6 Microblading Gone Wrong Stories and The Fail-proof Secret to Fixing Them

Spoiler alert: It’s not tweezers nor your eyebrow pencils. 

Microblading gone wrong

Perhaps you’ve seen it on Reddit, heard it from a friend, or you’ve just noticed it in your own mirror yourself. A bad microblading result is a devastating nightmare that is difficult to recover from. And if you’re looking for remedies online, you’ll find dozens upon dozens of microblading gone wrong horror stories about people that attempted to fix their microblading results themselves with disastrous consequences. Thus, here are some microblading gone wrong stories you can learn from and how you can fix them.

Bad Eyebrow Shape

“Bad” is pretty subjective. But when it comes to eyebrows, it’s quite easy to spot bad eyebrow shapes. Here are just three examples of what this microblading gone wrong story could look like:

Extremely Thin Brows

Extremely thin eyebrows are a classic result of miscommunication between the artist and the client. When the client indicates that they want extremely thin eyebrows or just simply show a reference photo, the artist will be less likely to ask any clarifying questions. This leaves the former susceptible to getting an eyebrow shape that is too thin for their taste. Nonetheless, this isn’t really a big deal as compared to the next microblading gone wrong stories.

Not-so Perfect Match

One of the most common microblading mistakes is an eyebrow shape that’s just not right for your face. And the thing is, a lot of people actually leave the microblading studio without realizing this. Thus, the mantra is to ALWAYS get a second opinion when you’re in doubt! But if you find yourself in this situation and your eyebrows just don’t look good in general, there’s nothing much to worry about as this is probably one of the easiest to fix out of all the microblading mistakes.

Unnatural-looking Shape

Getting eyebrows that don’t match your face shape is already a nightmare, but it’s even worse when the brow shape itself looks unnatural and fake. This usually happens when the arch is too high or low, which often results in a triangular appearance. Another is when the brow hairs are too chunky and the line of hair is also thick, which makes the shape looks like it’s drawn on with a permanent marker.

Fake-looking Strokes

Microblading prides itself on the natural-looking brows it can produce. However, simple mistakes can result in overly thick strokes that look extremely fake. This mistake often goes unnoticed, but when you compare your eyebrows to photos where the artist did a better job, you’ll see what I mean.

This microblading gone wrong story is often a result of the following:

Poor Microblading Technique

Microblading entails precision. And if this is something your artist struggles with,  you can end up with thick strokes that look like toy paint or inconsistent ones that give you a patchy appearance. Furthermore, a lot of beginners make the mistake of rushing through their work, which can cause them to create bad brow strokes.

Wrong Angle

It’s an established rule in the practice of microblading that the blades must be angled at 45 degrees to produce the perfect results. However, not all artists follow this rule to the letter and fail to do the procedure with consistency.

Inconsistent Pigmentation

Another microblading gone wrong story is when the artist fails to place pigment at a uniform thickness throughout your brows. Thus, it may look like there are spots where the color is dense and other areas where it barely exists, which results in an inconsistent brow shape from one area to another.

And while this can be easily solved by using eyebrow pencils, it would defeat the purpose of getting a semi-permanent tattoo in the first place.

Lack of Symmetry

Let’s face it. Not all faces are symmetrical. But having asymmetrical eyebrows? Now that’s a total beauty faux pas! While this bad microblading result may take days or even months for you to notice, it’s definitely something you’d want to avoid.

This microblading gone wrong story may come in these forms:

Not Enough Pigmentation

Sometimes, the artist simply doesn’t use enough pigment when performing microblading. This results in an uneven brow shape with some areas having sharp edges and others not so much.

Too Much Pigmentation

On the other hand, sometimes the artist uses too much pigment, which leads to a bulky appearance and too much color for your face. This can make you look like you just got out of the tanning salon.

Asymmetrical Outlines

The most common form of an asymmetrical eyebrow is when the artist fails to lace the outline at symmetrical locations. This sometimes happens when they are doing your microblading procedure one brow at a time which can skew the shape.

This is often the case when the artist takes too long to complete your brows, which results in impatience or if they are simply not experienced enough to do microblading well.

Color Mismatch

It’s been weeks since you got your brows microbladed, and you notice that the color doesn’t actually suit your skin tone. Well, you’re not alone. This microblading gone wrong story is one of the most common, and it usually happens due to a lack of communication before the procedure.

The thing is microblading artists are expected to know how to match your desired color, but this skill takes time to master. There are also clients who insist on getting colors that just don’t work on them, which results in brows that are too light or dark for their face.

The best way to avoid this is by doing your research before choosing an artist. Better yet, have a color test done so you can see what color suits you the most before committing to anything.

Drastic Color Changes

Perhaps this is the worst case of microblading gone wrong story you’ll ever hear or experience yourself. You went to the best brow specialist in your area, but after months of healing, you notice that your brows are now completely different from the color they were initially. Quite frightening, right?

Eyebrow Turning Red, Blue, Grey, or Orange

This may seem like a normal thing to happen especially if you heard of stories where the brows turned out lighter or darker after the procedure. But your eyebrows turning orange, blue, grey, or some other weird colors after the microblading procedure is not normal.

Eyebrows are supposed to darken slightly during the first week of healing due to the scabbing. But if they appear to have changed colors after the fact, it’s possible that the pigment used was too light for your skin tone or something else went wrong during the procedure. This can be a total nightmare as it’s not only embarrassing but also difficult to fix.

The Quick Fix

We get it. No matter how small the mistake is, botched eyebrows are just totally unacceptable. And if you or someone you know has gone through this, we’ve got the right solution:

Microblading Correction

Using eyebrow pencils and cosmetics won’t cut it. Since microblading is semi-permanent makeup, having your eyebrows corrected by a professional is the way to go.

With BrowBeat’s microblading correction services, you can get your brows looking as good as new in a few sessions. Great thing is, you don’t have to wait for months to see results from this procedure. And while the success of the whole treatment still depends on the severity of your microblading gone wrong story, we’ll make sure that you get the fab and perfect eyebrows you deserve as soon as possible!

Say Goodbye to Bad Eyebrows Today!

Can’t wait to have your botched eyebrows fixed? Schedule an appointment today! Let our trained and experienced microblading professionals work their magic and give you the actual brows you’ve always wanted. Chat with us to know more!

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