Every Question That's Putting You off Microbtxding, Answered

Every Question That’s Putting You off Microblading, Answered


Did you mean Microblading instead of Microbtxding

When we hear something new, we have mixed emotions. We feel happy, get excited, or be thrilled about it. On the other hand, we are anxious or even scared about trying it. And because of the advanced technology that we have nowadays, there are many ways to improve ourselves, especially in the cosmetics industry.

For years now, one of the well-known ways of enhancing our eyebrows is thru Microblading. It is a new technique to reshape your eyebrows and transform them into perfect natural-looking brows. Many women do Microblading because they don’t only save time doing their brows but also conserve money from buying makeup kits.

Though Microblading is popular at present, some people are still unaware of this “eyebrow embroidery,” which hinders other ladies from undergoing the treatment because they are not well-educated about it. Many questions are raised about Microblading. Fortunately, this article will answer some frequently asked questions about Microblading.

What Is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow makeup. It is a semi-permanent makeup because a Microblading artist uses a small hand tool to make tiny cuts on your brow skin with pigments to create hair-like strokes that imitate the eyebrows to make them thicker and livelier than ever before. 

Microblading Healing Process

After having the two Microblading sessions is the healing process. The recovery stage will depend on the age and the skin of the person. But, approximately, it will take one month or more for the eyebrows to heal. 

How Long Does It Last?

Microbladed brows usually last from 1-3 years. The longevity of the Microblading eyebrows depends on the age, skin, lifestyle, and the aftercare of an individual. It is one of the many benefits of Microblading; that’s why a lot of ladies like to do it. 

Does It Hurt?

Imagine the sensation you can feel when you pluck your eyebrows. It is almost similar to what you can feel when you do Microblading—one reason why others are afraid to do the procedure is because of the thought that it is painful. There is nothing to worry about when you do eyebrow embroidery since a  Microblading artist will apply a cream on the brows to make them numb so that you won’t feel anything when the artist starts to make tiny hair-like cuts on your skin. However, when the technician is doing the treatment, you can hear the scraping sound of the tool they are using. It is probably the reason why others think that Microblading is painful. 

Who Are Qualified to Do Microblading?

Talking about age, you are qualified to undergo Microblading when you are 18 years old since the procedure’s cost is not cheap. Although it is allowed in other states to do eyebrow embroidery to minors (as long as there’s written consent from the parents or a guardian is present during the treatment), Microblading artists or studios are advised not to do it to them. Though it is semi-permanent makeup, it is still a form of tattooing and can’t be given to minors yet cause there’s a chance that they want to undo it in the long run. 

Another qualification for Microblading is the skin type of an individual. Not all types of skin are suitable for tattooing. So consultation with a Microblading artist is recommended before you can do the treatment to ensure if you are qualified or not, or which is the best treatment you can have. 

How Much Does It Cost?

As I mentioned earlier, Microblading is a bit pricey, so you need to save up for it if you decided to do Microblading. But, it’s worth the expense when you do the treatment because even though it’s not cheap, think of the time and money you can save rather than doing the traditional eyebrow drawing. 

The treatment price depends on the studio and the technician you will go to for the procedure. Of course, if the studio or the technician is famous, the service is naturally high, and the other way around—the cost of the procedure may range from $375 up to $1,000. You just need to know the most excellent place for you to do the treatment. Just make sure that you don’t just look at the service’s price but the quality of assistance or credibility of a studio or an artist.

Why Are Ladies Crazy about Microblading?

Ladies are going nuts about Microblading for its benefits and because brows on fleek are a trend at present. Here are some reasons why many women are crazy about semi-permanent makeup.

✔️ Save time and money.

✔️ Have fabulous and natural-looking eyebrows

✔️ Stress-free from doing makeup every day

✔️ No more worries about the appearance of the brows

These are just some good things about Microblading. You can discover other advantages of eyebrow embroidery when you have the first-hand experience of it.

Microblading Aftercare

There are some Microblading Aftercare rules that you must strictly do to ensure the eyebrows’ longevity and make the healing process successful and satisfying. To make sure your eyebrows last long, you have to remember some of these dos and don’ts.

❌ Don’t wear makeup on the first two weeks after Microblading.

❌ Avoid sweating too much, so don’t stay under the sun or exercise. 

❌ No swimming since your eyebrows should not get wet.

✔️ Use wipes to remove makeup on your face but make sure it won’t touch the brows.

✔️Wash your face carefully but not your eyebrows.

Following the aftercare rules carefully needs a lot of patience and self-discipline. During the first week of the healing process, you will feel discomfort and itchiness that you want to scratch your eyebrows. Stop yourself from scratching your brows so you won’t ruin them. Later on, your patience will pay off when you see the amazing result of your brows.

After reading all the answers to the possible questions about Microblading, I hope that your doubts and fears are gone. And that you will decide to do the treatment and stop putting it off!

Once again, thank you so much for reading this write-up about Every Question That’s Putting You off Microblading, Answered. It is our wish that this is helpful, and you try Microblading.

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