All clients who come in our studio wants to correct and enhance their brow situations. There is no end to the difference between sets of eyebrows, and one of the questions that we get frequently is, “Can I get different eyebrow color from my natural hair color?”

As a microblading company, we have seen everything from no brows to brows that grow to the hairline. Each client is addressed and assessed individually for each particular case.

Many clients dye their hair. This means many of them will have darker hair than their eyebrows. Let us help answer the age-old question: “Should we make our eyebrows as dark as our hair?”

Well, this should be judged case-by-case. Here is a client with different eyebrow color. Her eyebrows are a dark ash color. There is on a certain amount of additional darkness that one can apply to an eyebrow set like this.

We have discussed this with the client. She understands that the natural eyebrow color must not be extensively different from the microblading. We can tweak it, but we cannot change it to a whole other color because that will harbor a very unnatural result.

All BrowBeat artists think about long term client happiness. Will they like them in two years? Will they be happy with them? Will they want to return to get an additional service?

We must be thinking about the outcome down the track. That way, we will never do anything in the treatment that isn’t going to be part of the desired outcome.

Our client Brenda wants to enhance her natural eyebrows. We are going to do this by giving her a much more defined arch. Her natural brows don’t have an arch definition on the top or the bottom.

It is small details like these that can change the world of a client. What seems like a tiny definition is a substantial change to a client. Somebody like Brenda, who is a minimalist with makeup and style needs not to have an overbearing brow.

Her brows are a natural blonde ash tone, this is a very neutral color, and it can be described as taupe or light brown. It sometimes helps to swatch colors on top of the client’s skin — that way, the client has a part in the decision making. You can guide a client without telling a client. This is good for client artist relations. We always want to keep the client happy first and foremost. Excellent communication equals great brows.

Due to the delicate nature of Brenda’s skin, some backfilling was necessary to make sure that Brenda has taken all of the ink into the microblading eyebrow strokes. Sometimes it looks like there is ink in the strokes, but it’s just a cut in the skin, therefore backfilling is necessary to make sure every stroke has got ink in it, so it doesn’t just heal off. It is a very detailed process.

All microblading treatments should have an interval of at least three hours. Just mapping out the shape can take up to 30 minutes. This process must not be rushed because the shape is the most important thing.

At BrowBeat, we make sure we have ample time to understand our clients thoroughly before this process begins. Every client is different, and we don’t know which kind of client is going to arrive each day. We must take our time with our clients to make sure they’re fully understood before commencing.

Brenda suffers from the same thing that many people suffer from with her eyebrows. She has pretty full eyebrows; however, she has plucked out the underneath area. This is common for people wanting to create an arch.

Unfortunately for many people that let the tweezers get out of control underneath their brows, these hairs never come back: enter microblading. We can now add a higher point in the top arch. This kind of shape adds a lot of elegance and balance to a face.

Even though we used a subtle color on Brenda being the minimalist that she is, this was a very transformative treatment in her eyes. Remember the way we view ourselves is magnified dramatically with small changes. All of our artists know this at BrowBeat. All treatments are designed from person to person at BrowBeat. Book your treatment today!

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