Lip Blushing Process 101: Achieve Fuller, Gorgeous Lips in an Instant

Getting fuller lips is no easy feat. Many products on the market promise to plump up your pout, but they can also be expensive and time-consuming. That’s why people are turning to lip blushing—a new beauty trend that makes it look like you have full, voluminous lips without all of the work! And here’s a walk-through of the lip blushing process to help you know more about the treatment!

Step 1: Numbing Agent Application

Most people who get lip-blushing tattoos don’t experience much pain during the procedure because an anesthetic is applied to numb the area first.

The lip blushing process is done in sections over several hours, using multiple layers of pigment injected into the lips. Hence, a numbing agent must be applied before any needles are used on your skin to mitigate pain. This step usually takes around 15 minutes, as numbing agents take time to work their magic.

Your provider might also apply an ice pack or cold compress to help numb your lips even further. This can take up to about fifteen minutes for its full effects as well.

How Safe Are Numbing Agents for My Lips?

Numbing agents for the lips are safe and come in different forms, such as topical anesthetic, local anesthesia, and oral sedation.

How Long Does It Take Before the Lip Tattoo Procedure Proceeds after Applying the Numbing Agent?

It is a little challenging to answer because everyone’s different. Typically, anesthesia takes between 10 to 20 minutes before taking effect. The best way I’ve found is to wait 5-10 minutes after applying it and then see how numb you are. 

Step 2: Lip Shape and Tone Approval

At this stage of the lip blushing process, your provider should take a good look at your lips and see what shape would fit them best. After this, they’ll draw different shapes until settling on one that fits what kind of lip shape you opt to have. This part typically takes around 15 minutes.

What Are the Common Shapes of Lip Tattoos?

The most common lip tattoo shape is the Cupid’s bow, a long and pointed upper lip. This resembles a heart shape with an arrow-like outline at the top and will connect to a smaller bottom part.

A more curved heart-shaped lip tattoo is the “wet” heart connected to a straight or pointed bottom part. A small wet-looking heart is what we refer to as a “hearthstone.” The only time that it may be acceptable to use oral sedation during lip blushing treatment will be if you’re getting your tight done.

Numbing agents for tight lip treatments will usually take around 20 minutes before it’s entirely effective.

Step 3: Layered Pigment Injection

Your provider will use needles to inject a pigment into your lips that will help them appear naturally fuller and more defined. The initial injection usually takes about ten minutes before they start working on filling in any areas on your lips that don’t have enough pigment. The next layer of tattooing usually takes about 30 minutes before they take a break to allow the area time to heal.

The artist will also apply a layer of Vaseline or hyaluronic acid gel onto your skin. This gel will keep the newly applied pigment from rubbing off as it heals. This part usually takes about half an hour before they apply any additional colors that you chose beforehand.

What Types of Pigment Are Available for a Lip Blushing Procedure?

A person can choose from a variety of colors when getting their lips blushed. Some of the most popular ones include pink, brown, and red. If you’re looking for a more subtle change in your lip shape without going too wild with color, you can try out a lighter shade of pink or even go with something in the peachy-brown family.


If you want something a little bit more vibrant, then red is always an option. However, you should note that this color may not work well for those with pigmented lips. The results can end up looking unnatural and almost garish if your natural lip shade isn’t dark enough to support its pigment.


People also like brown lip tattoos because they’re low maintenance. Unlike other colors, this doesn’t require weekly touch-ups to keep the lips looking fresh and new all the time. So there’s no need for you to worry about having any extra costs on top of what you already paid or scheduling additional appointments for upkeep purposes! It only takes one session to achieve full-looking lips without ever needing another procedure again after getting your lip tattoos.

How Long Does It Take to Perform a Lip Blushing Treatment?

Allow yourself plenty of time beforehand. The entire lip blushing process usually takes about one hour or longer. And this depends on the color of your lips and the area that needs to be covered.

Does a Lip Blushing Procedure Hurt?

Most patients report a slight stinging sensation when they get their lip tattoos, but this is nothing you should worry about. In the rare event that your provider experiences an issue with bleeding or other complications, it’s essential to inform them immediately before anything gets worse!

Step 4: Making the Lip Blush Tone Consistent and Complete

During the lip blushing procedure, a toner is usually applied to make the tone consistent and complete. It will close any open pores and help you avoid bleeding from the inside of your lip. Be sure to do this quickly because it will start drying pretty quickly after being exposed to the air.

Your provider may also recommend moisturizing your lips with a light-weight lip balm or petroleum jelly for several hours following the procedure. This is especially the case if you have dry skin. If you’re prone to chapped lips, then be sure to keep this in mind and stick with a more emollient-based lip balm or petroleum jelly.

How Does the Tattoo Artist Even the Tone or Create Shades on a Lip Blushing Procedure?

The tattoo artist evens out the tone or creates shades on a lip blushing process by using multiple light layers of color. There are various ways to do this, like adding light pink, dark pink, and other hues. This allows your lips to achieve a realistic effect!

Does a Lip Tattoo Artist Need to Clean the Lips after the Procedure?

Yes, the tattoo artist must clean your lips after the procedure. It is to ensure that you don’t develop any infections. The person performing the procedure should use antibacterial soap and warm water with a clean cloth.

How Long Does a Lip Tattoo Heal?

It takes about seven days for the lips to heal after lip blushing treatments to avoid any problems with bleeding, infections, and other issues that might crop up during this time frame!

Step 5: Aftercare and Follow-up Procedure

Now that the lip brushing process is done, here are a few things you can do to ensure proper healing and avoid any potential problems:

  • It is recommended that you wear lip balm or petroleum jelly for up to three days following surgery.
  • Avoid sun exposure for three weeks following surgery and any other bright lights, including tanning beds.
  •  Avoid any heavy exercise during the first week after surgery and avoid pressure on the treated area.
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages for six months following surgery, consuming anything hot or spicy past this time frame, and smoking for up to a year.
  • If you have an allergic reaction, tell your healthcare provider immediately. Redness is entirely typical but see what they say if you have any other unusual symptoms.
  • If you notice anything out of the ordinary or if there’s a problem, contact your provider. They will give you instructions and guidance on what to do next.

What Can Be Done with Lip Tattoos That Have Faded or Washed Out?

There are different ways to make lip tattoos last longer and fade less quickly. One way is by applying a lip balm regularly throughout the day because this helps protect your lips from sun damage and keeps them hydrated, which can help prevent fading. 

Some people have had great results using vitamin E oil on their lips too! You could also try wearing lipliner over top of your tattooed areas if they’ve faded so much that there’s no pigment left at all. This trick makes faded lip tattoos look more vibrant.

How Long Does a Lip Blushing Tattoo Last?

The length of time tattooed lips last depends on how your body reacts to pigment and the whole lip blushing process. Hence, there’s no definite answer to this question. On average, however, the results of this treatment can last anywhere from six months up to three years, or even longer if you take good care of them! 

Again, it all comes down to your body and what happens as time goes by. Nonetheless, if you want a gorgeous pout that’s hassle-free and could last for more than a few months, getting the lip blushing procedure is your best bet.

Planning to Make Your Lips Fuller? 

Not everyone is born with full lips and lipsticks don’t always cut it. Hence, if you want fuller-looking lips without the hassle of injections or surgery, then lip blushing might be your answer! Lip blushing also doesn’t require any kind of removal process like makeup does, making this beauty routine perfect for those who don’t have time to reapply their makeup throughout the day.

Got more questions? Contact us and get those fuller, gorgeous lips ASAP!

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