6 Microblading Myths Truthfully Exposed

6 Microblading Myths Truthfully Exposed

The world of beauty is constantly changing. It’s been a long time since the days when women would just show up to their salon appointment and get a perm or dye job, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still plenty of myths out there. Microblading myths also exist – which is what we’re going to be talking about today!

If you’re considering getting microblading done, then you need to know the truth about the procedure – and not just what your friends have told you.  We’re here to clear up some misconceptions so you can make an informed decision about whether this type of treatment is right for you.

Microblading Myth: The Procedure Is Painful.

You might hear about this microblading myth that makes you delay your appointment, primarily if you have a low pain tolerance. However, there’s nothing to worry about the pain, there may be a discomfort you may feel, but it’s not necessarily throbbing. 

The microblading artists performing the microblading procedure are high;y-trained and skilled, so they have the expertise in this field. In fact, tweezing and plucking the eyebrows are actually more painful than the procedure.

When you can endure the pain from traditional tattooing, you’ll definitely finish the microblading procedure with flying colors. 

The Truth: Microblading Can Probably Be an Uncomfortable Procedure. 

The scratching sound might be making you feel uncomfortable while the microblading expert starts cutting your skin to implant the pigment, but it will go away as the treatment goes on. The procedure might not be completely painless, but the numbing cream a microblading artist uses takes away any discomfort. 

Microblading Myth: I’m Too Old for Microblading.

Another microblading myth hinders women from doing the procedure because they think they are too old.

Accepting clients depends on the technician. Some only work with younger clients, while others do the procedure with clients aged 50 and above. So don’t be intimidated by this microblading myth because you are perfectly qualified to have your eyebrow transformation. 

The Truth: Age Isn’t Even a Factor When It Comes to Getting Microbladed.

It is a highly individualized question. Microblading can be performed on people of any age, as long as they are in good health and have no medical conditions interfering with the procedure. Furthermore, the pigment stays on your skin as long as you take care of it (which everyone does). 

Microblading Myth: The Procedure Is Permanent

Unlike traditional tattooing that would last forever, microblading eyebrows last up to three years (max). And the icing on the cake of this procedure is that you will have the chance to choose another eyebrow style when the pigment fades out for your next microblading procedure. Therefore, this microblading myth shouldn’t discourage you from booking your appointment.  

The Truth: Microblading Is Semi-permanent. 

The color wears off gradually, but the newly transformed eyebrows usually last within a year or three with regular makeup application and care. You have to go back to your microblading artist for a touch-up after some time to maintain the fuller look of your brows. 

Microblading Myth: Microblading Procedure Is the Same as Traditional Tattooing

Saying that microblading eyebrows are the same as traditional tattooing is a microblading myth and misconception because they are different. Hence, you think you don’t have to do the treatment, mainly if you had traditional tattooing on your eyebrows. 

The Truth: The Two Procedures Differ From Each Other

Many differences between the microblading procedure and traditional tattooing include:

  • The tools the artists use for the procedure are different. A microblading artist uses a handheld tool for the treatment and implants the pigment manually. On the other hand, a tattoo artist uses a tattoo machine gun to inject the ink into your skin.
  • Another difference is the ink both artists use. The ink for the traditional tattooing contains unhealthy ingredients, while the pigment for the microblading procedure is organic and doesn’t have a harmful effect.
  • Even the process differs because, for microblading, the artist implants the pigment on the outermost layer of the skin. It is why the pigment fades away after some time. On the flip side, a tattoo artist injects the ink deeper into the skin, making the color change (blue or green) and stay in the skin forever.

In short, the microblading procedure is safer and the most suitable treatment in making your eyebrows gorgeous which you can enjoy for a couple of years before the pigment fade away. 

Microblading Myth: You Can Perform the Procedure Anywhere

Another microblading myth is you can have your eyebrow makeover at home or any salon. Proper sanitation plays a vital role in performing the procedure, so an artist can’t just do the treatment anywhere. Plus, be careful in transacting to claiming microblading artists who offer a low price because there’s no guarantee of a satisfying microblading outcome.

The Truth: A Respectable Service Provider Should Do the Procedure

If you want to achieve a rewarding result for your eyebrow makeover, make sure to deal with a reputable service provider. A creditable salon or studio is always fully booked, and it’s hard to make an appointment with them. 

When you go to a reputable service provider, there’s an assurance that you will be happy with your microblading result, and the experience is memorable.

Microblading Myth: Everyone Can Have the Procedure

Though many people can have the procedure, this microblading myth makes misconceptions to everyone who wants to have the treatment. We understand that you desire to have fabulous eyebrows. However, there are some factors and restrictions you have to consider before booking your appointment. 

The Truth: Microblading Is Not for Everyone. 

First of all, you have to be of legal age (18 years old) before having your eyebrow makeover. Some reasons restrict somebody from having the microblading procedure. 

Delay your plan on having the procedure when:

  • You have some health issues, so it’s necessary to consult your doctor before booking your appointment.
  • You are a lactating mom.
  • You are pregnant.
  • Under medication due to blood-thinning medicines
  • You had facial treatments such as botox, microdermabrasion, or fillers.

It’s no surprise that people have many questions about the microblading procedure, and it’s time to put these microblading myths to rest. As the popularity of microblading increases, so does the amount of misconceptions.

So whether you will have your eyebrows makeover or not, we hope that we cleared all these microblading myths after reading this blog post.

We hope you learned something from this article about Debunking 6 Microblading Myths: The Truth about the Procedure. Thanks for your time!

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