microblading side effects

microblading side effects

Microblading may be an excellent option to achieve the desired thick and natural-looking eyebrows. Due to alopecia or other health conditions (or just naturally having thin eyebrows), people with sparse eyebrows seek a procedure to fill in their thin brows and make them thicker and bushier. But, it’s essential to know what you’re getting into before committing! So let’s talk about the possible microblading side effects to be aware and avoid the probabilities of experiencing them after the procedure.

Facts About Microblading

It’s good to know about the facts of microblading to prepare yourself before deciding on doing the procedure. 

  • A microblading artist or an aesthetician does the procedure using handheld tools to make tiny cuts on your eyebrow skin.
  • Microblading is a process wherein a microblading artist cuts your brow skin which causes infections if not done correctly.   
  • It takes a couple of hours to do the treatment, and the eyebrows look darker after the first procedure. 
  • Microblading gives natural-looking eyebrows, but it may take some time to achieve the ideal brows.
  • The microblading artist is responsible for the success of the treatment. 

What Are Common Microblading Side Effects?

Microblading Side Effects may occur if the microblading expert doesn’t strictly follow sanitation and proper hygiene. 

Scar Tissue in the Brows

The formation of scar tissue in the brows is due to the lack of experience of a microblading artist, and this is one of the microblading side effects you may encounter. When a technician applies too much pressure during the treatment, there’s a possibility that the pigmentation is deep. Thereby damaging the eyebrows and forms scar tissue on the brow. 

That’s why you have to make sure that the microblading artist you’ll approach has the qualifications in doing the procedure. Inexperienced technicians are likely to make bad brows which cause scar tissue in the brows, and in many cases, scar tissue on the brows is unrepairable. Nobody wants to experience this kind of microblading side effects.

Microblading Side Effects: Bad Ink Usage

Low-standard ink usage is another cause of the microblading side effects since low-quality inks have harmful elements, causing microblading side effects. They contain nickel, mercury, iron oxide, and other damaging components. 

A microblading artist needs to know and understand the ink’s composition and the importance of high-quality ink to use for the procedure to avoid microblading side effectsMore microblading side effects might occur if a technician uses nasty ink for the treatment. 

Multi-colored Eyebrows

Different brow colors may be fascinating. However, unplanned multi-colored eyebrows cause microblading side effects when the color fade.  When does this situation happen? It is due to the selection of the pigments to use for the procedure. As mentioned earlier, choosing high-standard ink has an essential role in your microblading result. 

For example, the iron oxide in ink may cause your brown brow to turn orange, red, yellow-orange, or pink. Moreover, if the ink is a three-color blend, there’s a possibility that one of the three fades out first before the other two. Heavy metals are usually present in these inks, and they can stay in the skin for a decade or more. It is primarily one of the most severe microblading side effects.

Importance of Choosing Good quality Microblading Inks

Understanding the importance of the pigment to use for the treatment is vital to prevent the clients from suffering from the microblading side effects and let them enjoy what they paid for, for a couple of years before going back to their microblading artists for a touch-up. 

Organic micro pigment bases are high-quality ink and are not a three-color composition pigment. These are the best inks to use for your microblading procedure because if your eyebrows are not treated after the initial process, the ink will thoroughly disappear from 3 to 5 years of completion. 

To know more about the microblading ink and some frequently asked questions about microblading, visit this link.

Emotional Turmoil

Microblading gone wrong creates a frightening experience for a client which can be microblading side effects. A technician who lacks skill and experience in the field can cause eyebrow damage and may lead to emotional trauma to a client.

Before deciding to go and make your eyebrows fabulous and achieve the “woke up like this” look, take your time to search for the most trusted microblading expert with whom you will entrust your brows. Remember, these are your brows, and you will be wearing them for a while, so to prevent yourself from regretting your decision, choose wisely. 

Microblading Side Effects: Risks

When an artist who lacks skills and experience in the field does the procedure, microblading side effects and risks may appear and give the client a terrifying experience. Here are some risks from microblading (which we hope won’t happen to anybody).


There’s a probability of having an infection after the procedure if the microblading expert uses dirty tools or equipment during the treatment. Though the tools are sealed in the package, there’s no guarantee that they are safe. So a microblading expert should make sure that the devices are clean before using them.

Allergic reaction

Some people might experience an allergic reaction to the ink a technician uses. It’s vital to talk to your microblading artist about your situation to determine whether you can do the procedure or not.


Keloids are scars that grow larger than usual, and you can get them again through microblading if you have a history of keloid in the past.

Do your Homework

Researching on the salon or studio that you will have the procedure plays a significant role in keeping yourself away from microblading side effects and achieving the ideal eyebrows you’ve been dreaming to have. 

The studio or the salon should have the following requirements to do the microblading procedure.

Questions You May Ask a Microblading Expert

To make your mind at ease, try asking these questions to a technician.

  • Do you use new needles for each client?
  • Are the microblading tools sterilized before using them?
  • How long have you been doing microblading?
  • How many training hours do you have?
  • Where did you receive your training?

Don’t be shy to ask these questions to a microblading artist. These are your eyebrows, so ensuring you are doing the procedure to the right technician is valuable. 

Selection of the Microblading Artist

Microblading is an advanced technique in transforming your eyebrows to make you look gorgeous without spending too much time perfecting them. Furthermore, it also boosts your self-esteem, primarily if you have to mingle with other people in your daily activities. 

However, when you undergo the microblading treatment, you have to approach the right people to do your eyebrows. In case you don’t know anybody who has the qualifications to do the treatment, there are platforms you can visit and check the salons or studios that people recommend for your microblading treatment. 

Things to Consider Before Doing the Treatment

Consider the following qualities when searching for a microblading artist.

  • They should have a wide range of responsibilities and produce consistent results because this proves that the artists have a diverse clientele who didn’t encounter microblading side effects.
  • Check their past works to know if they performed the procedure on clients of different ages and ethnicities. 
  • The microblading artists are consistent in color, style, density, and thickness to their various clientele without complaining about the microblading side effects

With these qualities, you have the confidence that the microblading artist you will choose will do the correct procedure and that you are in good hands. 

Final Thoughts

Microblading is considered a significant decision you will be making, so taking the time to do your homework and thinking about it is vital. Don’t be impulsive in deciding just because you saw your friends or colleagues had the treatment, and it looks good on them.

The procedure is incomparable to buying the clothes or shoes that attract you in a store and deciding not to wear them when they don’t fit you or match your taste. Don’t think of risking your eyebrows and suffer from the microblading side effects just because you decide to do it without thinking thoroughly.

Great brows are not cheap, and cheap eyebrows are not great, so prevent yourself from making cheap transactions to any (claiming) microblading artists. The artists with high qualifications know their work’s worth and will charge according to the quality of their service. 

Treat yourself and do microblading at BrowBeat Studio Dallas Advanced Eyebrow Microblading Experts – the leading company in Dallas, Texas. Our microblading artists will give you an exquisite experience for your microblading experience. 

Thanks for your time to read about the Microblading Side Effects You Should Know 2021. We hope that this was helpful to you in making the right decision for your microblading procedure. 

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