be a hassle if your natural eyebrow strands are thin, so you’ll need to pencil in some eyebrows and fill them in with a thin brow gel.

Your Style

Of course, thin vs. thick eyebrows don’t always have to be about the shape and your style and preference. If you want to go for a more natural and less polished look, thick eyebrows would be perfect for you. But if you want to make a bold statement and appear more confident, thinner shapes can help you with that!

Your Hair Color

This one is a no-brainer. If you’re planning to get semi-permanent eyebrow treatment such as microblading, you have to consider your hair color and pick the pigment that will best suit it. You wouldn’t want to have a great brow shape that shows up fun with your hair color, would you?

Get Your Dream Eyebrows Today!

And that’s a wrap! We hope this information has helped you find the one that fits your face and personality, whichever between thin and thick eyebrows you choose to go for. Now all you have to do is book an appointment with your trusted artist or with us at BrowBeat and get ready to slay with your gorgeous, semi-permanent eyebrows that will surely turn heads!

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