Microblading Cost in 2021 Latest Price For Beauty

Microblading Cost in 2021 Latest Price For Beauty

Microblading has been making noise in the beauty industry in recent years. Many people, including men) opt to have their eyebrow makeover because of the incredible benefits of the procedure. Having fabulous brows is a must in the beauty routine. Women who have their makeup routine every morning know how much time they can save from perfecting their eyebrows.

They are willing to shell out money for the procedure because they know that having gorgeous eyebrows doesn’t come cheap. Hence, urging them to allot a budget for the procedure once they learned about the microblading cost

Have you had your eyebrow transformation like the many ladies around the globe? If not yet and wondering how much microblading costs in your place, stay on the page. We will discuss why many women are going crazy about this latest trend, including the microblading cost

What is a Microblading Eyebrow?

Microblading eyebrow is a procedure that transforms your sparse or thin brows into thick, bushy, and natural-looking eyebrows. Take note, the procedure also includes bushy and untamed brows to make them gorgeous without worrying about their appearance when you do your daily activities.  

A microblading artist uses a small handheld tool to make tiny hairlike strokes while depositing the pigment, mimicking the eyebrows’ hair and creating more natural-looking brows. 

Is the Microblading Procedure Similar To Tattooing?

Yes and no. Microblading eyebrow is a form of semi-permanent tattooing that will last for a couple of years – from one to three years max- and fades out after; that’s why you need to go back to your microblading artist for a “touch-up” after six months or a year. On the other hand, traditional tattooing lasts forever. 

Both procedures are called tattooing; however, they have differences besides their longevity, including:

  • The ink that the artists use during the procedure is not similar. The pigment for microblading eyebrows doesn’t change colors as time passes by, unlike for the traditional tattoo that turns green in the long run.
  • A microblading expert implants the pigment in the outermost part layer of the skin, and the pigment implant shouldn’t be too shallow or deep because it affects the result of the procedure. Unlike traditional tattooing, wherein an artist deposits the ink deeper than microblading. 
  • Even the tools for both procedures are different. Microblading artists use small handheld tools while tattoo artists use a tattoo machine. 

How Much Does Microblading Cost in 2021?

As mentioned above, having gorgeous brows are not cheap; they are pricey because cheap brows are not worth paying for, compared to expensive brows. Therefore, if you’re planning on having your eyebrow transformation, you have to start saving now (if you don’t have enough budget yet). 

Since making the eyebrows gorgeous is gaining popularity, many reputable beauty salons offer different beauty services, including microblading eyebrows. If you are not sure which salon you would book an appointment in, you can ask around like your friends, colleagues, or loved ones who had the procedure and seek their advice. 

The microblading cost depends on the salon’s location, the artist’s expertise, and qualifications. So, expect that if the microblading expert is famous and sought-after by many clients, their services are high-priced. The microblading cost ranges from $500-$2,000; therefore, it’s crucial to do your research before booking your appointment. Prevent yourself from (claiming) microblading artists who offer a low-priced procedure.

Remember, these are your brows, and you will wear them for a couple of years. Of course, you want to have an unforgettable experience in making your eyebrows fabulous, mainly if it’s your first time doing the procedure. Nonetheless, take your time to search and make a decision to whom you will entrust your eyebrows. 

Microblading Cost in the U.S.

According to PMUHubs’s research on the microblading cost in the U.S., the procedure’s price depends on the state you are staying in. The microblading cost ranges from $250 (the lowest) to $2,000 (the highest). 

Here’s a sample chart of the microblading cost in the different states in America provided by PMUHub. 

