Eyebrow Shape

Eyebrow Shape

One of the first things people notice when looking at your face is your eyes and eyebrows. This is why many women go the extra mile to make sure our brows look good, as the kids say. But with all the trends and eyebrow shapes out there (flat brows, round brows, and angular brows), it can be tough to know which one matches your unique features exactly. And because we do get the struggle, we’ve listed down seven fail-proof tips to ensure you get the right eyebrow shape.

Tip #1: Know Your Natural Eyebrow Shape

That’s right. Everyone has their natural eyebrow shape. And while that doesn’t mean you can’t adjust or completely change it to your liking, it’s best to know first how different it would look compared to your natural ones. This is because, more often than not, eyebrow woes can happen when you try to shape them in ways they wouldn’t naturally grow.

How To Know Your Natural Eyebrow Shape

Okay, but how exactly do you figure out your eyebrow shape? It’s effortless. All you need is the help of eyebrow stencils, eyebrow pencils, and eyebrow shadows. Here are two ways to go about it:

  1. The easy way: eyebrow stencils

Eyebrow stencils are like eyebrow templates that you can put on your face. If you already have eyebrow stencils, simply find the eyebrow shape that most closely matches your eyebrow and mark it with an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow shadow.

  1. The do-it-yourself way: eyebrow pencil and eyebrow shadow

If you think eyebrow stencils aren’t practical or eyebrow stencils don’t work for you, then the next best thing you can use is an eyebrow pencil and eyebrow shadow. To do this, you can use eyebrow pencils and eyebrow shadow that match your hair color. First, mark the base of your eyebrow with an eyebrow pencil. Then, use eyebrow shadow to fill in the middle and upper parts of your eyebrow to create an eyebrow shape that matches your eyebrow pencil.

Once your eyebrows are more visible, you can easily compare them to the stencils you’ve got in hand or the pictures of eyebrow shapes you’ll find on the internet.

Tip #2: Know Your Face Shape

Notice how some eyebrow shapes work well for specific face shapes while some just look horrible on them? Eyebrows that aren’t outlined according to the shape of your face can be too short or too long, therefore giving off the wrong impression. That’s because your eyebrow should grow and end at a place that would naturally accentuate and balance out your facial features.

To give you an idea, there are seven common face shapes or facial types, namely the following:

  • Pear
  • Heart
  • Diamond
  • Square
  • Round
  • Oval
  • Oblong

Curved brows are usually perfect for diamond-faced shapes, while arched eyebrow shapes are best for pear and round-faced people. Meanwhile, heart-shaped faces look well with round and soft eyebrow shapes.

Every Facial Feature Matters

However, it’s not always just about the overall shape of your face when determining which eyebrow shape will work well for you. If you have round features, narrow eyebrow shapes that give off a slimming effect will work well for you. If your face is angular and long, then eyebrow shapes that give off an illusion of fullness can also work wonders for you.

Tip #3: Thick or Thin Eyebrows? Take Your Pick!

This has been a long-standing debate that’s becoming more and more viral among eyebrow enthusiasts these days. We get it. Thick, bushy brows are really flattering, while it’s also hard to ignore the return of those thin, fierce eyebrows from the Y2K and 90’s beauty and fashion era.

Well, if you’re having a difficult time choosing between these two, it’s best to know which one you’ll really be comfortable with. After all, eyebrow shapes must be practical enough for you to wear on a daily basis or more often than not.

You should also determine the impression you want to give off to other people. For instance, thin eyebrow shapes can give off a certain “sharp” and more intimidating effect. If you want to look friendlier, then eyebrow shapes that have the appearance of being thicker are most likely what you should go with.

Tip #4: Look for Inspos

Check out the eyebrows of your fave TikTok and Instagram influencers. There’s a good chance you’ll find eyebrow shapes that suit their face and eyebrow shape, as well as the kind of eyebrows they will wear on different makeup looks. You can also check out eyebrow tutorials on YouTube or go on Pinterest and Tumblr to look for eyebrow inspos that best match your hair color, skin tone, and facial features.

Tip #5: …But Don’t Just Follow the Trends!

We hate to break it to you, but not all trendy eyebrow shapes will look good on you. If you want to take advantage of eyebrow trends, then do your research first and know which eyebrow shapes would be the best fit for your face type, prominent facial features, etc.

Try to find eyebrow tutorials that are made by people with similar facial features as yours so that you’ll have better chances of following their eyebrow shapes. You can also look for celebs or models with brow shapes that you like and see how it looks on them.

Tip #6: Test Your Preferred Eyebrow Shape With Eyebrow Pencils

Once you’ve decided on a certain eyebrow shape, then it’s time to test it out!

You can always use eyebrow pencils or eyebrow powders to draw on eyebrow shapes that you like and see how they will look on your face. If you don’t like the result or if your chosen eyebrow shape isn’t as flattering as you think, then it’s time to go find and try out another one!

Tip #7: Ask Your Friends

In eyebrow trends—as well as beauty trends in general—it’s not just about what YOU think looks good on you. Of course, it’s your decision that matters the most, but it’s always best to get a second opinion or a third opinion if you will. You wouldn’t want to get an eyebrow makeover then overthink it after the fact.

Tip #8: …And for Professional Opinion As Well!

Of course, the pros are the best people to ask for eyebrow advice and eyebrow makeovers are the pros. Have a chat with a makeup artist or a microblading technician! They surely know a bajillion eyebrow shapes that would look good on you. If they think the eyebrow shape you’re going for is not your best bet, then it’s better to opt out of it and goes for something else.

Tip #9: Get a Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Treatment!

Once you are 101% sure about your eyebrow shape, then it’s time to invest in a semi-permanent treatment.

Cosmetic tattoos such as microblading are the best way to make sure your eyebrow shape stays for good. With eyebrow tattoos, every eyebrow hair will be filled in to create the fullness you want while also making sure that your eyebrow shape stays intact for years!

Tip #10: Keep ’Em Gorgeous!

Once you’ve gotten your microblading or any semi-permanent treatment, make sure to always take good care of your eyebrows.

Keep up with eyebrow touch-ups from time to time and follow your artist’s aftercare instructions. This way, you won’t have any brow problems in the future and you’ll keep your eyebrow shape looking amazing even when you’re not wearing makeup.

Ditch the Eyebrow Pencil and Get Your Dream Eyebrows in an Instant!

Want to get your dream eyebrows right away? Skip the pencils and book a microblading treatment with us today! BrowBeat studio is home to professional eyebrow tattoo experts who can work their eyebrow magic on you. With microblading, every eyebrow hair will be filled in to create the fullness you want—all while making sure your eyebrow shape stays gorgeous for years!

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