Do’s And Don’ts For Microblading Aftercare For Best Results

Do’s and don’ts for microblading aftercare for best results 2021

What to Expect During and After Your Microblading Session?

  • Entire healing process will take from 4-6 weeks depending on your body regeneration and age. Your new eyebrows will go through several phases during the healing cycle.
  • The pigment will appear very natural looking immediately after the procedure. The color of the pigment will appear much darker the next day.
  • The entire process of healing will take 4-6 weeks depending on your body regeneration and age. Your new, fresh, and fluffy brows will go through several phases during the cycle.
  • After the recovery period, which we refer to as “peeling”, your brows might appear lighter than original. You might think that your newly-applied brows might be fading “too quickly”, BUT HUSH darling, this is NORMAL.

Clients often panic when they notice that they are loosing original hair strokes. However, just like what we are telling every client before undergoing the whole process, it is completely normal.

When the microblading healing process of the skin starts, your brows will look like dandruff flakes or dry skin. But take note that this is just superficial color and dry skin being naturally removed from your brows (yep, again, don’t panic). The final look of your eyebrow will be visible 30 days after your first session.


  • Use baby wipes ONLY when touching your brows.
  • Avoid the brow area while washing your face.
  • Sleep on your back.
  • Put small band-aids on both ends if you are a side sleeper.
  • Keep your brows as BONE DRY as possible.
  • Always apply a layer of sunscreen SPF 30 up to SPF 50 on your brows when exposed to the sun.
  • When using foundation, be sure to avoid your the brow area.


  • DO NOT rub the treated area as it will disturb the skin from natural healing.
  • DO NOT get your brows wet!
  • DO NOT touch your brows.
  • DO NOT sweat or work-out.
  • DO NOT put make-up or lotions on them.
  • DO NOT stay in direct sunlight.
  • DO NOT have some bangs!
  • DO NOT use retinoids, benzoyl peroxide, or salycidic acid

As long as you follow the Microblading Aftercare instructions before the procedure starts, you will absolutely have amazing brow results.

Remember that this is probably the single MOST IMPORTANT part of the entire  Microblading Aftercare process so make sure to follow it!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions. You may call 214-432-3077 or message me at our facebook page.

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