City/State Microblading Cost –

Average Microblading Price

Microblading Price Range
Chicago, IL $640 $350 – $1200
Aurora Area, IL $735 $400 – $1400
NYC, NY $800 $385 – $2000
Albany, NY $550 $450 – $700
Portland, OR $630 $400 – $885
Salem, OR $595 $495 – $1000
Houston, TX $570 $450 – $800
San Antonio, TX $490 $300 – $675
Dallas, TX $715 $250 – $1100
Fort Worth, TX $515 $375 – $600
Cleveland, OH $550 $450 – $800
Columbus, OH $600 $500 – $750
Miami, FL $720 $250 – $ 2000
Jacksonville, FL $450 $300 – $600
Palm Beach, FL $475 $300 – $675
Seattle, WA $670 $550 – $950
Olympia, WA $530 $450 – $700
Los Angeles, CA $675 $400 – $1500
San Diego, CA $560 $400 – $800
San Francisco, CA $700 $550 – $1000
Phoenix, AZ $500 $350 – $675
Tucson, AZ $460 $350 – $600

How Many Sessions Are There for the Procedure? 

There are two sessions for the microblading procedure wherein the initial meeting is about your eyebrow transformation. For the second session, you need to go back to your technician for a touch-up. 

What happens at your first meeting? A consultation with the microblading artist would be the first and foremost step before the procedure. During the consultation, you will discuss the eyebrow style you prefer to have with the technician. You can show them the reference photo that you brought with you. It is time to inform the microblading expert of your skin condition if you have – or if your skin is sensitive. 

After the consultation, the procedure begins, and it usually lasts from two to three hours, depending on how perfectionist your microblading artist is. 

The second session is a touch-up. After the microbladed eyebrows are completely healed, you will notice that some pigment fades away, so a touch-up is needed. You are probably curious if the initial touch-up is included in the microblading cost. The answer is yes since a touch-up is still a part of the microblading procedure. 

However, some salons charge a touch-up separately, so don’t hesitate to inquire about this matter. In addition, if the gap between the first treatment and the touch-up is long, the microblading cost is more expensive. 

What You Need To Do Before Your Appointment

When you make up your mind to have the microblading procedure after having a budget for the microblading cost, it’s necessary to know the things you have to do before your appointment. 

Here are a few of the preparations you need to do before having your appointment with your microblading artist. 

  • Don’t tweeze, pluck, thread, or wax your eyebrows before your appointment because the technician will shape your brows during the procedure. 
  • You can bring with you the reference photos you have so that the microblading artist would have an idea of the eyebrow style you prefer.
  • Prevent yourself from drinking caffeinated or alcoholic drinks. 
  • If your job requires you to wear makeup every day (or if you like putting on makeup every time you go out), go to your appointment wearing your preferred eyebrow style. 
  • Avoid taking blood-thinning medications prior to your microblading appointment. 

Other dos and don’ts before your microblading procedure will be given by the microblading artist. It’s crucial to follow them because they affect the microblading outcome. 

Microblading Healing Process

It takes time for your newly transformed brows to heal completely, so take note of the aftercare rules your microblading expert instructs you to do. Strictly following the aftercare instructions during the healing period of your eyebrows will lead to a rewarding outcome. 

The healing process takes a month or more to heal completely. However, some factors may affect the healing period, such as:

  •  Lifestyle
  • Age
  • Skin type

During the healing process, your microbladed eyebrows will flake and scab, and they will be itchy. So, control yourself not to scratch your brows. After your brows healed and the pigment sets into the skin, you will see the rewarding result of your microbladed eyebrows.

Final Thoughts

Deciding on having your eyebrow makeover shouldn’t be taken lightly because when you approach the wrong person to do your brows, it takes time before you can have your eyebrows fixed. Meaning, you have to wear your brows for a while, and we don’t want you to feel unhappy about them every single day. Moreover, you have to spend more money on your eyebrows’ revision, which is more costly than the initial microblading cost you have paid. 

When you made up your mind and opt for an eyebrow makeover, we would like you to know that a trustworthy studio is nearby – BrowBeat Studio Dallas Advanced Eyebrow Microblading Experts provides outstanding microblading services. Contact us if you have more inquiries about our services. 

Thank you so much for reading this article about The Microblading Cost 2021: Everything You Need to Know. We are looking forward to meeting you and having your eyebrow makeover with us. 

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