The Truth About Microblading

The Truth About Microblading

Everyone wants to know the truth about microblading. And the truth is, it’s not as simple as it seems. But is anything ever as simple as you hoped it would be? Probably not.

Microblading is a huge hit around the globe. It seems that now everyone has heard of microblading.

But why is it so dang popular? Well, the reason is that we just don’t feel complete without our brows on.

Defined brows have been a thing since Ancient Egypt, giving a face beauty and structure. Look at Cleopatra. She had the right idea.

Fast forward, thousands of years later and nothing has changed. The brow defines the frame of the face and that’s all there is to it. 

Microblading can help people with alopecia, trichotillomania, and those over pluckers (which is most of us). That is why this revolutionary treatment is gaining momentum every year.

Microblading can be as life-changing as people say. It can make you feel refined, complete and enhance your natural beauty. The right artist can truly transform your brows.

But… there are many things going on in the microblading industry that you MUST be wary of. 

Truth #1: Ink quality. 

Inks are just not created equally. In fact, there are more inks out there that will leave your skin with bad colors like blue, red, or yellow. 

Ask your artist about the quality of their permanent makeup products. If they cannot explain them to you, then that’s a sign. Iron oxide inks leave a red hue in the skin that can take years and years to fade. This is something that most people don’t want.

Truth #2: Microblading is just new to the industry. 

That means, most artists are still on the learning curve. As with any emerging industry, there is still a lot to learn. 

Do you really want a new artist to be practicing on your face? This is the reality of the industry. 

If it’s too cheap then it’s probably not good. An experienced artist knows their value and would not be underselling themselves.

Truth #3: There’s more inexperienced artist out there than experienced artists. 

You only need a tattoo license to start doing microblading, so anyone can do it. Make sure the business you choose is long-standing and experienced.

Go to a company that specializes in microblading. This is a craft that needs to be used daily.

That being said, the nail shop around the corner that does it on the side probably isn’t the best idea. It’s a use it or lose it skin. So don’t go to a place that does it for a side service.

Truth #4: Not all skin is created equally. 

There are just some skin types out there that are harder to work on. People with thick skin take the cake. Thicker skin just won’t harbor the same results. 

If you have thick skin, the clarity of the strokes can end up being less clear but if you’ve had no brows your whole life person that’s ok! Expectation in every service is important. 

Understanding the shortcomings of a treatment and working out if that’s ok with you, as we know, life isn’t perfect but knowledge is key. If you know going in the possibilities you can manage your result expectations.

About BrowBeat Studio Advanced Microblading In Dallas

Our goal is to create the eyebrow that is perfect for you, one that is a work of art! As masters of that art, Browbeat Studio will help you shape your dream eyebrow using cutting-edge Eye Embroidery or Microblading Technique. If you desire fuller eyebrows or want them better defined, you can trust us to get the job done.

With microblading, you can display your custom natural-looking eyebrow for an extended period of time – no more waking up every day to apply make-up. What this allows you more freedom, enhanced confidence, and greatly-reduced cost spent on eyebrow makeup kits.

Browbeat Studio go to great lengths to ensure that you get the very best value for your money. You are guaranteed a five-star treatment from the moment that you walk into our studio till the moment that you depart.

Our processes have been carefully thought through and designed to ensure your total satisfaction. Our well-trained experienced therapists understand the art of beauty and will delight you with warmth, skill and first-class service.

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