Here Are The Reasons Why You Should Consider Microshading

Here Are The Reasons Why You Should Consider Microshading

Browbeat Studio Dallas Microblading Experts has a wide variety of clients. From browsing our social media, you may notice that we treat clients of all ages, skin tones, and skin types. 

Have you also noticed that we have clients with all different personal preferences and end goals for their brows? Just take a look on our Instagram feed!

From clients who want subtle hair strokes with micro-feathering to those who want a bold makeup look, Browbeat Studio’s technicians can create a range of beautiful brows. Most clients want something in between these two extremes. Our team is expertly trained and highly experienced. We treat everyone as an individual so we can give you a customized look you will love.

For clients that are looking for hyper-realistic hair strokes Microblading is the answer. Application of light, soft, and overall small hair strokes is called micro-feathering, and is a toned-down version of microblading. These techniques are great for clients who prefer to live with natural beauty or “no makeup” look. Clients can always choose to go bolder at their touch-up appointments, or layer makeup products on top for special occasions.

Microshading is a semi-permanent makeup solution.

Different from microblading, it uses pin-dot pigment application to create a shaded gradient look. Also known as shadow effect, ombré brow, Microshading is for clients with medium to full natural eyebrow hairs. It shapes, defines, and darkens the brows, just as you would with makeup products.

Much like traditional makeup (think: pencils, powders and pomades), Eye Design’s Powder Effect treatment can range from a soft wash of color to intense pigmentation (or anything in between). Unlike makeup, however, our work never smudges or fades throughout the day. Instead, it fades naturally over time. Results mimic the look of freshly applied makeup and last approximately 12 to 18 months.

Our technicians can also combine microblading and microshading for the ultimate eyebrow makeover! First, the technicians create hair-like strokes during microblading, then add Powder Effect between the applied hair strokes. Microshading softens the contrast between the skin and the freshly applied hair strokes. This gives the client extremely natural-looking final results without any need to layer traditional makeup on top (unless you want to, of course)!

So who can and can’t get micro shading? What does the ideal candidate look like?

Well, this involves several different factors. You should NOT get micro shading if:

  • You are pregnant, breastfeeding or trying to become pregnant
  • Extreme and excessive sebum production from the skin (oily skin)
  • You have overly sensitive skin (numbing agents can be used to help decrease sensitivity, however, some cases of extreme sensitivity may prohibit treatment)
  • You have severe acne
  • You have a history of keloids or hypertrophic scarring
  • You have any allergies to topical anesthetics or to tattoo ink
  • You have a rash in the area like eczema or psoriasis (procedure can be done once this has cleared)
  • a previous tattoo in the area that has not faded (send photos to find out if your tattoo has faded adequately for this procedure to be completed, 214-432-2077)
  • If you are unsure, always consult your dermatologist or physician before booking a micro shading appointment.

So how much does it cost?

Microshading can vary based on your desired outcome, the skill, and experience of the artist you choose and your locale. The average cost of a full treatment package can range from $500 – $1500. Though some areas of the country have prices as low as $200 – $300. Just remember that cheap doesn’t necessarily mean better.

The outcome is greatly dependent on the artist’s experience and skill level, cheaper pricing usually means an artist is just starting out and trying to build a clientele. While this can be a budget-friendly option, you will be getting an artist that is less experienced and while getting your hair or nails done at a beauty school is quite common, remember that this is a semi-permanent treatment, lasting 2-3 years, making a student technician a little more high risk.

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