Why a career in microblading

Why a career in microblading could be just the ticket to get you out from under your nursing school debt

Did you spend years of your life and go thousands of dollars in debt for a career you thought would earn you a good living only to find you can’t even pay off your student debt?

So, you spent years in nursing school, worked your butt off to get straight A’s, acquired tens or even possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt all to realize that your dream job has nightmare income. It’s a tragic fact that nurses are vastly underpaid. Though they share much of the same responsibilities as doctors and are equally crucial in saving lives they get little glory and even less compensation. You became a nurse to help people, to positively impact their lives but also to make a decent living. What if there was a way that you could still help people, make them feel good about themselves, use that valuable nursing experience and make loads of cash? Would you be interested? Of course you would! Well, what if I told you there is and its in the beauty industry? Would you be surprised? You shouldn’t be! Many nurses leave the clinical setting for these exact reasons, they go on to become wildly successful as nurse injectors, lazer techs or permanent makeup technicians!

Microblading takes only a fraction of time to learn.

One of the easiest and quickest, yet still extremely lucrative forms this takes is the skilled art of microblading. Microblading is the process of using a manual hand-tool with a row of tiny pins that create a “blade” to deposit pigment in the brow area in the shape and form of individual hairs. This is sometimes called feather strokes, eyebrow embroidery or 3D brows; They are all the same thing! Nurses take exceptionally well to performing this procedure with their clinical background. Requiring surgical precision, knowledge of healing factors, knowing how to mitigate negative healing outcomes and keeping a sterile environment are all things that lend themselves very well to this career. All things nurses have in spades! Training takes less than six months and the cost is negligible compared to nursing school, in fact, most of our students pay off their training and certification course with just a few treatments! Better yet, all your tools and materials are provided. So besides training and licensing there is no other cost to get started!

Struggling to find a job, Create your own!

Another problem new nursing school graduates face is simply finding a job! Most hospitals will require some sort of experience but how are you supposed to gain any experience if no one will give you a chance without any experience? This is the bottleneck that most nursing graduates face. An endless cycle going round and round. A catch 22. Most are forced to start off in extremely low paying jobs as home health aides, hospice workers and low income clinics. Not exactly the $70,000 salary at the prodigious hospital they were expecting. With a career in semi-permanent cosmetics, you create your own opportunities and your income only caps out with your ambition.

Choose your own hours.

Another drawback to a career in nursing is the grueling 12 hour shifts! With a career in semi-permanent cosmetics, YOU choose your hours! With the average treatment cost ranging from $500-$800 and doing 3-4 treatments per day, you can make a full weeks salary in just ONE day! You determine how often you work and how much income you can make. Your only limit is YOU!

Make way more money in way less time!

Let’s summarize, microblading training certification can be completed in less than 6 months and has an income potential, of well, it’s limitless! Who wouldn’t want to spend less time training and more time earning?! On top of that the income potential really is fantastic! Let’s run some numbers, If your treatment price is $550 (which is on the low end of the industry standard) and you do 3 treatments per day, (550 x 3 = 1650 per day) working Monday-Friday, (165 x 5 = 8250 per week) you stand to earn $33,000 a week (8250 x 4 = 3300)!! That’s $396,000 a year, fully booked! I know esteemed surgeons who don’t earn that much!! And with less than 6 months and a very modest investment in education and training, what do you honestly have to lose?

What’s the catch?

So after all this, I’m sure you’re saying to yourself, what’s the catch? Here is where I’ll be brutally honest with you. While there is no catch, per se, Honestly, not everyone who goes into this field will have this type of success. That’s because it is a difficult skill to learn, it takes hours and hours and hours of practice and dedication and not everyone has what it takes. Also, not everyone wants to work a full time schedule and get rich, some training class alum do choose to work part time and still make an amazing living, just not striking it rich. The truth is, if you water the seed the plant will grow! You truly can become a young, rich, entrepreneur in a short period of time, so long as you put in the dedication. If you’re wondering if this is right for you simply ask yourself… Can I stay on task and work hard to complete a goal? Am I self motivating and determined? Do I know that my purpose and potential in life is so much more than where I am at now? If you answered yes to all 3 questions then the answer is yes! A career in microblading is meant for you!

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Why a career in microblading

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