3 Years After Microblading: Long-lasting Trend Revisited

3 Years After Microblading: Long-lasting Trend Revisited

You have likely seen many people with microbladed eyebrows, but what are they like after three years? With so many conflicting opinions on social media, it can be hard to know what is true. So here’s a 3-Year update that new microblading fans need—what happens to the eyebrow 3 years after microblading?

Clients Tell Almost The Same Story

Every microblading client who tried microblading 3 years ago from great technicians tells the same story—they love it! You can listen to their stories when you see them come back for a touch-up. So without further ado, let’s discuss if 3 years after microblading is worth it!

3 Years after Microblading: Is It Worth It?

What 3 years mean when you wake up—the first thing you see each day is your eyebrows. You’ll notice how they frame your face-the color tone, shape, arch height, and fullness even if they fade unnoticeably. For 3 years after getting microblading, all those parameters are still screaming perfection! Let us tell you why.

Convenience Already Pays off the Price

Microblading sessions cost not less than a hundred dollars. The point here is if you can buy the convenience for a lesser amount or earn it back using its benefits less than 3 years, you can already say that microblading is worth it from a financial standpoint.

For 3 years, your eyebrows could look just as perfect upon waking up as they were when done—no need for pencils or heavy touch-ups in between brow appointments. Imagine the time and effort saved and used for better things while keeping your gorgeous looks intact!

Busy moms who need to look great at work are never happier after getting eyebrows microbladed three years ago. That’s a long time; active toddlers will grow up and act behave after 3 years. Even if pregnant women cannot get microblading, an aspirant mom who had it a couple of years ago definitely saved time on looking great to take time looking for greater things with her children!

Eyebrows Never Need Attention but Never Bothers

If you have alopecia, if you are a cancer patient who is chemo-ed, or if you have any other medical condition that makes your eyebrows fall out, no need to worry. 3 years after microblading could change your habits and outlook.

Here’s a tip: before you get a microblading treatment that could potentially last 3 years, get in touch with your doctor and get information about your compatibility with microblading sessions.

Appearance Is Faded but Still Looks Great

Because the need to wear masks in public places is still mandatory, your eyebrows’ look will indeed create a striking impression. The decrease in thickness of your eyebrows will be noticeable ONLY if you’ll compare your photos today vs. when your microbladed eyebrows are only weeks or months old. 3 years after microblading, they’ll look more natural with time until they fade.

The Texture Feels Natural after the Healing Process

When you touch your eyebrows within the 3 years after your microblading session, you’ll never feel unnatural. We can expect it if the ink injected 3 years ago was of high quality and if your microblading artist skillfully applied strokes.

The Color Change Is Minimal Depending on the Ink

Some microbladed eyebrows fade quicker than others 3 years after microblading. Some might change color tones. But if applied correctly with fair maintenance, your microbladed eyebrows will definitely last for 3 years. There are several factors, which have explanations below.

What Factors Prolong Microblading Results

These parameters are definitely essential and relevant 3 years after microblading. You can control many of these parameters, so if you’re planning to get a microblading soon, take note of these things so your investment can last for 3 years.

Skin Type – Oily or Dry

How your skin retains the microblading ink will affect its life. Your skin 3 years ago would slightly change depending on several unnoticeable factors. If you have oily skin, your facial oil will produce sebum, making your microbladed eyebrows fade faster. The sebum going out of your pores will more likely wash away the embedded ink. If the ink used 3 years ago was of high quality and your skin is dry, there’s a good chance that it would still look great 3 years from now. It won’t fade that fast with the naturally lowered oil production on the nearby skin pores.

Technician’s Skill – Depth of the Ink

Your technician’s skill will affect how deep does the ink stays inside your skin. If the ink is too shallow, your eyebrows won’t last 3 years. But if the needle digs too deep, it’s your technician’s fault, and you need to settle it out. That’s why your choice of microblading technician will matter even after 3 years after microblading sessions.

Ink Type – Inorganic and Organic Pigments

All 3 years after microblading, the ink used 3 years ago is what matters most—organic inks last longer than organic pigments. You might need to ask your microblading technician about the ink for your microbladed brows so that you can weigh your options better.

Preparation – Skin’s Health Before Cutting

Your skin’s health 3 years ago should be the primary factor. If you have balanced nutrition during the procedure, it can support healthy skin cell growth for 3 years. It means that your cells can retain the ink for 3 years after microblading.

Aftercare – Skin’s Health During and after Healing

How your skin healed 3 years ago significantly affects the retention of ink color 3 years later. If 3 years ago you had healthy skin during and after your healing process, the longevity of the ink on your skin is expected 3 years after microblading.

Habits – Exfoliants, Baths, and Skin Routines

If you frequently take hot showers, exfoliants, and other skin cleansing habits within 3 years, they will wash the ink out 3 years after microblading. Although it’s only one of all the factors, the frequency will add up and will slowly cause fading to the ink of your eyebrows.

Touch-up – 6 to 8 Weeks

Having your eyebrows retouched within 6 to 8 weeks is a microblading artist’s requirement. It will be the most responsible for the longevity of your eyebrows, which is visible 3 years after microblading. Without touching up a few weeks later, your eyebrows will resemble a botched job 3 years after microblading.

3 Years after Microblading – the Aftercare and Touch up Journey

Your eyebrows are now faded, and now you need to have your eyebrows touched up. What do you need 3 years after microblading? Definitely a touch-up.

Let’s discuss when a touchup is necessary? Let’s find it out! Do you need it every 6 months, or do you only need to get it 3 years after microblading?

Touch up after 3 Months

What happens if you get a touch-up 3 months after your first microblading session?

Honestly, the second session is the most responsible for the prolonged microblading effect. It would be slightly noticeable if you had your eyebrows retouched 3 months later instead of going back 6-8 weeks. Your technician will recommend the best time to return for a touch-up.

If 3 months after microblading, you’re already having second thoughts for a touch-up, it’s not too late. It’s still an excellent time to get a touch-up. Don’t worry; your eyebrows will still stay 3 years after microblading if you had your touch-up around this time.

Touch up after 1 Year

Do you need to get a touch-up a year after microblading since your first session?

If you didn’t get a touch-up session prior, your microbladed brows would still be noticeable a year after microblading. A year later, it’s doesn’t much matter to get a touch-up because your brows are still unnoticeably faded during this time. But if you want them to look fresh like how they looked a year ago, definitely ask for your technician’s assistance this time!

Will your eyebrows last until its third year after this session? Definitely! It might look faded but not like without a touch-up. You can consult your microblading technician for products to use to keep your brows from fading. If you want them to look fuller and more natural, these products will help a lot!

Touch up after 2 Years

Do you need to get a touch-up 2 years after microblading since your first session?

Your microbladed brows will look slightly faded around this time. You don’t have to get it repaired within 6 weeks, which artists recommend, but do come back for a touch-up in the next few months if you desire a visible result.

Touch up for a New Eyebrow Style

Your eyebrows might look out of trend this time, or your preference might have changed. So your eyebrow shape needs a touch-up. The best thing to do here is to call your microblading artist, and your eyebrows will get a quick touch-up with the new shape you desire.

3 Years after Microblading: Conclusion

Your eyebrows are faded now; it’s been 3 years since your first microblading session. It feels worth it! If you need a touch-up, look no more than BrowBeat Studio. You’ll be most welcome for accommodation, and your brows will last for years!

We can help you get your eyebrows to look natural and beautiful at Browbeat Studio, like how they looked when you first got them done 3 years ago. If this sounds good to you, contact us today!