Who Can Get Microblading Proven And Recommended 2021

Who Can Get Microblading Proven and Recommended 2021

Microblading eyebrows have been going around for a couple of years now. Many ladies are opting to have fabulous brows to make them feel good and boost their self-esteem. The truth is, even celebrities and other famous individuals are going crazy about this trend and have microbladed lips too! But before getting your own done, you must get the facts straight: who can go through with this procedure without having issues? Who can get microblading? Let’s find out.

Before knowing who can get microblading, let’s find out how it works.

Microblading is a procedure where pigment is inserted into the skin by using very tiny needles. The process uses ink on the end of a pen to put pigment into your skin just below where you grow hair. The procedure takes about two hours under general anesthesia, during which time someone will take care of all aspects of your skin health. It includes cleansing and exfoliating, so there are fewer chances for infection afterward. The color only lasts for roughly 12-18 months, and it does not look as permanent as tattooing.

There are four prerequisites for microblading: competent artist, genetics, proper post-care procedures, and adequately patted skin surface. For this particular technique, the artist will start with one uniform stroke below the eyebrows to provide a natural arch. This process takes an average of 45 minutes per eye because of all these preparatory steps before the actual implantation begins.

The goal here is that if someone has less hair on a particular part of the body, adding strokes of pigment in that area will make it look like they have more hair.

Now that we already have an overview of the microblading process, let’s now discuss who can get microblading.

Who can get microblading: People With Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata is a condition that causes patches of hair to fall out on the scalp. Some people experience this disorder only as balding. Others suffer from extreme itchiness and skin irritation due to inflammation of sweat glands in their follicles or sebaceous oil glands found around the edge near their temples.

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease caused by stressors such as trauma and hormone imbalances. It includes puberty or menopausal stage changes, vitamin deficiencies, and iron deficiency anemia. Alopecia areata often starts gradually but then progresses quickly over several months.

With this kind of condition, there’s a tendency that they feel incomplete because of low self-esteem. Microblading eyebrows can help them bring back the lost confidence and give them the chance to have fuller and natural-looking brows. 

Do you have alopecia areata? You can consider yourself included in people who can get microblading.

Who can get microblading: Trichotillomania

Trichotillomania is a mental disorder that can be debilitating to those who suffer from it. People with trichotillomania are often unable to stop pulling their hair even though they know it causes damage and pain.

It is associated with recurrent, insatiable urges to pull hair from the scalp, brows, eyelids, and other parts of the body; despite multiple attempts to stop or reduce pulling the hair, being untreated causes this disorder to continue. It affects personality by regularly causing them embarrassment in social situations. 

Microblading allows people suffering from this condition to cover up bald spots on their eyebrows or eyelashes without having to constantly worry about getting caught pulling out the remaining hairs on their heads. It’s also a way for these individuals to feel more confident when going out in public, knowing that no one will notice if they pull at least some of their hair while doing so.

If you know someone with trichotillomania and others who can get microblading, you can inform them of this option. It’s also a way for these individuals to feel more confident when going out in public, knowing that no one will notice if they pull at least some of their hair while doing so.

Who can get microblading: Every Woman Who Wants To Upgrade Their Brow-Game 

Microblading is an excellent choice for those who want to make their brows look more on point. It’s perfect for women who don’t have much time to do their makeup every day or want to save some money on monthly eyebrow maintenance.

It’s also perfect for women in their 50s and 60s who might have some sparse areas of hair loss, which makes it difficult or impossible to fill them in with traditional makeup techniques like powder shadow or penciling.

Even the younger generations can benefit from microblading if they have previously attempted to fill in their brows with penciling or powder shadow but are looking for a more permanent solution.

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that gives you brows that look natural and full of life. If you’re considering getting your eyebrows done, then make sure you know who should get and who shouldn’t get microblading!

Who can get microblading: Individuals who had chemo

Cancer patients have a high risk of developing keloids, which are large raised scars that often look like overgrown patches of scar tissue. It’s impossible to predict how the skin will heal following treatment for cancer. That’s why there’s no way we could know if someone would develop them or not after getting their eyebrows tattooed. Plus, many tattoos fade in color because melanin decreases as your body heals from radiation therapy, which makes hair loss more likely than ever before.

Individuals who have chemo have to go through a lot of hair loss. Although microblading is not recommended for people with cancer, it might be possible if the individual presents their doctors’ notes. A microblading studio will accept most medical conditions as long as you bring your doctor’s note and will do their best to accommodate you in any way possible.

Are You a Good Candidate for Microblading?

Do you think you are an excellent candidate to do microblading? As long as you are 18 years old and with no underlying health conditions, you are qualified to have eyebrow transformation. 

BrowBeat Studio Dallas Advanced Eyebrow Microblading Experts provides an excellent microblading service to achieve the fabulous eyebrows you’ve been dreaming to have! 

Thank you for sending the time to read Who Can Get Microblading? Proven and Recommended 2021. Feel free to reach us if you have more clarifications regarding microblading.

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