BrowBeat Studio Dallas Advanced Microblading Experts Opens in Dallas

BrowBeat Studio Dallas Advanced Microblading Experts Opens in Dallas

Irving, Texas – January 16, 2017 – A great day starts with perfect eyebrows, right? BrowBeat Advanced Microblading has recently opened in Irving, providing professionally crafted, semi-permanent eyebrows and other eyebrow-shaping treatments.

The highly skilled therapists at BrowBeat can ensure customers leave the salon with the most beautiful eyebrows possible by shaping them with eyebrow threading, lengthening them with eyebrow-extensions, coloring them with eyebrow-tinting, or creating semi-permanent eyebrows with 3D-eyebrow-microblading.

Microblading involves applying ink below the skin with a tiny blade to create crisp, natural, hair-like strokes. The process is similar to tattooing but the pigment is applied higher in the epidermis to achieve a superior result for the eyebrow area.

The services offered by BrowBeat Studio mean that even more people in Dallas and the surrounding area can have beautiful eyebrows from the moment they wake up in the morning, before they even apply any makeup. Beautifully shaped, natural-looking eyebrows means more freedom, more confidence and less money spent on eyebrow makeup kits.

Clients at BrowBeat Studio can expect to receive a five-star treatment at the salon. The highly-skilled therapists create custom eyebrows that are skillfully placed to enhance an individual’s unique features and coloring.

“To achieve the best eyebrow shape, we start by measuring,” explains Tenielle Powers, Owner of BrowBeat Studio. “We use what we call the golden ratio to work out the length of the brow and establish the perfect starting and finishing points for asymmetric eyebrows. Then, we discuss our measurements with the client to determine their desired thickness and shape.”

Over-plucked eyebrows can be restored to their former glory – or achieve a result even better than the real thing – and misshapen eyebrows can be made to look stunning.

Visit BrowBeat studio at1800 Market Pl Blvd Ste 130 Irving , Texas 75063, or check out their website.

About Tenielle Powers 

Australian-born Tenielle Powers is the Owner and Founder of BrowBeat Studio. Powers began her entrepreneurial journey in May 2012 when she launched Crazy Fish Gourmet Sushi, a mobile food truck that served Japanese sushi with an exciting twist. Tenielle quickly progressed from one food truck to five – and Dallas Food Truck Pros was born. The gourmet food truck mini-empire serves such popular culinary delights as pizza, snow cones, and donuts, as well as sushi. Dallas Food Truck Pros can be found in downtown Browder Street Plaza where customers can stop by to enjoy some outdoor games, music, and special events while sampling the cuisine on offer from the food trucks.


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