Carey’s Microblading Eyebrows Before And After by BrowBeat Studio

Microblading Eyebrows Before And After

Carey’s Microblading Eyebrows Before And After by Browbeat Studio

There is no end to the walks of life that microblading can appeal to. Age limit does not matter with microblading. Clients as young as eighteen or as old as ninety still wish to receive a microblading experience. Listen to one of our clients’ microblading eyebrows before and after story.

It is never too early or too late to have great eyebrows according to our clients. These clients can range from teens to oldies and without boundaries.

So why does microblading have such a broad appeal?

Is it for beauty? Or maybe to mimic makeup? What if it is also used to restore youth?

Yes. It is for every one of these things. The desire for elegance and refinement knows no boundaries.

Moreover, the desire for confidence either. Most beauty treatments are about being the best version we can be. Microblading restores the past. Microblading brings back over-plucked brows. Just two of many reasons people want to receive a microblading treatment.

Fake natural is what people seem to desire. We want to look refined and restored, but we don’t want anyone to realize that we had anything done. Some people wish microblading to mimic makeup, but many prefer microblading to restore what they lost.

We can do a much more aggressive treatment that will mimic makeup more, or we could do a more subtle treatment that will restore a brow more — these very ideas are why discussions must take place before the treatment commences.

You will see what we are talking about  by reading further below on Carey’s microblading eyebrows before and after.

Carey’s Microblading Eyebrows Before And After by BrowBeat Studio

BrowBeat artists try to understand our clients’ minds. We need to know how the client wishes to see themselves. We can achieve these answers by asking the right questions. Visual aids such as selfies and images of other eyebrows can be used to help project the desired outcome.

Our client, Carey’s eyebrows are full but fine. The problem with Carey’s brows is that they’re very light as they go towards the tail. Through a very detailed client assessment process, we realized that Carey does not want her brows to mimic makeup.

Carey wants to look like herself, which is a natural minimalist. The treatment to be done on Carey would be different from a client that desired a more made-up glamorous look. Carrie is what we would call a client that falls under the natural category, not the glamour category.

The Treatment Process of Carey’s microblading eyebrows before and after

We still have to perform a full treatment on Carey. It is not less work than a darker, more made-up eyebrow as is still a full treatment. We’re just using a slightly different technique. The color we use on Carey is going to be extremely subtle.

What we’re trying to do here mainly is match the fronts that are darker with the very light tails. They are there, but they need a definition. A full treatment is still required.

The strokes are going to be farther apart, and the color is going to be much more subtle than with a substantial, more detailed treatment. Microblading is not a one-size-fits-all treatment.

Discussions are essential in these kinds of clients. Remember, the pigment can be added, but the pigment cannot be removed. It’s important not to go too far as it cannot be undone. More strokes and density can be added on the second treatment once the client has gotten used to seeing themselves healed after the first treatment.

The client is allowed to view the brows as the treatment continues. We do this to manage the client’s fear in these subtle treatments because the client feels like you’re doing much work and spending much time, so they might assume that the brows are getting darker and darker.

This is not the case at all as you can see here with Carey’s eyebrows.

Carey has good skin for microblading, regular to dry. This is one of the best situations for microblading. Upon showing these brows to Carey, her first comment was that they are really dark. You can see that the word dark has a different meaning from person-to-person.

The healed result is going to get 20 to 50% lighter. Our artists told her this so she is now at ease because of that communication. Browse appeared dark to her but not dark to anyone else.

Thank you for reading Carey’s microblading eyebrows before and after story with us!

Remember: the version of ourselves in our head is much different from the perception of others towards us. We can help understand that perception through great discussion. This is one of the reasons why a microblading treatment takes many hours to fulfill.

The talks are imperative to understanding the desired outcome. This way you never get botched brows. It is the artist’s responsibility to get that clarity from every client.

At BrowBeat, every client is screened to understand the desired outcome fully before commencing the treatment. Come to Browbeat Advanced Microblading Experts and get the brows you want.

Microblading eyebrows before and after in Dallas by BrowBeat Studio


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